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daffodil 2010-05-13 23:44:26



I have recently shifted to Bengaluru, staying in Suncity Bellandur. I have a son aged 2yrs 6 months and have decided to take a career break. However, I do not want to sit completely idle at home. i have heard that earning from home option is pretty popular here in Bengaluru among stay home moms. Can some one please let me know more about it ?

 Former member 2010-06-15 15:37:23


even i'm lookin 4 same...


daffodil 2010-06-22 15:02:14


 Hi Ishy,

Nice to hear from you...know what recently i went to my sons school and had a chance to meet lot of mothers who have started their own  business from home..some conduct baking classes, others have  there own home made chocolate business, baby shops other franchises...though business not my cup of tea...u can actually try it


buji 2010-06-24 20:37:37


Hi daffodil, ishy,

Even i am looking  for the same. And i tried online demat trading but lot of investment is needed. I came to know that data entry work from uk is given to india if we get some good contacts we can give a try... keep in touch




itawer 2010-06-24 23:30:49


Hi ishy, daffodil & buji,

I have a 2 yrs and 6 mnth old son. I too just didn't know where & what to do since I wasn't comfortable leaving my son with a maid/ baby sitter. I recently bouhgt some books for my son fromTimelife and casually enquired about what it involved to join up with them.

TO cut a long story short, I joined them in March & I think I made the right choice. I am earning pretty well, I used to work only week-ends ( when my hubby wud be home) before my kid started school & I choose if & when I want to work or take a break.  The time is hardly 1-2 hours of work where u actually meet up with interested parents & explain the product. Also, I can sustain the same job even now that my son is going to school now, as all i need is 2 hours!!!

I'd be happy to explain more in detail, if u r interested.



tejalpshah 2010-06-25 11:35:39


Dear Rewati,

Can you explain more in details as i am also planning to quite mu full time job and planning to start something from home. my email is tejalpshah@gmail.com.




Madhuu 2010-06-25 11:39:46


My suggestion - Please start service based business or providing services rather than selling job. Selling becomes full time job if you need to meet targets.




tejalpshah 2010-06-25 12:29:37


hi Madhuu,

can you suggest some service based businesses.



itawer 2010-06-25 14:01:00


Hi Madhuu,

Believe me when i tel u that there is absolutely NO pressure in this job ( with Timelife). It works entirely on your own motivation and also your own circumstance.

The potential is great to earn a lot in this field & many consultants have become full-time & are pursuing targets since they r at that stage of life where their commitments to home, kids is less. They earn almost a lakh a month. But they r also able to put in that kind of effort & time. Personally I am quite happy earning what i do since i recognise my limitations right now.




buji 2010-06-25 14:37:51


Hi Rewati,

Its intresting what u say but when it comes to selling we need to meet people since we are housewife's we will not know many people to sell products outside.  And  asking people to buy a product is a great difficult and embaracing to force friends to buy a product, as friendship becomes more of bussiness orientated talks.  What i am talking about is some people are doing some survey type business frm home means they will give us a questionare and we need to give the survey report based on the product the job  will be like sending mails and data filling based on the survey report .  I think so we can take up the data entry work if we get the right contacts. Does anyone is doing such type of bussiness can help us clearly in this topic. 

Revathi could u pls explain what is ur product  abt.

Madhu do explain us abt service oriented business. Then it will be grt.




daffodil 2010-06-25 20:09:56


 Hi Rewati, Buji, Madhuu and Tejal,

Nice to get in touch with so many like minded moms. Rewati your work sounds interesting but selling products to people does not come easy to all. Buji's survey thing is also good...does anyone have any contacts ? There are also lots of HR recruitment for free lancers that can be done from home where client gives you requirement, you search for candidates over internet, fix interview and follow the process till the candidate gets an offer. Next e-tuitions are also another alternative....BUT these are all ideas...i really have not come in touch with any mom( other than Rewati)who is actually earning from home.....

enjoy your weekends !!!!





anwesha 2010-06-26 12:51:49


Hi Revathi, Buji, Madhu and Tejal,

I'm staying in Rainbow drive layout and I've a 3 year old daughter who goes to DPS. Even I'm desperately looking for an online business/work where  I can work from home. Currently I'm working in one of the IT companies but am finding it very difficult cope up with my office and my 3 year old kid. Currently my daughter goes to day care after her school and stays till I come back at 7pm. Offten I started feeling guilty for not spending sufficient time with my kid. In the long run it would definately affect on her studies and over all growth.

