Schools in and around Sarjapur road and Outer Ring Road

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suchi1003 2015-03-31 10:52:19



I am new to Parentree and want some information on schools in and around Sarjapur area. My daughter is 2.6 years (born in September). I stay on Haralur road and don't wan't her to spend too much time in travelling.

I want a school which gives equal importance to studies and extra-curricular activities. I have seen many posts on schools but want latest reviews from the members.

Please help me with:

- which schools to apply to

- when to start applying

- fees etc

Anuavi 2015-04-14 17:43:00



My son goes to Orchids International school, sarjapur rd  n I stay in Haralur Rd. I think there are less reviews here bcoz its just been a year since they started. Its been a year and I think this is the right time to say some good things about the school. My son is very happy with the school n so am I along with around 7-8 parents from our apartment. I did a complete research of schools around this area say DPS east, Harvest , Vibgyor High , Zee school, SSRVM ,BRS, Primus, Prakriya and finally zeroed in orchids. I liked Harvest also but it was  far for me so decided on orchids.The Teachers are really good n approachable. The classrooms are huge..well ventilated ,digi classrooms and the student teacher ratio is good i.e  25: 2 n one support staff.

 I can see a drastic improvement in my son from day 1 to now in all his activities including his language.We speak only mother tongue at home .They have home works in the weekends n they write everyday activity in the diary . No exams for preprimary. They have dance, music n Tab lab for preprimary and from grade 1 they have swimming,basketball, skating etc.
They have cctv cameras in their class n GPRS facility in their bus..u get an sms once the school bus leaves the school n once it reaches the stop n once it reaches back school..they check the parent id cards daily before they handover ur kid to u. If ur kid is absent on any particular day, u get an sms regarding this . so u can be sure that ur kid has reached the school safe or not. The best part is that we have transportation free for our son as it is within 3 kms radius. The school fee is also less n reasonable compared to other schools in the locality and for the activities they provide. WE paid 72000/- (all inclusive) last year for LKG n this year it is 58000/- for UKG. The location is prime unlike other schools in the area.
 The only drawback is what we found compared to other schools in the locality is that all other schools introduce HIndi from LKG..they have tracing letters etc in UKG..BUT here they start it from grade 1 only which would be a little difficult for kids moving to other schools. I suggest U go personally visit the school n decide bcoz the need of parents differ. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH ORCHIDS SARJAPUR and my decision to admit him there.

Arish 2015-04-14 21:29:08


Orchids international school is very good....


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