Baldwin Boys High School - LKG Admissions for 2016-17

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kskumaraxa 2015-08-23 20:16:07


Hi All, I know its too early for 2016-17 admissions and this school will only start issuing forms some time in oct-nov, but thought will start a thread anyway. I have been following this school very closely for the last two years in all kinds of news, especially admission process. We very much like our son to get admission in this school. For the benefit of newcomers, school calls LKG as nursery and intake is 300 students each year. 50 kids each of six sections with 2 teachers and 1 attendant. Age cut off is 4 years as in June, +/- a month is fine per some of the staff. They have very good spacious classrooms in KG block. I have visited the school today and liked infra wise. They have construction in progress for a small indoor stadium with ground floor serving as parking area for school buses. Been told that they plan to have skating rink and a basket ball court. Once physical application form is submitted, they take about 3 months to call for interaction with principal. Last year, it happened in first 2 weeks of March. Usually once call received, its an almost confirmed admission. We will be given 4-5 days to pay the fee in the form of DD. Fee for 15-16 is abt 50k as one time fee and 48k as tuition fee. Abt 20k is for transport and 6-8k for books and uniform. Hope this helps for starters. Wishing all of your kids a bright future! Keep updating, Sateesh

trijal 2015-10-06 10:56:13


Thanks for the you know when will they start giving applications for 2016-17 LKG admission?is it online or need to collect from school?

kskumaraxa 2015-10-06 15:53:56


We need to collect in person from school. Usually start issuing by end of year. There will a notification on their website at exact dates.

atharv12 2015-10-07 14:08:17


Thanks for the info. Keep us posted when they start issuing application forms

Monde 2015-10-08 16:08:58


Hi My son will turn 4 on 24 th may 2016 so hope that he is eligible for admission. Actually I am looking for traditional ICSE schools in Bangalore and Baldwin boys is one of them. So I am very keen on knowing every detail of this school be it academics, discipline and co- curricular activities.

610sub 2015-10-10 00:25:17


thank you so much for the information...


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