BGS NPS Admission 2016-17 BGS National Public School Hulimavu - Bangalore

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palaksh 2015-07-08 16:49:14


Issue of Registration form: I7th August 2015 to 22nd of August 2015 (for admission -2016-2017).
Kindly collect the registration form from the office on payment of Rs. 800/ as registration fees between 9 am and 1 pm

Date of Registration (submission of filled in form) : 18th August 2015 to 23rd of August 2015.                     (9 am to 1 pm)

Eligible age: Three years as on 30th June 2016 for Pre-Primary I. For subsequent classes the eligible age would be reckoned again with reference to 30th June with proportionate increase over 3 years.

Criteria for selection:
1) Siblings
2) Proximity to School (Based on previous years’ experience, we have done away with the criteria of "first come first serve†Parent need not stand in a Queue)
3) Management Quota

ViduPai 2015-07-10 15:58:11


Thanks for the info...Please post if any further updates...i will also check and update soon

ViduPai 2015-07-17 14:29:25



KMahanta 2015-08-18 22:39:02


Submitted the form today

prgopal01 2015-08-22 01:54:01


Hi Even I m looking admission in pre kg for my son for the nxt academic batch 2016-2017. He will be 3.5 by June 2016.... If you have any idea on the fee structure plz share the info. Also some reviews abt the school.

KMahanta 2015-08-26 14:16:24


Hi prgopal01, If i am not wrong last year it was 50+60 (admission+tution fee). Just heard as one of the good school in bg road dnt hv much info. Have u applied for pre kg? Any intimation or call from school?

12deepu 2015-08-27 15:19:40


We have submitted form last week but we haven't received any call from school.. Has anyone got any update abt selection

SaraswathiK 2015-09-08 11:55:22



Even i didnt receive call from BGS applied for PP 2 weeks before.


shree8 2015-09-08 18:28:17


They have rolled out 1st List for PP1 Admissions today (2016-17) the date on website was on 9th Sep 2015 though, I was wondering if this is the final list or more is/are expected later.

12deepu 2015-09-08 20:21:12


I was also wondering the same things whether its the final list... Anyone whose child is selected

 Former member 2015-09-08 21:50:00


This school is just a money minting machine, please dont waste time if you have applied.

sanahu 2015-09-09 08:28:23


at least 25 are not meeting the age criteria. any idea, what basis, shortlist has been arrived?


Durga15 2015-09-09 10:00:19


God knows man !!! Its only 169 students name they have provided. I think they will call names of another 70 students later... second round....

shree8 2015-09-09 10:13:20


So, I have just called the school if the list is final or else they will put more students in another list, they replied saying , this is the final one, criteria for selection they told was 'Sibling' and 'proximity to school' meetings with principal can b fixed :(

SaraswathiK 2015-09-09 11:14:36


No 2nd shortlist all just they said final list only i went to school and came, my son not selected even 2 kms distance they told below 2kms selected waste of time .......Proximity also not done properly 

SaraswathiK 2015-09-09 11:15:59


Also total 175 seats only PP 1 that too already 169 they announced another few may be management quota it seems

12deepu 2015-09-09 16:08:48


Same here.... Not shortlisted... As per the latest edu board circular child should be 3yearrs as on June.. But many kids in list are even sept and Oct 2013 born how can they select jus becoz they are sibling it doesn't mean they should violate the main criteria of age.. On tat they collected 1000form for 800 each this is for sure its jus money making school...

shree8 2015-09-09 16:24:56


You are right Deepu , I saw shortlisted kids DOB , lots are Sep-Dec 2013 born, so clearly they did not followed age criteria , also, one kid has DOB dec 2011:) may be its an error or God knows what , this way I like Kumarans registration process,  no matter how bad their website is atleast those who aren't selected are not paying anything ...

12deepu 2015-09-09 16:39:36


Actually its our fault we never raise our voice against this so they follow.... If they select the child then let them collect the form fee but here its like blindly collecting... So the parents whose kid isn't shortlisted have u looked for alternative now...

ssam 2015-09-09 18:25:13


Agree. I called the school too and they mentioned it's the final list.

prgopal01 2015-09-22 15:49:44


Hi All, I submitted app for PSBB on sat. I got a call today for interaction tomo. Will update you guys tomo after the session.

shakunthala 2015-09-24 16:40:58


@prgopal01 pls update regd psbb interview


prgopal01 2015-09-28 15:01:29


Hi Shakuntala I finished my sons admission in PSBB. It was just a 10min interaction session with one of the teacher.

Peech13 2015-09-28 16:01:00



I am looking for Pre nursery admission for my daughter. We stay in madiwala. So please anyone suggest a good school near by.By june she will turn 3.3 years.

vijm 2015-10-06 17:54:07


Are admission still on at PSBB for LKG?

prgopal01 2015-10-08 18:07:32


Hi Vijm, I am not sure. You can chk in the school.


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