Vidyasagar Nurture - Bangalore - 2016-17 admissions

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CMHS 2015-11-18 00:02:28


Not alphabetwise as my daughters is in between

newone 2015-11-18 06:47:14


Great! Here begins the anxiety. Any clue on what are they doing in interaction this year?

CMHS 2015-11-18 14:17:22


@NEWONE - Looks like nothing for parents and they just observe the kid by showing her some play stuff. 
My anxiety is that the other schools are fast completing the admissions and if we take up one elsewhere we have to pay all the fee immediately. By Jan 2016 when the results come in, we should not be in a position where we don't get any :)


HappyMama 2015-11-18 15:42:53



Please provide some more helpful details of the interaction.
We received the call today 18th Nov, for interaction on 21st. My son was born in Nov'13.

If parents who went for the interaction on 14th could post some info, will be very helpful for all of us waiting for the interaction. TIA.


CMHS 2015-11-18 17:41:32


@HappyMama - Mine is scheduled for 19th Nov - tomorrow. Will be posting updates here tomorrow for sure.

newone 2015-11-19 12:42:25


@CMHS good point! Jan is long wait. What other schools do you reckon?

CMHS 2015-11-19 13:22:36


@newone -

1) Heard Trio is ok types. I went there and they readily asked to pay the fee and go ahead but was not much inclined to pure International schools. So I left it there.

2) Navkis KinderCare at Mathikere - MS Ramiahs play school doesn't have all the great infra which the other schools have but went to look at their classrooms and I was convinced but they also conclude admissions by this first week of Dec.

3) Chrysalis High Yelahanks is good too. 


CMHS 2015-11-19 13:40:40


Had our interaction for may daughter today at VSP. Details
1) Parking - The school parking space was too crowded . But not to worry. Go past the school and take the next right and you will find sufficient parking space. 
2) Registration - You got to register your kid at the ground floor open reception organised by the school. Merely stating  the child's name would be enough. They verify to see if the ward and the photo we attached in the app form  matches. In similar for parents photos as well.
3) Interaction call - Batches of  5 will be called in (MIC USED). They have 2 rooms where the interactions happen. Only one parent need to accompany the kid.
4) Interaction  room and Interaction -
        a) 5 sets of toys were placed in a table and there was a separate muddy place to play as well. 
            Each ward is observed by a teacher - so essentially 5 teachers are in. The toys are basic in nature  which all of us have at                      home. So don't worry.
        b) Kids jumped on to play with the toys and parents can interact with them and help too. But we did not interefere with her                         activities. Our cutie dislodged few toys out of the table :) and staright away started playing with clay.
        c) The teacher observed and was asking where do both the parents work and in general on what language we speak at                              home,has she attended any pre-school, potty trained etc?  

Best is to just walk in mindless and have the kids enjoy the session rather than making them conscious.
Hope this helps!


deespeak 2015-11-19 14:27:59


Thanks CMHS for the details, appreciate it. Can you please let us know when the results would be out? VS management keep on saying that they will let us know by Jan 2016, do you think it is right? Please share your views. Thanks

 Former member 2015-11-19 14:32:43


kindly approach and send in your details to for any help regarding admissions in schools.

CMHS 2015-11-19 14:46:23


@deespeak - Yeah. they stated that in the email. Probably it is their school when we have no say when they need to confirm us.I guess. The new rules mooted by the govt regarding admissions make sure that admissions should happen post Jan. This might take effect only from nxt year I believe.

deespeak 2015-11-19 14:59:38


@CMHS, thank you. Please do post once you receive the confirmation call. Cheers.

newone 2015-11-19 18:28:27


Hi parents, anybody started receiving confirmation calls? If yes from which number?

deespeak 2015-11-19 19:49:40


Hi Parents, Anyone started receiving confirmation calls? Please post. Thanks

k1020 2015-11-20 13:30:39


@deespeak, newone
How did the interaction go? Was it similar to the one mentioned by CMHS.

deespeak 2015-11-20 16:28:06


@k1020: yes it was same as mentioned by CMHS, anybody received confirmation calls?

deespeak 2015-11-21 15:23:37


Hi, Anybody attended the interaction today? are the interaction sessions done ? Please update

pallu182 2015-11-21 17:20:04


Yes I did attend the interaction session today. I dont have info on whether the interactions are over or not 


k1020 2015-11-21 18:18:42


We are yet to receive the call for the interaction.
Has anybody in the group not receive the call for interaction? Pl post.

newone 2015-11-23 08:01:04


@k1020 as per my understanding that are doing it dob wise. Done till November on Saturday

k1020 2015-11-23 18:59:10


@newone - thanks for the information.

deespeak 2015-11-24 10:15:50


Hi, Anybody received the call confirming the admission? Please post. Thanks

newone 2015-11-24 12:12:13


Guess they are calling only in January as stated!

pradeep0203 2015-11-24 20:47:49


Other school admissions (tried Navkis Mathikere) are also closing fast and may need to pay fees soon.
So if VidyaSagar delays its decision making, it puts parents in a difficult situation. (wait on an uncertain event or just go with whatever we have)

Mashira 2015-11-26 13:06:06


Any updates? Are the interactions over? It is a rather anxious wait till Jan!

deespeak 2015-11-26 14:08:18


Hi, True, January is a long wait, are the interactions going on or are they done? Please update Thanks

nk1414 2015-11-26 17:11:12


Interactions still in progress. We had ours yesterday. Got the same response as most here. Decisions only in January.

deespeak 2015-11-26 18:32:59


@nk1414 which month us your child born? Thanks

 Former member 2015-11-26 19:36:11


Hi, I understand that they have completed all interactions yesterday.


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