Fee Structure for admission into Nursery for 2016-17 in Bangalore

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Shashin 2015-09-19 23:56:52



I have inquired about many schools for next academic year i.e. 2016-17, here is the Fees Structure and some comments for some of the schools around Sarjapur Road.

Harvest International :
Admission/Registration/One Time/Security : 51,000
Tuition Fees : 1,00,000
Books/Uniforms : 10,000 Approx.
Misc. : 7,500
Transport : Depends on Distance...starting from 35,000
Comments : CBSE Board. Good campus & Montessori, No Day care facility in campus but available at HSR with name of Cherubs Montessori.
Feedback : I like the school and have finalize it for my son, but i am putting my son in Cherubs Montessori @ HSR for Mont, from 1st grade he will be moved to Harvest Sarjapur.

Oakridge International :
Admission/Registration/One Time/Security : 0,00
Tuition Fees : 1,43,220
Books/Uniforms : 10,000 Approx.
Misc. : 0,00
Transport : Depends on Distance...starting from 40,000
Comments : IB Board, Good campus. No Day care facility in campus but the school is up to 3 directly from Nursery. Expensive school.
Feedback : I don't want to put my son in much pressure in later schooling with IB board.

Admission/Registration/One Time/Security : 90,000
Tuition Fees : 65,000
Books/Uniforms : 10,000 Approx.
Misc. : 23,500
Transport : Depends on Distance...starting from 15,000
Comments : CBSE/ISCE Board, Average campus. Day care facility in campus itself.
Feedback : little worried to select this school because of past incidence.

Inventure Academy :
Admission/Registration/One Time/Security : 1,30,000
Tuition Fees : 1,87,000
Books/Uniforms : 7,000 Approx.
Misc. : 37,600
Transport : Depends on Distance...starting from 48,000
Comments : CISCE/UCLES Board, Great campus. Very expensive.
Feedback : I cant afford this school....very expensive, do they make doctors in the 1st Grade itself ;) ?

Orchids International :
Admission/Registration/One Time/Security : 31,000
Tuition Fees : 60,000
Books/Uniforms : 12,000 Approx.
Misc. : 0,00
Transport : Depends on Distance...starting from 15,000
Comments : CBSE Board, Average campus, they negotiate on the Admission fees
Feedback : I Saw this school in education expo and they were offering discounts on the spot if i pay admission fees there itself, is this a Country Club of Schools ;) ? .

Admission/Registration/One Time/Security : 32,000(MNC IT Employee), 60000(Others)
Tuition Fees : 82,200
Books/Uniforms : 12,000 Approx.
Misc. : 16,000
Transport : Depends on Distance...starting from 26,000
Comments : CBSE Board, Good campus, no Day care facility inside campus, they have negotiated Admission fees for MNC employees
Feedback : i would say its a nice school but they don't have a Day care facility in premise, and they have Mixed Montessori method of education.

Greenwood High :
Comments : I did not given any appointment until today and when i talked to the concern Person answer was pathetic and I decided not to go ahead with this schools any more.
Rating : 0/5

GEAR international :
Comments : When I went personally there they asked INR 20 for the inquiry form and then one week later called me and conveyed that my form has been selected and i have to pay another INR 1000 in Cash to go for admission then i will get appointment with Coordinator/principal. I asked before that I want to see the campus before that, They straight away denied and said if you are interested come and deposit cash and you can go to next round of things.....and I decided not to go ahead with this schools any more.
Rating: 0/5

Bethany High :
Comments : The admission starts in the month of December.

Comments : The admission starts in the month of October.

Comments : The admission starts in the month of October.

St. Peters School  :
Comments : The admission starts in the month of December.

Suchisiva 2015-09-20 11:05:34


Hello, Great work.. few questions.. Wat do you mean by misc in the fee structure?? Cherubs fee structure if you could share it will b helpful.. Timings of it also Thanks in advance Suchi

Shashin 2015-09-20 13:35:07




Misc includes Activity Fees/Field Trip Fees/Stationary Fees/etc.

Cherubs Montessori :
Fees :
Mont 0 & 1 : 65,000 into 2 installments(35K + 30K)
Mont 2 :  70,000 into 2 installments(35K + 35K)
Mont 3 : 75,000 into 2 installments(40K + 30K)

Stationary Fees : 200

Timings : 9.00 to 12.30
Day Care(12.30 to 7.30) Fee :
For Outsiders : 6,000 Per Month
For Cherubs/Harvest student : 5,000 Per Month
Day Care(12.30 to 3.00) Fee : 3,500 Per Month
Day Care(12.30 to 4.00) Fee : 4,500 Per Month

Hope I answered your queries.


Suchisiva 2015-09-20 23:34:19


Hi shashin, Thanks for your patience and answering all my questions... Your enquiries have saved us a lot of time..Hope your child does well with Montessori. Hi lohit, Good info.. I too heard good reviews about that school... Thanks for sharing fee structure.

Apps17 2015-09-23 15:09:46


Hi Shashin,

Thank you for posting these details.

Could you also post the min age cut off of child each school has.

Thank you


dj123 2015-10-01 12:59:27


What are the school timings in Kadugodi branch (specifically for class LKG)


dj123 2015-10-01 13:09:03


What are the school timings in Chrysalis High Kadugodi branch (specifically for class LKG)


Shashin 2015-10-01 14:46:49



All the CBSE/IB school has age cut off of 2.6 Years(Nursery) as of 1st June for that year while for ICSE/others have 3 Years as minimum years as of 1st June.


Apps17 2015-10-01 15:33:38


Thank you

Arunim 2015-10-02 14:34:16



Has anyone got any info about Greenwood ?

