Sorsfort is one of the best school inside the Electronic City, phase-1

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prakurti 2015-08-25 11:51:07


Sorsfort is one of the best school inside the Electronic City. Sorsfort school has every facility and provides affordable education to kids in the surrounding area. My daughter is in this school for the last 3 years and am fully satisfied. Academics & co-curricular activities are well balanced. Discipline is given utmost importance ; They have a lovely campus. I keep my fingers crossed and believe that this school should maintain these values forever!

AmruthaMom99 2015-08-30 07:45:54


Hi Prakurti….Do you know when will sorsfort start giving admission forms for next yea…Last year we couldn’t get the seat in UKG as we were too late….This year I am planning to try for class 1 admission… Also any tips on how to make my child prepare for the same..

jagurti 2015-11-26 08:54:41


We got married 8 years back and before marriage and after marriage we both was living in Chandigarh only.

When 1st we took decision to come to bangalore, everybody in my house objected to same.

But to gain something we have to lose something............:)

So when we decided to leave Chandigarh was very painful for our parents and as parent we was worried about our kid.

When We was planning to shift from Chandigarh to Bangalore, our biggest worry was school. We are worried that what kind of school we will get near our residence for my son.Ensuring a good school for his ward is the biggest responsibility for a parent.

My son was 5+ when we moved in from Chandigarh. I visited about 10 schools in Bangalore and narrowed down to 2 schools out of which one was sorsfort school. Our parameters were low student to teacher ratio, good infra, good mix of studies and extra curricular activities and option of Hindi as second language.

Since both of us does not know kannada. My wife and son both liked the sorsfort school. Since October 2012, my son is going to Sorsfort School.

We like the fact that sorsfort has a good combination of academic focus with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The kids get to participate in various activities that bring out their aptitude and talent.

We are very happy with the overall development of our son.

The school offers yoga,music, taekwondo for all the students and it keeps them occupied and happy. The studies are also good.

The teachers are very responsive to any queries you may have or any issue you would like to discuss with them. The fees is a little on the higher side, but then I guess that most of the schools are also charging something near to that only.

So I would definitely say that we made a right choice of the school, as not even a single day my son has said that he does not want to go to school and is very happy with his school.


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