How is St.Pauls School, J.P. Nagar,3rd phase?

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mcjyothi 2010-03-22 22:23:33


Can anyone tell me about St. Pauls School, J.PNagar, 3rd phase? I heard that  the classrooms are very small. How is teaching and other activities?


sannusmom 2010-05-05 19:45:40


Hi ,

 I have heard good feedbacks about the school,planning to send my son there (in 2012).

Even I am looking for some first hand reviews!





kumarvijay 2010-06-02 23:19:25


I also heard some good feedback from the person who studied in this school.  so i have put my kids in this school from this year


mcjyothi 2010-06-03 11:57:18


Thanks Kumarvijay... I also got good feedback from some people.. and put my kids in this school from this year.


Madhuu 2010-06-03 12:04:27


I also heard good feedback about the school and one of my friend's sonis going there.


mcjyothi 2010-06-03 13:46:21


Thanks for the response



kumarvijay 2010-06-03 18:42:38



We will see how it goes..


sannusmom 2010-06-04 22:07:10



Would like to know how was the interview,what is the fee?



kumarvijay 2010-06-05 17:45:56


interview was ok, we went for UKG, They gave question paper which has counting the objects, matching the letter with objects, few spelling related, etc [Basic things], also they asked some basic questions to kids about identiying the color, what is your name/teacher/father/mother/sister names, etc. Fee was similar to other schools (like PSBB, NPS, etc)


sannusmom 2010-06-05 21:00:33


Many thanks Kumar :)


sanjivg 2010-11-16 14:30:52


I am planning to put my daughter in Nursery for 2011-2012 in st. pauls school.

They have called us for an interview on Nov 18, 2010. So any quick feedback will help.


options 2010-11-20 15:46:59


Hi sanvij,

Not really decided. As i am waiting for dps , I let go st pauls and clarence .

i should have gone ahead with st pauls as he was selected the same day of the interview , only reason that it is icse. if y ou dont have any problem relating to infrastructure then i suggest you to go ahead with st pauls as it is much better than clarence academic wise and the student ratio is also bw 25 to 28........ st pauls sister concern is presidency school. hope you are aware of that. so still college in st pauls is not a problem as they have engineering college also.

do think over , as they give only 3 days time to decide.


sanjivg 2010-11-21 14:33:57


Thanks options.

I am still waiting for a call from them. Tomorrow I will call up and check if they don't.

So, as you know my lineup is like

1. st. paul

2. clarence

3. presidency.

I know presidency is a sister concern of st. pauls.

Do you feel that I should prefer presidency over clarence? Presidency is CBSE and till 12th. Clarence is ICSE and till 10th. But Clarence is only 800m from my house while Presidency will be about 2.8 kms.





options 2010-11-21 19:24:47


hi sanvij,

go thro the thread for information about presidency , as the feedback was not encouraging. About clarence as per my feed back i got mixed reviews. But there is no homework or academic pressure in the lower level . they focus only from 5th grade onwards,. also we need to shell out extra money for additional extra curricular activities.

Then , finally if budget is not a constraint it is left to you to take a call as trasportation fees which is increasing every year can be saved if you were to consider st pauls or clarence.

in st pauls the interview was surprising as they asked lot of things to my son who is just 2yr 8mth and just 5months in montessorie. as i heard from the reception that geting a seat in st pauls is difficult .

anyway all the best


sanjivg 2010-11-22 11:19:52


 Hi Options (maybe I should know you name by now),

You have been a great help. I called st. paul's up today and they have asked me to deposit 42K by Wed. I am going ahead with this. Surprisingly, my daughter was not comfortable with the interviewer (she was crying) and then the interviewer asked us to talk to the child ourselves and ask different things that was lying on the desk. My daughter is 2yrs 5 months but to the surprise of the interviewer she was able to speak full sentences. There were chocolates lying on the table and my daughter offered one to all three of us. The interview lasted hardly for 5minutes, while I saw the earlier kid and her mother were there about 25 minutes. My daughter did not say anything in Principal's office, but she did not cry as well there. She did not even look at the principal properly, so we were not sure. But then I think she cleared it only because of the remarks of the incharge of the nursery section (the interviewer).


