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anwesha 2010-05-03 22:23:03



Request you to suggest me some good Bharatanatyam classes in and around Sarjapur road for 3/4 year old kid & approximate monthly fees.



hiradhu 2010-05-04 14:56:23


 Hi Mangala,

Even my daughter is 3/4yr old and interested in dancing, but would wait till she turns 5-6yr. Am also in the same sarjapur area, if you find one let me know.

By rule:The right age for kids to learn classical dance (infact any dance form) is 5-6yrs. 



anwesha 2010-05-04 17:18:51


Hi Hirandhu,

Thank you so much for your response.

My daughter is 3 year old. I've found one dance school in Sarjapur Road. It is called as Natyakala & Music Academy. They take kids from the age of 3years. If you want more detail you may reach me at 99450 60374.


hiradhu 2010-05-05 10:11:36


 Thanks Anwesha!


Rose 2010-05-09 05:48:01


 TISB Bangalore 



mom2gurls 2010-05-20 05:24:04


Are there any in the whitefield area...besides TISB? Only indian...any ballet, jazz or hop hop?


gayatri07 2010-08-06 12:13:06


hi Anwesha,

i also want to join my daughter is dance school.she will turn 3yrs this month.we are staying nxt to intel. how is the school yr daughter going.can you pls share yr experience.




anwesha 2010-08-06 14:36:39


Hi Gayathri,

I've not put my daughter to any dance class yet. My daughter is 3.2yrs. Am planning to put her in a dance class sometime Sep/Oct types. Dance class is good and it called as Natyakala Academy on Sarjapur Road. This dance school is located Approx 1.5 kms from Wipro corp on Sarjapur road. I feel it is little too far for you. Anwesha is my daughter's name.





dilsub 2011-03-29 11:48:07


Hi All,

My daughter was 3years 6 months when she started going to Natyakala. She is 5 years 6 months now, completed 2 years in bharatnatyam. 

She used to do movement from 6 months of her age only. So, we were searching for good place that time. We found Natyakala that time.

Natyakala Teacher, Dr. Shobha is really great, she gives special attention to small kids. she personally teaches them. She knows how to handle small kids. she teaches them telling different mythological stories.  It was really difficult for her to teach kids of that age. But she have done marvellous job. Our kids gave first performance within 3 months of learning and that was really great. After 2 years of class we can make out the difference.

I was also worried about should i put her in so less age. Regarding the age group when to start, my Manipal Doctor recommended who knows that your baby will not be a great Dancer so donot worry let her go, if she says she is not interested then you can stop otherwise go ahead. No issues.

Whatever madam does, does in big way so expense is a bit more but teaching quality , no question on that. To the kids she loves like a mother only.

Want to comment, i am only a parent, not relative of madam, so not marketing here on behalf of her. My daughter was shy but she took care so lovingly that i admire her for that. Same is with all other kids. Simle:)





dilsub 2011-03-29 13:23:00


Just want to reiterate the line i wrote.

I was also worried about should i put her in so small age.

My doctor came to my rescue. Manipal Doctor recommended if your kid is interested let her join no harm on this.

As you are starting so early so may be by 6 years she will be a great dancer, so donot hesitate, why to waste time, let het start dance class now.

All the best...


ashivaswa 2011-03-31 22:27:11


Can you please let me know the address of Natyakala institute and any contact numbers of the teacher?

Thanks and regards,



 Former member 2011-04-01 12:27:12



barthanatyam classes are held in vidyarambh in m'halli and sarjapur ..

there is one more bharthanatyam class conducted in a complex near  marathahlli market by /suma dance class


dilsub 2011-04-01 16:31:57


Natyakala Music & Dance Academy

Paneghat House, No. 128/129 Doddakannelli Carmelaram Post

Sarjapur road

Mob: 9886038515/9731947356



anwesha 2011-05-06 21:19:48


Hi Dilsub,

Could you please tell me how much does she charges per month? Your child goes for weekly classes or weekends? Where have you put up?




