Nursery/LKG 2016-17 admission for schools in Bannerghatta/Electronic-city/HSR

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deray 2015-09-27 11:49:00



I am starting this thread keeping in mind the current admission procedures of the little ones for Nursery/LKG 2016-17 batch in the below listed schools (in and around Bannerghatta/Electronic-city/HSR/partially JP Nagar). As we know, these days there are various options for schools from the perspective of academics, co-curricular activities, extra-curricular achievements, all round or holistic development of the child, and may be the balance of everything. By way of sharing the information in this thread we can help fellow parents to get as far as correct details enabling each one of us to make the right decision. 
1. Christ Academy - Visited personally. We got the admission forms just yesterday, i.e. Sept 26.2. Sherwood High - Visited personally. Liked it but doesn't have a proper hsitiry of having any successful ICSE batch yet. Theirs first boards batch is coming out in 2016, it seems. 3. Samhita Academy - Visited personally. Next to PSBB. Liked more than PSBB infrastructure wise and approach wise.4. PSBB - Visited personally. 5. Ryan International6. Ekya (follows NPS board) - which is one the same lane where i stay in JP Nagar7. Clarence8. Vibgyor, Begur Road (Bannerghatta Rd) - I have personally visited the Bannerghatta one, but it seemed to me near to the Begur Road. Also paid a visit to the Harlur road campus. Decent, I didn't personally like their idea of following mixed boards till 7th grade. Also, the last stretch of the approach road is quite cumbersome. 9. NPS, HSR & Kormangala
Btw, is there anyone who would also be interested in those good old schools like:
1. St. Joseph Boys High School (SJBHS)
2. Bishop Cotton
3. Baldwin
4. Bethany

This thread could also be used as a forum to discuss on following topics:a. Reviews about the schoolsb. Syllabus : CBSE, ICSE & Statec. Fee structure & hike in fees year-on-year (approx)
d. Distance of school, is it worth sending a long distance for any particular school, especially the schools around Richmond.
Please feel free to add/delete schools & topics.Thanks in advance!

deray 2015-09-27 11:56:58


I am including and in this thread as I have seen them of late posting similar queries in parentree to facilitate and better consolidate our inputs and gain more from mutual interaction.

sriya1 2015-09-29 15:34:25


Thanks Deray, 
Can you please let me know the schools which are satisfying your requirement as a parent in the above?
Needing your help 


deray 2015-09-29 19:37:52


hi sriya1, i have decided to take a chance with the icse schools near richmond (SJBHS, BCBS, Baldwin) for my son and then get going with others, like Sherwood, Ekya, in case he doesn't get into any of those. The forms of those schools will be issued in the time frame of January, 2016 and their shortlisting will come by Feb, it seems. I believe i will have to wait till then before getting admission to any school. 

Peech13 2015-09-29 20:22:58


Hi Deray,

your info is very useful for Parents. I am also looking for my daughters pre- nursery adminission in Baldwin , as you mentioned they sad only by Jan 2016. But few schools have closed with issuing pre- nursery application for 2016 year. Christ Academy - they told the Application for pre nursery has been closed. No idea of anyother Good school near by Koramagala or madiwala. It would be great if you suggest some.

deray 2015-09-29 21:21:07


hi peech, thanks for your comment. as i was particularly looking for icse schools only, so i had figured out St. Francis (near Madiwala) and Christ School (near Dairy circle) which could be near to Kormangala. Have only gone thru their websites. So can't comment much. Just lemme know your opinion if you happen to visit any of those. Other schools in Kormanagala are Bethany and NPS (even NPS hsr is also not that far and i presume less difficult to get in compared to its kormangala part). Do share your views on those schools as well. 
Happy school hunting. 

Smitait2005 2015-09-29 21:45:41


I have personally visisted EKYa kanakpura..Felt very good..This week school has called us for interactionsession.Lets c...

deray 2015-09-29 22:10:21


hi smitait2005, any idea abt the fees structure, admission fees of Ekya? heard its on the higher side. I am also planning to visit the kanakapura campus once. right now i stay just couple of houses away from ekya jp nagar. how long are they going to take the admission? are they planning to expand the kanankapuar campus in near future?

Smitait2005 2015-09-30 07:39:28


Hi,The fees is 90000 for tution fee and 5000 for addimision fee..In next two years they will get affilation till 10 class...i felt the school is good..The admission procedure has started..No idea how long they will do the admission..

sriya1 2015-09-30 11:48:43


Does anyone have the contact number for EKYA BTM layout ? 
I downloaded the application form and planning to go this weekend. 
Any idea whether the school will be open on Oct 2 ? 


deray 2015-09-30 13:22:57


hi sriya1, i really don't think that the school will remain open on 2nd Oct. But, you can of course pay a visit on Saturday. Let me know your overall feedback about the school once you visit Ekya (BTM layout).
Smitait2005, is the admission fee only 5000 (Five thousand)?


