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anoop2003 2015-09-22 19:09:38


Hi All,
Can anyone share feedback on Ekya Early years located on Kanakapura Road.
I recently moved to Bangalore and planning to take the admission for Nursery for my kid.
Any of your suggestion or feedback will greatly help me to take swift decision. 

Thanks in advance.

Smitait2005 2015-09-22 22:36:33


I heard it is a good school..planning to go to the school this weekend..

anoop2003 2015-09-23 10:18:48


But what I heard from them is, they have till 5th grade after that ????,If they get required permission to start next grade then its good. 

Eshaan 2015-09-23 12:31:15



My son (4yrs) is now with Ekya Early years. we moved to kanakapura road in May 2015. Visited the school as it was the closest. We found it up to our expectation.

List a few pros and cons.

1. Campus is clean and big. well ventilated. no Aircon which was what i was looking for.
2. The in house curriculum Quest impressed me. This builds good lateral thinking in children. better than the theoretical bookish knowledge. He relates to what he learns and implements his ideas. Very impressive.
3. Lot of place to play in the campus. I am a working mom so taking the kid to play area everyday is not feasible for me. School timings (8.30am-3pm) is also idea for me. He spends most of his time there. Most of his energy is channelized.
4. Very safe environment. Only female staff and all teachers are mothers. 

1. The environment is a bit closed. They are not open to much of interaction with parents. 
2. Meeting teachers has to be on appointment 
3. Principle is very strict. Children lot her though. So definitely not a threat.
4. I am seeing the difference coz my son was in an International play school in nursery and its a very open environment there.I  was super impressed with that school. But definitely Ekya is not a compromise. we moved to our own house so had to change school.

Overall, I have seen a great curve is my sons learning. I am happy with their methodology. He is enjoying school. He is picking up conceptual math very well. I am learning from him.

I only wish they were a lit more interactive and communicative with parents. Other than communication on Dairy and Circulars there is no other communication between parents and teacher. Unless i fix an appointment and meet the teachers i just don't get to meet them. Its been 4 months and not a single parent-teacher meet has happened. I myself fixed an appointment and met the teacher once after completing one month of school. Hope they do something about this.

I feel they are doing a good job but not projecting well.

Hope this helps you take a decision.



ssr20 2015-09-23 15:04:31


Thats a good feedback on the school. Thanks a lot!

My son has been given an admit to the school and we are in double minds on what to do. He will be 3.5 years June 2016 and has been given an admit for K1. I am at a loss in terms of whether to go ahead with the admit or hold on and wait for other schools. Again, other schools will probably take him only for pre nursery which ofcourse comes with its set of pros and cons


anoop2003 2015-09-23 23:23:52


Thanks for sharing your valuable and informative feedback! But wanted to check, your son studies in which methodology. KG or Mont?

And when compared to surrounding schools Kumarns or DPS what do you think? Since I am new to bangalore, i didnt get a chance to have inside look.

If someone had surveyed could you please share? 

raashiramesh 2015-09-24 12:37:17


@Eshaan :

What about after KG, Do they have 1 grade to 10th,
That's my only concern.

Even we loved the school but again i have to start looking out for schools from 1 st grade as we are not happy with Ekya JP nagar campus.

Any suggestions ?

Smitait2005 2015-09-24 13:15:23


Hi. Today i went to ekya early years..Felt that the schoool is good...Now they have till std 5 class..In two years they will get affiliation for 10 std also.Now my son is gng to a preschool so i also spoke to the pricipal of the preschool..He is also suggesting that ekya is teaching kids in a very good techinque..I m planning to submit the form their and see..Let hope for the best!!!

anoop2003 2015-10-05 15:16:00


Hi Parents,
I visited the ekya campus and looks pretty. What i would like to ask is, what are the extra curricular activities they provide for juniors and sub junior level? What i have heard from some other parent, whose kid goes to DPS that, from LKG level itself, they have lot of extra curricular activities like training them for Quiz competition, yoga practice and various activities.

Does Ekya also provides the same? I did not get enough inputs from school, any of your feedback will greatly help me.

And anyone is trying for DPS south?
Thanks in advance!!!!


Smitait2005 2015-10-05 22:24:54


Hi Anoop, I heard they have other cirriculam activities like music , yoga..etc...i personally liked the school alot..but little worried school timings..LKG n UKG school timings are from 8:30 am to 3pm..Other schools will have classes till 12:30 max..In Ekya, my kid will get admitted in LKG.i have also applied in DPS south for nursery but due to age criteria my kid is eligible for nursery only...

anoop2003 2015-10-05 23:35:52


Thank You Smita..But how would like to compare Ekya and DPS. And also if i want to continue with Ekya for three years and if i would like to take the admission for 1st grade outside Ekya, How difficult it would be? Since because Ekya does not have good space for sports activity. By any chance did you check with the staff regarding this?

Smitait2005 2015-10-06 08:25:54


It is very difficult to get admission grade 1 because school will have generally take 25 to 30 kids...Its totally depends upon the kid how they will perform as they will have written test..

 Former member 2018-08-08 00:39:25


hi chinmayi,

are your kids still in Ekya , looking or grtting admission for ekya in kanakapura road. can you please advise.


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