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Vanich1234 2015-01-23 11:57:44



My daughter is 2.3 months I m looking for good nursery school in JP Nagar.

Can you please any one let us Which nursery schools is good in jp nagar(Near JP Nagar th phase)



kskumaraxa 2015-01-24 02:53:27


My son is going to Kidzee in Nataraja Layout while we stay in BOB colony, Puttenahalli (both in JP Nagar 7th Phase). He is in play class and i guess i am going to continue there for nursery after seemingly bungled up with his mainstream school admission dates.

Last year before admission, we went through a lot of preschools in and around my residence. Almost 4 weekends we visited iPlay iLearn, Bachpan, Podar Jumbo, Akshara Play Home, Narayana, TreeHouse, Apple Kids, Little Elly, Planet Kids and a couple of more which i could not remember the names of. 

At the end, we shortlisted KidZee mainly for playground and friend's feedback, TreeHouse for the lower fee, Scribbles due to proximity, it was just walk-able distance. Fee-wise Scribbles and KidZee were almost same. TreeHouse is a new one near LnT South City having some teething problems and no playground. However, they fee was almost half of what others were asking. EuroKids was great in spite of being on the higher side of fees, but the environment in the school seem to be too good for my middle class taste that thought after spending 3 hours in the school, my son may not want to come back to home. Alas!

Finally, we went with Kidzee as my son likes to be out playing much than sit in one place and friend's opinion also weighed in much to favor of it. After 7 or so months, overall i am satisfied with the way his "mam" treats him. Have to admit "WOW" factor is missing though! Principal's treatment changes from first meeting to pay first installment and deteriorates thereafter. But again ur kiddo dont need princi everyday, but her mam and aayas of her section.

One last word: I am not sure where you stay exactly in JP Nagar, but select one which is going to be easy to drop and pick and after reaching out to several parents for opinion. Some may have great while others may not with the same school. So its better to do some homework for our lovely ones. Good Luck!


kskumaraxa 2015-01-27 02:25:18


Hi Again, This weekend i met one of my friend's whose lovely one goes to a preschool called Zool Kids. While the name is not familiar among the plethora of branded biggies, my friends family is totally happy with them. They are going to continue with the school in LKG too if necessary. After coming back, i did draw my little comparison charts in my idle brain and found that Zool is faring better on several crucial aspects like discipline, academic improvement, and most important their faculty etc. This went on to the extent that i am considering switching over tooo.! Lets ceee what transpires in the coming months.

All the Best!


kskumaraxa 2015-01-31 01:26:44


@93suk, agree with your stand point. Even i found EuroKids to be really amazing. But it was tad a bit much for middle class life at home. Otherwise, they are quite good.


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