Fee Structure for admission into Nursery for 2016-17 in Bangalore

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Shashin 2017-04-28 09:43:40



The child should be minimum 5 Years  8 months when reaches to 1st standard. Just do a back calculation and you get your answer. Also the cut off is different for State board/CBSE/ISCE and schools do have their own criteria. For example Prakriya school of bangalore they only give admission in nursery if the child is of age 3 or more.

Nimish83 2017-05-09 20:08:48


Hi Shashi

I am looking for admission for my daughter in LKG in 2018-19, here is the list of schools which I have shortlisted. Please could you give more information on Fees and general comments. Your feedback will help in getting good school. 

Sherwood High School (Bannergahtta road)
Magnolia (Bannergahtta road)
BGS NPS (Bannergahtta road)
Radcliffe school (Bannergahtta road)
Chrysalis high (Bannergahtta road)
Podar International School (Bannergahtta road)
VIBGYOR High School (Bannergahtta road)
school of india (Bannergahtta road)
Greenwood High (Bannergahtta road)
The Samhita Academy (Bannergahtta road)
Christ academy (Bannergahtta road)
DPS south (Bannergahtta road)
The Brigade School (JP Nagar)
Carmel public school (JP Nagar)
Clarence Public School (JP Nagar)
Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya (Kanakpura)
RMS international school (Kanakpura)

Vikkram 2017-05-19 17:27:16


Thank you very much for your effort Shashin. 

vishru 2017-05-20 13:47:43


Hi Shashin/parents, We would be moving to Bangalore in july and will be living in HSR Layout. We are considering HIS, Ekya or Prakriya. My daughter is 5.5 years old now so she would be in 1st std next year. How is HIS?? Are you all satisfied with the education and teachers? Would travel from HSR Layout be ok for children? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

priyyaan 2017-05-26 15:53:58


Dear Shashi

Both of my Kids are in Christ Academy. It is a good school.
Tuition fees: Rs 42,000/- (Pre-kg to UKG)
Transportation : Rs. 18,000/-
Books: Around Rs. 2000/-
Uniform: Around Rs. 600/-

Shashin 2017-06-01 14:50:26


To Nimish,
No Idea on that part of Bangalore, Sorry.

To Vikram, Thanks :).

To Vishru,
My son is going to Cherubs Mont. so i am still not sure about HIS but if you ask me about Cherubs Mont, its one of the best Mont in bangalore.

vishru 2017-06-02 20:50:24


Thank. you so much for the reply Shasin.. From HSR/Koramangla is it easy to.commute to Cherubs??

Rajumsr 2017-06-05 06:42:57


How is Admssion process in Christ Academy

Rajumsr 2017-06-05 06:46:33


Mu daughter now 3.6 years LKG at little Elly but from ukg but from ukg I want change around ectiy area .from when Christ Academy starts admission process!!!

Rajumsr 2017-06-05 06:48:19


My daughter now 3.6 years LKG at little Elly but from ukg I want to change school around ectiy area .from when Christ Academy starts admission process!!!

Shashin 2017-06-05 16:33:53


Vishru : Its in HSR so it would be convenient to travel from Koramangala

Rajumsr : No idea on Christ Academy :(.

Raj1980 2017-06-23 16:59:30


Shashin, you've saved a lot of time for the parents here. Fabulous job.

Quick question - Admission Fee / Donation - Are they same? I understand that this amount is non-refundable, right?


Sharad8 2017-07-01 13:40:58


Excellent information. Thank you! We are also considering Harvest International for our daughter who is in 4th std. Just wanted to check how has your experience been uptil now with the school? Thanks!

Sreemanti123 2017-08-07 11:33:47


Hello Parents,

Any update on Glentree Academy?



Shashin 2017-08-07 14:20:20



Raj : Yes admission fees or donation are same and is non-refundable.

Sharad : My son is to go to Harvest in 1st standard and yet he is in lower KG. So as such no experience with HIS.

Sreemanti : Glentree Academy, i dont have any info sorry.

Sreemanti123 2017-08-07 15:47:53


Thank you Shashin

eshine 2017-08-20 16:21:10


To clarify Oakridge international School fees is around 3.5 lakhs and not 1.4 lakhs as mentioned in this forum.

Prabagaran 2017-08-29 10:23:31


Dear Shashin/Parents,

I'm looking for 1 Std admission CBSE/ICSE (2018-2019) for my daughter, who goes to EuroKids Pre-School in Indiranagar.

