KLAY Whitefield - Bangalore

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gracejacob 2015-05-27 17:37:09


I am a VERY protective mother like all others, who was very anxious and nervous about getting the right school for my son. However, Klay School won me over very quickly and allayed all my fears.  It has been a tremendous experience for my child.  An institution par excellence and a wonderful platform for kids to grow and learn.  As a parent we can see a more confident Rishit who loves to go to school. We are happy that Klay is putting many good efforts in the overall development of my child.

I am sure that everyone would agree that there will be an element of school fee hike every year which will be unavoidable and the appreciating fact is that Klay patiently addressed to all my queries and has given convincing answers.

The staff also provides a very nurturing environment which I was very drawn to and one I had not observed with other schools when I was choosing a school for my son. Now after 3 years I don’t think there could be a better place for my child other than Klay. Rishit is more than happy to be at Klay and that is what matters the most.

I have watched Rishit evolve from an extremely shy preschooler into a self-assured, curious and disciplined young boy, a patient listener who treats everyone with respect and kindness.  All thanks to Klay. 


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