Chrysalis Varthur or Deens Gunjur

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maniag 2015-10-30 11:05:01


Dear Parents,

Looking for Grade I admission. Confusion over which school to go for
1. Chrysalis - Heard only good reviews about this branch, concern ICSE board
2. Deens Gunjur - CBSE board, No reviews as new campus but Deens ECC has good reputation

Looking for a school where kid could gain more confidence, learn public speaking, be smart.

alankritas 2015-10-30 17:13:19


As much as I am inclined to say that both the schools are equally good, I picked Deens Gunjur for my son.
Deens Gunjur has started only this year while Chrysalis has been there for 4 years(I think) hence you will find obvious differences.

So an apples to apples comparison would be Deens ECC vs Chrysalis Varthur. Deens Gunjur has the same dna and in a couple years, I am very sure it will be one of the hottest schools in town.


vivekn 2015-11-17 18:30:52


Good very good reviews in Chrysalis yelahanka branch. not sure on varthur branch.


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