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csk04 2015-10-11 16:57:17


I am looking for some recent feedback/reviews for Vidya shilp academy. I have seen some reviews posted here 4-5 years back which are varied. Please can someone share your thoughts if you have kids going to this school recently.

csk04 2015-10-18 23:13:31


Thanks but my understanding is the fees is around 2lakhs per year?

vmol 2015-10-25 16:56:53


I would suggest you check up with recent changes .... rather than just blindly going by the name. 

csk04 2015-11-05 09:23:52


Yes if anyone has a recent view about this school, please let me know.

vmol 2015-11-06 12:47:13


The fee structure is always kept high by most schools with a good reputation. But I think recent parents should give us a better idea. I had been to Vishwa Vidyapeeth which is on Dodballapur Road and for half that fees they provide you with a great infrastructure, professional programs, cctv campus, bus and also food is included. I suggest you check out that too. Presidency is also a good option however their strength is too much and I fear the teachers would not give any particular attention to my child there.

vivekn 2015-11-17 17:52:44


Vidya shilp , getting is very tough. one of the parent is my friend. his son is studying there and he in in higher grade so my friend said, fee is coming around 3.5 every year including everything.
Vishwa vidyapeeth is Ok, you just cant compare with vidya shilp. herd teacher attrition rate is high. new school so heard experiments are going on. take a second thought, and get some review if you want to admit here. but not a bad one.


gayathri83 2017-12-04 13:25:30


any receent reviews you all can share

vmol 2018-01-30 17:15:28



We have a group of parents here on this forum and each gives info on their particular school. My kid is in Vishwa Vidyapeeth now. I chose the school because they focus on Indian traditions and values - simple school - food is compulsory which includes breakfast, lunch and evening milk with biscuits. They have one physical activity daily which I found a plus point since my kid loves to play out and I find very less time to spend with her. The security, hygiene and their discipline is what I find best. They are starting a new campus next year which is on the same main road and just 2 kms away. There they have built a sports academy which I myself visited. The Director announced a residential camp from this year and I am planning for the same. Rest assured, for working parents VVP is a boon because they take good care of our kids be it the security, food or other activities. No complaints!


rrao10 2020-06-18 13:28:24


Hi Vmol

We are migrating to bangalore from Mumbai.
Planning to secure an admission between vishwa vidyapeeth.and Presidency RT Nagar

1) Do you still feel vishwa vidyapeeth that you chose for your child is good one?
2) How is the quality of food that they provide for the child?

Any other pros and cons that you feel as a parent , now that your child is studying there

I saw missed reviews some parents saying the school is good some saying food not good etc..
Would you still recommend this school to prospective parents.

Please share your valuable inputs.


vmol 2020-06-21 18:18:28


Hello Sir,

Sorry I checked my mail quite late. First, these two schools are 2 places apart - one is in Yelahanka. Yes, as compared to Presidency Yelahanka, their RTNagar branch has better feedback. Also, I know the head of the institution there. However, the management does not directly interact with parents there. It's more like a franchisee...

Yes, I am pretty happy with Vishwa Vidyapeeth these past years. In fact, many of my friends have put their kids in the same school and we all are contented parents. I am not expecting the school to take over my parenthood duties in any way, hence maybe I am happy with their philosophy which asks me to do my part as well!

Secondly, the Bhagawad Gita classes have helped my child a lot .... the group is dedicated in this regard, and it's not only for an eyewash. In fact, all their programmes have the chanting of shlokas as a major part of the programme.

Coming to the food, the majority of parents are very happy. Yes, their food is more south Indian based, but it suits the climate well. No issues with hygiene, cooking method or even ensuring that the children have complete meals. I have got an opportunity to be the Mother on Duty (campus duties for mother on a daily basis) twice and I have personally seen the kitchen and the routines maintained. They have daily food tasting procedures and the records are maintained. Also, the food is given to children only after a time gap of having the food. It's completely inhouse and no ready-made mixes are used. It's pure veg too. I cannot comment on other's perspectives, but yes recently due to the pandemic, the school had informed that for some time after reopening they will not be serving food. All parents were up in arms saying that kids want VVP food!! So you should know what is the feedback from existing parents.


1. Heavily based on Indian culture and tradition. Believes in Self-discipline - I find my child has taken the lessons to her heart and improved a lot with following the instructions when it comes especially to studies. 
2.  Bhagawad Gita classes for all classes of all curriculum
3. They provide all 3 curriculum - ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE, so it's a big plus if later I want to opt for some other curriculum in the future
4. Staff quality is very good, I personally know some teachers. The management directly involves in the day to day routine of the school
5. Management can be approached directly at any point of time, recently the Director even conducted an online session with all of us to ensure that there is an open meeting with parents during these tough times
6. They have equal focus on academics, sports and arts. I have got feedback from senior class parents, that the school supports the children who are performing well in sports and arts also. In ICSE, they offer Physical education and Arts as a paper too for Class 10. 
7. They have got permanent affiliation till Class 12 for ICSE & IGCSE too. CBSE still in the process.
8. Beautiful campus with well-built sports academy programmes. So I don't have to again take my child for other sports classes. Even after school programmes with canteen facility available. 

CONS: (From an outsider perspective)

1. You might find fee on a higher side. Since the seats are limited, the fee structure is not like budget schools where they have 40 to 45 students in a class. VVP has 30 kids in a class.
2. They don't promote Whatsapp groups - now this is seen from different parents as pro & con. Personally I think there is large negativity in the Whatsapp groups so I keep away from their daily ranting. 
3. They don't have any Tab culture nor relaxation on exams or homework. More of a traditional kind of school. 
4. They can still work on better leaders as the Principals have changed many times. Again, even the same thing is true for nearby schools like the Presidency and others. Hence I don't know if its a trend nowadays like IT, Principals keep jumping ships. 
5. If you are staying in the main city near M G Road etc. you might find this a bit far off - check on the distance part.

I hope my inputs will help you out. You can check similarly with the parents of other schools too. I suggest you see their Facebook page to see their activities and do a similar study of other schools. Let me know if you have any other doubts with VVP. Can't comment on other schools since I joined VVP directly and don't have experience with other schools. 

Hope your stay in Bangalore is safe and peaceful.




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