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SS15 2015-11-17 01:30:31


Dear daddies n mommies I am planning to enroll my kid in sherwoodhigh. It's a bit far about 10kms from where we stay...but thinking that kid will get used to..thinking to nail on this school.. 1) do you know if pre nursery admission is still opened here ? 2) do they give much pressure on children? 3) what is the teacher : children ratio? 4) though got good feedback about this school. .still seeing some bad reviews how's this rated then ? 5) Bangalore now becoming a nightmare for chilsren, how's the safety measures at this school?

Smitha5 2015-12-21 16:27:38


Hi SS15, i have also zeroed to this school, i got admission form also, my house is also some 9.1 km from the school,am also worried like how a 3year old will travel, they told bus will come at 7:45 am, there are 30 students in each class with 2 teachers so it will be 15:1 student chlidren ratio, for first year fee will come to 175000 ie 75k-admission,10k is annual fee,55k is tution,10 is books and uniform and 26 is transportation.


deray 2016-02-10 23:37:28


Is the admission still open for Nursery (Pre-nursery) in sherwood high? If yes, any idea how long will that remain open?


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