So I've decided to quit and do some home based business where I can earn some money in my free time. I'm extremely happy that one of you have initiated this topic. If you ladies get to know of any online data entry kind of a work please let me also know about it. If online business is not happening then we all can discuss and come up with some good doable business idea. My email ID: mangalagowri7@gmail.com




vtkanu 2010-06-26 16:40:27



i am anitha .i read about the timelife job. its interesting.can u explain it in detail and is there any qualification required to do this job.i am from chennai and my email id is   vtkanu@gmail.com


itawer 2010-06-27 07:56:05


About Time-life, This is NOT a multi-level marketing job like amway or oriflame etc. The way it works is this-

Firstly the product consists of a super collection of books, cds, etc. called the Total Development Program from Time-LIfe (as in Time Magazine) These are meant for young children upto the age for 8yrs. The way i got interested is that i bought a set for my son & then just enquired about joining up. I myself am not a very "sales" oriented person but since it was to do with kids education & it was a product I was convinced about, I joined up.

The procedure for joining up is really simple- U get a person to introduce u. Pay Rs.1800 for the kit ( which consists of a prospectus with sample pages of all the products, a bag, a price list ) (currently upto 30th june, u get a Rs. 500 off so it is right now only Rs. 1300).Take the trainng (for 2 days on week-ends or 3 wekdays) which is quite exhaustive- apart from personal skills, SAles & product training is also given. I took my son & hubby along. Hubby was looking after son at the back of the room  while I was in the  training. Its a super place to work since most of the people there are like u & me who basically joined because they were interested in the product but have also house & kids to look after. 
u can continue working with time-life all your life anywhere in India or even abroad!!! 

What I really liked about the job is - The money is really good for the kind of time u put in. The time of work is ENTIRELY up to u. I started off only on week-ends since I didn't want to leave my kid with a day-care or sitter.My hubby is home on the week-ends to look after my son & its not like the whole day- just about an hour or two.In fact since my son just started school in june I wasn't working for half the month till I was convinced he is settled in school. Now when my son is away at school for 2 hours I can take appointments & continue with work.

Also, since it education related & to a child around my son's age I can realte very well to the parents I meet.

Anitha, There is no qualification required at all except for basic English speaking.
Buji, To answer your question, every person is different- some in fact wud want to start out with seling to their friends, some like me have completley avoided selling to their friends for the reasons u cited. I in fact i just ask them for contacts and leads. in case they r interested, they ask me & only then i take it further. 

Even I Intially thought about a home-based job, but then u r just at home all day, This job makes u get out of your Mom & Wife shell & meet & talk to people as yourself. Its been great meeting parents with different ways of bringing up their kids, their philosphies of parenthood... its been amazing.

No sales targets, no pressure except for your own self-motivated goals.

Call me on 9980528390 & i'll explain more..:)


vtkanu 2010-06-27 20:17:17


thanks a lot itawar for info


Madhuu 2010-06-29 07:59:24


I will provide some input about the service based opportunity in few days.


anwesha 2010-06-30 15:47:28


Will be looking forward to that Madhuu.




iamchetana 2010-06-30 22:10:27


How about teaching or volunterring?  I gave up my IT career 5 years ago and work with children with Dyslexia.. and am extremely happy.


tejalpshah 2010-07-01 10:26:50


hi chetna,

can you provide more details.



Madhuu 2010-07-01 10:55:53


Hi all,

If you have passion for teaching, you can connect with like minded people based on their background and form a syndicate to conduct tuitions up to 10th Standard. This is truly a part time job but would start after your kid is back from School (only catch).

You can do market research jobs which is totally part time and can be done when your kids are in School. There is nothing to sell and you will collect the feedback and document.

Financial Advisor for the medium and low income people. You can educate them on savings, medical and life insurance, education loans etc. You can either work as independent consultant or work for big companies. Online trading, stock markets also a good option.