I'm looking at the following options - Please share your thoughts/recommendations. I'm open to other options, as well.

1. DPS East (Sarjapura Road) - Apart from the distance, found decent reviews. Admission process & campus sounds good.
2. Head Start (Sarjapura Road) - Have to explore yet.
3. Sindhi High School (Kempapura, Near Hebbal) - Received good reviews from my friends.
4. Baldwin Girls High School (Richmond Circle) - Had a bitter experience this year on the admission. So, kept this one as the least option.

My search criteria is towards a balanced education institute.

I'm ready to relocate anywhere in the outer ring road belt (Hebbal - Marathahalli - Sarjapur Road - HSR).

Thanks for your time!


Vishru123 2017-09-04 07:35:01


Hello Sashin Thanks for that wonderful work. I see ur post is one year old ....that means this year you are going to put ur child in Harvest International.And also we must consider increase in fees structure. I am also moving to sarjapur area next year and looking for a good school. My one kid will be going to 6th and other to LKG. I dont want my kids to travel a long distance so I need to decide between Harvest International , Primus, DPS east , Prakriya and Vibgyor. Need your input on these. Regards Shruti

Shashin 2017-09-08 12:17:59



My son will go to 1st standard only in 2019 June, still some time to go. between this time i might change the school but for now i think i am going with Cherubs Mont(a HIS unit) only.


Rajvelur 2017-09-13 14:03:32


HI Shashin, Could you please let me know the fee structure  in HIS. Am looking for admission for my kid in UKG

Shashin 2017-09-14 13:55:02


I do not have latest fees structure for HIS but i have from past. You can request latest from HIS they are very much transparent for the Fees, they can send it in mail to you.

Admissions details and Fee structure for the academic year 2016-17.

Pre Primary Grade Mont I - III €" 

Registration fee and form - 51,000 

1,00,000 €" Before 10th January 2016 €"60,000 (First installment), before 10th October 2016 €" 40,000(Second installment)

Primary Grade I -XII - 

Registration fee and form - 51,000 

1,20,000 €" Before 10th January 2016 €"70,000 (First installment), before 10th October 2016 €" 50,000(Second installment)

Books - On Actual

Uniform €" Additional

Miscellaneous Fee -   Mindspark , Science exhibition, Math lab, Smart boards, Id cards, GPS & CCTv€™s , 2 field trips ( Local) , Annual day costume.

Mont 1 to 3- 7,500/-

Grade 1- 9,000/-

Grade 2 to 12- 13,000/-

*Note: Miscellaneous can be paid in 2 installments.


vinu20 2017-09-21 15:16:03


Hi Shashin,

I am looking for a good CBSE school on hennur road for LKG. I have short listed VIBGYOR HIGH and Rashtrothana.
Which is the preferred choice related to overall personality development of the kid. Are there any other good CBSE schools which I can consider? 


eshine 2017-09-22 16:58:39


Anyone can tell us the fees for Bethany?

Shashin 2017-09-27 08:09:23


H Vinu, no idea for schools on Hennur road.

Hi eshine, i have not visited Bethany.

0718 2017-09-27 13:06:47


Any idea abt cambridge schl kr.puram and chrysalis high horamaavu

rsharan 2017-10-04 17:10:56



We wanted to get our daughter admitted in HIS for the next academic year (2018-19) for M2. Since getting admission M2 looks difficult, we also visited cherubs montessori.
They have a small campus, a G+3 building to be precise. Classrooms are good. Student - teacher ratio great!
33 students in one class, with 3 teachers and one support staff.
Cherubs Montessori HSR Fee structure for 2018-19
M0/M1 : 83000/- in 2 installments + 3000 other charges
M2 : 88000/- in 2 installments + 3000 other charges
M3 : 97000/- in 2 installments + 3000 other charges



Shashin 2017-10-04 22:14:07


Hi Rshran,

My son is in M2 in Cherubs. Until now we have really good vibes for cherubs still not sure about HIS :).

rsharan 2017-10-05 15:14:43


Good to know!
Cherubs looked promising to me given that child will be directly transferred to HIS from grade 1.
Only problem that see is the distance. We stay in sarjapur road, around 8km from cherubs.
Their class timings are 9am to 1pm. I guess it would take almost an hour to reach home (since the bus would be dropping other kids on its way). The travelling part has got me worried.
Any views from your side?


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