ResponsibleParent 2012-02-22 16:58:43



Hi all,I have read this review and got trapped. My Child goes to Natyakala and I thought my perspective about this school will help some Parents. Pls guys and ladies! this is absolutely my perspective and my personal experience . Pls check if it helps in your decision making process and I am not here to bias any one's opinion or neither looking for a venting place.After reading this post  by Sub( not sure who the person is), I felt that I found dream school for my kid and went and visited this place. This school is in a residence which is a huge independent house of danseuse called Ms Shoba Dominic. As soon I visited the huge hall which is in cellar, I was thoroughly impressed seeing the huge  Lord Nataraja idol and posters of kids in dance costumes stuck on the walls.I felt this looks thoroughly professional. As I proceeded to talk, I felt the teacher is highly qualified . Fees she quoted is 27000 per annum payable only once for( i think) 5+ kids... Not sure, if fees is lesser for smaller kids lesser than 5. I felt fees is high .This fees is for 2 hours class , twice a week. 2 hours includes break time for eating snacks. I used my mathematical brain and felt that still it is reasonable  to some xtent though not 100% for the standard they might offer because most of the schools charge 1000Rs for one hour class and this lady is taking 2 hours. Hence, I went ahead and paid the money. This was definteily beyond our capacity but still in the intention of transforming my daughter into a professional daughter, went ahead and paid the money .Litlle, did I know that that was not the end and there is much more looting in store. We were asked to buy some colored mat, one mat per child. Did not understand the logic of this color mat till now. I think they have some colors for the mats as the child is progressins. Hence, do not get surprised if you are asked to buy 3 mats within a year in the name of progress seen in your child.All these mats must be left in the dance school. Mat is just a question of 600 Rs , hence that is also fine to some extent. Next comes,2300 Rs for dance uniform and there is no choice to get it stitched else where where you can get two dresses for Rs 1200. Then comes text books which she has designed or authored which is again some 3000 Rs, then comes Gejja Pooja – Rs 2000, dance costume and makeup Rs 3000 and I think list will go on….If your kid is doing a stage performance which Natyakala organizes, they will charge for the tickets and it is mandatory for you to buy like last year it was 2500 Rs per ticket for Chowdiah hall..Now, I realized how the huge building of Natyakala was constructed… I am sweating with fear on how much more of lust is in store . Forget abt all the money, what bothers me is the ill treatment of Parents who question these expenses.Guys, I am not knowing how to come out of this Padma Vyuham…..I have paid so much money and still paying….and my kid is still in the first year…I am afraid that any conflict will result in ill treatment of the kids, hence just shutting my mouth…..Having said all this, I also claim that as of today, I am not aware if the quality of teaching offered is highly differential than any other place….I am not the right person to comment on this…

shubhamj 2012-06-13 11:08:32


If any of you is interest in Indian Conteporary or semi-classical, folk or Western dance forms, then there is are dance classes conducted by Dancekala Academy by Manisha Mehta, on Sarjapur Road near Total Mall and in Sobha Lake View Clubhouse on Outter Ring Road.

I send both my children,  daughter aged 8.5 years and my son who is 4 years old to this dance class.She teaches fusion dance forms combining the Western dance techniques with the distinct styles of Indian Classical and Folk movement. She teaches through the medium of fun which ensures that her students learn dance and enjoy themselves in the process.


Mamadance 2014-01-29 09:44:43


Hi in case anyone is interested in ballet or tap classes for kids I run a dance school in kundanahalli dancewithme

Kappu9 2016-06-10 10:02:36


Never ever join natyakala academy. It's one bluff and blunder and money making school. Their intention is just money not the teaching dance. It's shame for them to fool the people with the name of Indian classical dance.

tarah 2016-07-10 14:25:35


Hi, Please may I Know why you are saying this. I want to know because, I want to put my daughter in dance classes at natyakala


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