Smitait2005 2015-09-30 14:55:15


Yes Admission fee is 5000 rs

agrover 2015-09-30 17:49:37


Its surprisingly pleasant to know that admission fee in EKYA is only 5000.
How are the reviews of Sherwood High Bannerghatta Road? I really liked sherwood but felt that their play ground and library are little small to accommodate kids of all the classes.

Peech13 2015-09-30 18:25:52


Hi Deray,

Thanks for your reply. St.Francis is good Application is only 2nd week of Nov. Christ they say the teachers are Mallu and Kids don't get proper pronunciation, so not sure until I go to school and meet them. Any idea about Bethany  and Baldwin  Donation + Fees Structure.
When they give the application form do you have any idea, have to contacted any. please let me know

sriya1 2015-10-01 10:04:30


I have the below schools on my list which are nearer to Koramangala and HSR since I stay near silk board
1. NPS ( They told me come between Oct - Nov)
2. Cherubs (Harvest International's Montessori)
3. Cambridge ( Need to get some review on this)
4. Freedom (I'm getting Mixed reviews)
5. Bethany High Koramangala ( They said Nov 1 week)
6. Gurukul New horizon ( Admission started. Need to visit and get the admission form this weekend )
7. EKYA ( New branch at BTM. Planning to visit this as well this weekend)

Are there any schools which are really good and I missed it ? Please let me know so that I will do an investigation and share the feedback with you guys. 
I'm only preferring Co Education Schools. 


AaniSaani 2015-10-03 07:26:19


I had applied for admission into Pre Kg in Christ Academy on last Sep 26 and received a mail to meet them on 10th Oct. Any idea about the fee structure and reviews of the school would help me to decide.

rayman1 2015-10-03 19:57:02


even i received an email from Christ Academy to meet up on 10Oct for Nursery admission. Fees "expected" 40-45K for Nursery and donation about 60-80K.
My child already cleared another interview today at PSBB for LKG directly.
Those who know about Christ Academy and PSBB - please suggest what is better?

rishijain83 2015-10-03 20:09:27


Hi Sriya,
I am also looking for my kids admission in UKG in 
1. Bishop Cotton
2. St. Joseph
3. Bethany High Koramangala
4. Baldwins (not very keen)
4. Gurukul New Horizon
5. Global Indian International School (New School, but seems really good)
6. Greenwood High (Fees is quite high 1.25L excl. Transport, Dress, Books, etc.) Worrisome part is that it would increase a lot more next year.
7. Harvest (It is good school, couple of children known in this school)
Let us seen how the things turnout!
My colleagues son is in Cambridge, HSR and very happy with the studies.
Best regards,


Arunim 2015-10-03 20:53:16


Visited Geeenwood high. Infra wise fine but mixed curriculum till 4th and then IB/IGCSE or ICSE. Want to know reviews upon the same

deray 2015-10-04 00:11:27


All the best AaniSaani and rayman1 for Christ Academy. I have also applied for Christ academy, but didn't receive any intimation from their side .. so I presume my kid is not shortlisted.
today I have gone to Sherwood High and got to know that they had started giving the forms from last week. Have taken the form for my kid and will fill up and submit that in due time (of course there's no any time they had given as the deadline but they keep telling us that 'earlier the better' ;)). 
To rishijain83 and sriya1: About Cambridge School, what i can tell you is my wife used to be the boards students' English teacher in that school for quite some time. I can surely say that their academics is very good. Also the lady who usually takes the boards Science papers is a very close relative of mine. I can easily vouch for her immense breadth of knowledge and teaching experience. Only drawback which i see is they don' t have any playground.But they have a very nice swimming pool within their premises.
Hi rishijain83 .. I also share your thought of considering those old missionary schools before taking a plunge into others. So, whats your take on admitting to any school vis a vis waiting till the results of shortlisted candidates of those schools come out (probably by end of Feb, 2016 or may be later)?

rishijain83 2015-10-04 07:11:39


Hi, Arunim- greenwood high is quite good school. The ib stream has children who are pretty sure of going abroad after 12. There should not be 2nd thoughts about school. :) Hi deray, Your qs. Is a bulls eye and directly hitting the nail. Prepare for a fall back plan in case old missionary schools don't workout in the last. I saw a clipping that parents were standing in queue from previous day noon for Joseph forms. Choose a school with lower admission fee as a fall back option so loss vs. Gain is equalized:) Anybody has a feedback for chrysalis high varthur road??


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