what are the best schools in Bangalore for ADHD and Autism child of 8 years? Please give me names...

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alp120207 2015-12-20 10:34:46


Our family is living currently in USA but planning to move India soon in Bangalore or either of the states in INDIA where Special services for ADHD and High Functioning Autism disorder spectrum is good so please suggest me for the same please? Please help me in this..It will be really appreciated..And if you want any help from me which i have researched over Autism i will happily want to share with you all family who are going through with the same situation.......
Thanks and god bless..

vkumarm 2016-01-11 02:57:04


Dear Alpana,

I dont know any ADHD/Autism based schools in INDIA. I am also trying to gather information for the same too and i will share with you in case if i come across with any information in this regard. 

I am from Denmark and My Son is 3.4 yrs old has been recently diagnosed with Autism. 
One of the options that we are thinking about is US since we see that it looks there are good therapy centers in the US. 
May I know why you are planning to move to INDIA ? Could you please provide some information from your experience on how the services and other things will be in the US ?


ssv11 2016-01-12 17:18:53


Dear Alpana, 
              for school u can check with sophia opprtunity school.

alp120207 2016-01-12 20:06:06


Dear Kumar,
The services and all are very very nice in USA. No doubt about it.. But you have to incur good amount of time and money for this reason then only it will serve the purpose otherwise not.. I think this is the best time for your son to move in USA and go to EARLY -INTERVENTION  PROGRAMS in schools. because this programs can happen in early age ONLY not after 5 years or so.. 
Hence this is very appropriate age for your son to come and join the schools programs and they are free and some organizations also gives free of cost services which we don't know because my son has diagnosed Autism at 7 years of age so he has to go to doctor or therapists for treatments only..
I think this will help you.. If more questions please ask.. which state are you coming in USA? 
p.s. all schools in USA gives Free Special Education Programs for your age kid..


alp120207 2016-01-12 20:21:02


Hi SSV11 ( Sorry don't know your name),

Where is Sophia opportunity school is located? Is it in Bangalore? and where are its branches are ? Does NIMHANS in Bangalore will provide any therapists services then how much it costs? anybody did treatment or therapy like ABA therapy and speech therapy in hospital? then how was the impression of yours?
Please tell me some more name of the schools , If you know ?


vkumarm 2016-01-12 20:33:48


Many Thanks for your Feedback Alpana. I dont have work visa for US yet. I have listed it down as one of the options. 

If we decide of migrating to US for the schools and therapy then I was thinking of applying for H1B. Until we move to US, we were thinking of starting a early intervention and therapies to start in India or in Denmark. But this is one of the options that i am thinking of and not Zeroed in on it yet. Based on the feedback that I have gathered and receiving, it looks very ambitious option.  
Here is my complete post about my Sons case and the options we are thinking of:


ssv11 2016-01-12 23:10:45


Hi Alpana, 
                yes that school is in bangalore city,i don't think they have branches.this is their address

Sophia Opportunity School
70 Palace Road, High Grounds, Bangalore 560 001,
Karnataka, India, Ph: 080-22205683.

try contacting them.their website http://www.sndbangalore.org/sophia_opprtunityschool_bangalore.html..Sorry ,I don't have have any other information .


alp120207 2016-01-13 00:45:22


Is it CBSE school or which board it is? Is there speech delay and Autism students are well taken care of ? Or any other schools you can also mention then it would be really helpful.. And what about out of pocket bangalore city therapy services? Because i have lost idea of bangalore since for long time didn't go there..
Thanks for your information and your help..


ssv11 2016-01-13 16:31:09


Hi Alpana, I don't have any idea abt the syllabus or therapy services.I have seen kids going to the opportunity school so just thought of passing the information.

Vicky1282 2019-05-07 15:09:41


Hi Alpana, This is Vivek. I am also in same boat as you. My son is 7 years olds as well. I am currently in Singapore and planning to move to banglore. Were you any lucky with your search. Though it's quite old post I hope you see it. Thanks


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