If you like training and have sound knowledge about the subject of your expertise you can be a freelance trainer and join some training institutions as Faculty/trainer. You can negotiate for timings.

I will provide more options in few days...

I hope this helps...




buji 2010-07-01 18:23:44


Hi Roshan,

What u said is all true. But getting the right contact is bit difficult.  The response is great in this topic. So if we all join together can start a bussiness i think.  Many bussiness frm Uk are given to India some transcription based data entry jobs.  If we get the contact we can share and do the job. Hope so we will find new contacts in this matter. I have seen in newspaper they are looking for parttimer's  for selling flats and plots .  Consultants also sounds good.  Keep updating Roshan ur ideas are good.




iamchetana 2010-07-01 20:31:53


My mother in law also works from home selling premium helathcare products (Nutrilite)spending 2-3 hours per day and erns also handsomely. Thats also a good option especially for people who have less education or those who donot have the relevant education to do the kind of jobs they get as part time..


itawer 2010-07-02 20:02:43



Hey another option if u want a definite return for time u spend is to teach at institutes like TIME or IMS. I am an M. Sc. Math with a passion for my subject so I got into teaching at TIME for CAT MAth. Its actually quite basic 10th standard Math. U just need to practise & prepare beforehand since there are some really bright kids who cud catch u out incase u r not pukka. I was getting 250 per hour & since each class was 2 hours, I used to earn a guaranteed 500 for 2 hours of work.This was some 5 yrs ago. Now I don't know what the rate is.

Online tutoring is good but as far as I cud make out we need to work at US time which is like working in the late night. Not really a good idea for moms who need their energy in the daytime. 

I also worked with Eurokids for a while. Though the remuneration is quite less for the work u put in. For some 6 hours-a-day, u earn some 6000 per month. If u r passionate about kids, then this is also an option.

If u like writing & have a flair, I think chillibreeze.com is a good site for that. Also try gharkamai.com for project based work.

As to starting your own business without any experience, a franchise is a good option too. These days the hottest business seems to be a toy & book library. U cud even take franchises for Justbooks or other libraries who r trying to expand. While service is good to get into- the field is much more demanding since u need to build a reputation & that takes time & lots of work. It is a myth that once u have a business of your own u r your own boss & can work at any time. In fact u have to work harder than any job since the work u put in determines the success of your enterprise & also the return on YOUR investment.


rd 2010-07-04 22:39:14



I'm also a work from home mom. I pick up projects and then based upon the requirements assign to the correct individual. It's a virtual team/office.People intersted, please mail ur CV to adya.job@gmail.com

Please have patience in the response, as it takes a while




shilpaprasad 2010-07-07 17:52:10


 Hi All, 

I run a toy library - www.rentoys.in and we are constantly looking for people like you to run our unit franchisees where the investment is not high and also operations is restricted to the area you live in.  Please contact us on enquiry@rentoys.in if interested or call us on 4167 0517.  Ciao ! 



iamchetana 2010-07-07 20:49:14


Further to some queries that I got from this discussion Anyone who can spare time between 2 pm to 6 pm and interested in helping children with dyslexia please contact me offline. thanks


shrivan 2010-07-12 04:15:04


Madhuu, me too looking for a service based work from home opportunity in the market/financial research areas. Waiting to hear from you.




bindusri 2010-07-21 21:13:23


Dear friends,

Nice 2 hear that u ppl r working from  home. Am also looking for this kind of job. I am  from chennai. Pls suggest me more like this. Thanks.


manju2madhu 2010-07-21 22:04:34


Wow Thats a real worthy discussion going on. I really love this idea of women working at home and spending as much time as possible with their little ones. Itawer and Roshan - both your ideas are excellent.

As Itawer says online tutoring is good if you really have good knowledge of the subject.

Starting a business and being the boss sounds great, but it is not easy and not at all a parttime job. It almost eats a lot of your waking hours. If you have partners in your business and the time is shared , then the chances are that you can spend more time with family.

Teaching tution, taking cookery class or art classes or baby sitting are other home based jobs. Organising parties for your kids friends , selling sarees or jewellery -------

If you are an excellent cook and love to cook, then it is a wonderful chance to earn money.

okay all the best to all !



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