Good Schools at Sarjapur Road or near by

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vivgarg 2015-11-28 15:46:35


Hi all,
Recently shifted to Bangalore .  looking for a recommendations for good  school at Sarjapur. Bangalore. My son id studying in a CBSE school at Noida in 1st grade May anyone advice me on what best option could we consider with respect to our base 

Singh19 2015-11-28 19:58:46


prakriya is supposed to be good... but its a bit different from conventional teaching i have been told...

aswins 2015-11-29 16:34:52


Iam also looking for CBSE School for my son for I std. I have been visiting many schools in Varthur Area. Visited schools Vagdevi vilas,Chistiya, chrysalis, Vahe Global, SSrvm.
Out this i had felt Vahe Global Academy is good. They seem to have enough extra curricular activities as part of the sylabbus. All children take part in all the activities . there is no option given .So i thought kids get to learn a bit of everything .They have the CBSE Curriculum.
Mainly what I liked is big playground that they have ( for how long they will retain we cant say though!) At least for now it is there..
It is not local also, it is not too high end like the Schools such as oakridge, greenwood, where the fees is so unaffordable.

I met Mr hajra who is the dean and well experienced and it was a very interesting conversation that i had with him.

For the 1st std the fees is 87000/- + transport + cafeteria( in case we opt for it) .

The Fees seems to be affordable..In case you have heard any thing about the school do let me know.




helpinghand 2016-01-20 14:55:02


I felt other way after meeting that gentleman Mr.Hajra :) He didn't allow us to talk...


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