Admission in BVM global Nandiwoods, Bengaluru

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6mnhgd 2015-10-28 17:49:26


Hi all... We had visited the school personally 2 days back and the school is to good... we have decided to enroll our son there.. total fee structure is very economical... It's 25k admission 55300 tuition fee, 21k bus, 2500 books n uniform. With 3 installments payable... They accept only DD

miyeng 2015-11-03 06:28:42


Hi, heard there was some issue with their CBSE affiliation. any updates from that front would be helpful.

6mnhgd 2015-11-03 07:51:09


Hello miyeng.. They don't hv any such issues related to their affiliation with CBSE... I did speak to the parents who were standing outside at the time of our visit... They are indeed following the syllabi as well as the guidelines of CBSE as I could see the certificate nailed on the notice board.... we have to submit the original copy of the child's birth certificate at the time of admission.... And the current student strength is 500 plus and they vil be relocating to their big campus by 2018 at the latest.... This school teaching rate is at par excellence as students are happy with their teachers.... Pls make a visit as u may have a different opinion about this school... We as a parent found it apt as compared to many other surrounding schools here in Bannerghatta mn Road... Best wishes


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