Soms2013 2015-10-13 12:47:21


Hi Shashin/Parents,
Any reviews about Freedom International HSR. I went to NPS and they have not started giving the forms yet.


Shashin 2015-10-15 11:53:39


No sorry i did not inquired about it :(.

kskumaraxa 2015-10-16 02:31:35


@Shashin, that's very valuable information and observations. I can only imagine the amount of effort gone into updating and colleting data. Bravo and hats off to you.

Shashin 2015-10-16 15:07:54



sabhyata 2015-10-18 19:46:43


I am looking for my daughter school admissions in schools around whitefield for the year 2016-2017. Please suggest me with good schools  and also about admission procedures.
I am interested in ICSE or CBSE schools and i am listing few of them. 

1. Deens academy - CBSE
   Nursery age limit: 2yrs 10 months by june 2016
   applications available by 2nd November
2. Crysalis high
3. Euro school
4. sri sri ravisankar
5  Gopalan national School
6  whitefield global 

Please add to it if you know any details.


Manish3105 2015-10-18 21:20:37


one of known parent got admission for their child in greenwood.
LKG  Fee in greenwood
Donation: 80 K
Admission Fee: 80 K
Transport :40 K
Tution fee: 72 K
Books & other: 10 K


VidhyaaR 2015-10-18 22:59:06


Hello anyone who has heard about The creative school, Hennur? Please share feedback. 

shru26 2015-11-26 12:09:41


Hi Shashin,
Thanks for providing such useful information.
In Cherubs, do they have any one time admission fees as such or fees is only this much as u mentioned.
Mont 0 & 1 : 65,000 into 2 installments(35K + 30K)
Any idea about Floretz Montessori which is in HSR layout sector 2 ? How is it?
Because there i heard 22k one time admission fees, 57k (annual + tuition fees) and next year it would be around 60K.


Shashin 2015-11-30 09:29:50



Cherubs have no one time admission fees but when you go for 1st to any school after cherubs there will be one time admission fees for sure. 

Floretz is also a very good option, one of my friend's daughter goes there and they are really happy with the school in all aspect.

We have not consider Floretz only because of when child goes for 1st standard to any school child has to suffer little bit with Interviews and all those stuff. So we decided to go from Nursery to 10/12 in single school i.e. Cherubs/HIS.

Hope I answered all your questions :).


Shashin 2015-11-30 09:32:26


And yes the fees i have mentioned for Cherubs was for this year and now they have revised it to 70K (35K + 35K) for next year.

shru26 2015-11-30 12:24:50


Thank u so much Shashin for answering my all queries.. Yet to visit Cherubs. Have already visited FLoretz...

pjoseph 2015-12-09 15:08:54


Thank you for the info about the schools.

Are you aware about the fee structure of Notre dame academy that is close by to Amirtha Engineering college?



Shashin 2015-12-09 16:55:10


Sorry joseph, but I don't have details about Notre dame academy at all.

srshenoy 2015-12-12 01:22:25


Thought I will use this thread to dump the info I collected on fees for Nursery in North Bangalore schools, around Yelahanka.. may be useful for others;

NPS Yelahanka:
Fees for 2016-17 not finalised, but for current year Mont1 it is approx 98k (including one time admission fees). Expect upto 10% hike
comments: They are still selling admin forms, will call for interaction in January. Huge dilemma for all parents - if they apply and wait for their call, and it never comes, then it may be too late to apply elsewhere ! On other hand if we take admission in another school now and later get offered seat in NPS, the other school will not refund the fees paid already ! catch-22

Chrysalis High Yelahanka:
Admin fees: 15k
Tuition fees: 84k
Uniform and shoes: 5k approx
Transport: 21k for short trips
Comments: as others have already said, the campus though small was very welcoming with positive ambience. Neat clean classrooms with modern facilities and spick n span. Huge collection of toys for kindergarten section ;) swimming pool, basketball. skating, tennis courts. Their nursery seats are 'almost' full

RCIS Yelahanka:
Application for: 1000
Admission fees: 25k
Tuition fees: 49k
Annual fees: 5k
Misc fees: 6k
Transport: 19,592 for upto 7 km
Comments: School looks modern from outside but was quite run down when i went in. It is located in middle of a village/slum area with approach road like a dirt road. They conduct both CBSE and State board classes in the same building. Have only 1 section in Mont1 with 18-20 students. Hmm no wonder I could not find any reviews of this school in the forums...

Presidency Yelahanka (PSBN):
Admission fees: 40k
Tuition fees: 58.5k
Annual fees: 27k
Transport: 16.5k for short trip
For first 100 admissions they have an 'offer' of only 20k as admission fees. have a few seats remaining in that 100, the claimed.
Comments: school is in middle of nowhere, with the last 1.5 km off Doddaballapur road being a dirt road - i had to drive my car in 2nd gear and very rough and bumpy ride. Cant imagine my 3 year old riding out this dusty back breaking stretch in a bus. Campus seemed impressive, huge playground and lot of sports facilities.

Lukhaa 2015-12-16 08:02:06


Thanks a lot  Shashin and others to share things in details.
So I applied for nps and Bethany koramangala. In Bethany interview has started if you are ready to send your kid to sarjapura after 2nd class. And Nps guys are saying they will give us a call in March 1st week if shortlisted.
It's a risk now if you want to wait till march you might miss few other gud schools and you need to settle down with tier 3 schools. And if you choose any other like chrsalys or giis etc then you will have to pay and stick with decision. I mean forget about Bethany or nps.
Not sure what to do, can anyone share or help us to take the right decision?


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