Another thing that I was thinking  is that when Bishop Cotton Girls School open in Jan 2011, I will apply for that  not worrying about the 42K that I have paid. But then it is on st. marks road and about 1 hour commute each way for my child. In that case we will also need to shift nearby there and then commuting to the office becomes a problem. Currently my wife's office is also in J P Nagar. So I am kind of dropping that thought as well. 


sanjivg 2010-11-22 11:22:24


 Another thing I wanted to tell you is that, I did not apply to DPS south.

I wanted either high ranked Kumaran/NPS  OR something ok very nearby.


sanjivg 2010-11-22 11:24:45


 I feel that till mid Dec, getting a seat in st. paul's may not be very difficult. But later than that may not be as easy as it is for some other schools like clarence and presidency. 

Maybe , you can talk to them again despite your limit of 3 days is over.



options 2010-11-22 15:07:05


hi sanjivg,

Thanks for sharing the information. I liked the approach of st pauls at the time of interview more or less same with my son who was shy but took time to answer everthing.

I missed out kumarans as i came to know a bit late  and i am waiting for dps, but it has become a hell now as their selection policy seems to be weird. Till next week i might wait for dps as the list should be out. if not I might go in for st pauls , i stay in jayanagar 1st block.

today i visited st pauls as well as clarence relating to official work.Both these schools my son was selected in nov 1st week itself. if i have to consider clarence i need to meet the princi again. and for st pauls i met the coordinator and she asked me to call up 2row to confirm the same. but she insisited that getting seat will be difficult for lkg unless if there is an vacancy.Also i met some high school children and took their feedback which seems to be positive once again.

so really dont know what to do. as you told i can get into st pauls later also but not later than Dec 2nd week.

Anyway congrats.............

keep posted....


manipqa 2010-11-23 14:25:09


Hi All,

Thanks lot for sharing your views on st. paul.

I too got information from the parents of the st. paul students. They are joining their 2nd kid too in the same school. This shows how much confidence they have on the school. I have seen the parents directly in the school when they came for the admission.

I was impressed by their feedback and lot of my friends also suggested st. paul.

I have also joined my kid in st.paul with no other thought.


sanjivg 2010-11-23 20:18:43


Hi manipqa,


I think we should stay connected and so are other parents who are putting their kids in st. paul's.  Probably we can start a group like stpaulsparents@googlegroups, What say ?


options 2010-11-24 15:42:45


Hi manipqa and sanjiv,

congrats, great . I am not able to take a call , probably by next week things should be clear.......keep posting . bye


manipqa 2010-11-24 20:37:20


Hi Sanjivg, options & All,

There are some groups already created in yahoo groups and facebook for st. pauls parents. I have requested to join those groups today. you all also can join the same. links are given below:

Sanjivg, thanks for the providing the idea of parents groups. I thought of creating these groups but some one has already created these groups and there might be few people who are seniors to us :-). So it will be better to join those groups.

Request all of you to share your views in these groups and also share us if any of you have some other groups information.


7575 2010-11-26 03:03:44


HI All,

I need some advice... saw all u r discussions.. really helpfull..

I am planning on putting my daughter into St.Pauls for academic year 2011. She will be exactly 2 years and 10 months. her DOB July 9th 2008. But i am out the country right now and I should be back in may. Right now my Sister in law is taking care of the application and stuff and submitted the form today. Not sure whether they accept students without personally meeting them.  My SIL 's kids also go to St. Pauls.. and we all stay together.. and Sibling category guess they might admit. I was under the assumption that 3 years was the cut off age to get admitted to school . So i didnt really think about it but now the age criteria is changed to 2 yr 10 months.

But thats not my concern as of now. My biggest concern is.. My daughter who is 2.5 now. She is very active..loves watchin rhymes.. understands and responds very well.. understands English to some extent . But she is not really forming sentences still. She is a lil slow.. that might be because she has never been to a kinder garden yet and really been with a lot of children,  Are all kids at this age the same?? or ???? please let me know.Enlighten me.

I am confused whther I should admit her for kinder garden for 2011??? or if i admit her for 2012 kindergarden.. will it be too late?  I am worried waht if she cannot cope up. MY Sister in law s kids as i said before go to St.Pauls and she said the pressure is too much and she is advising me to put her for 2012.. I am really very confused..

Any suggestions, ideas, advice????



janshon 2010-11-26 08:19:00


 Hi 7575,

I am shocked reading ur post. A 2.5yr ol kid and ur putting her to school. Please let the child play and stay at home. Trust me ur kid doesnt need this kind of torture. My elder daughter went to school at the age of 4 and she went into LKG (Cathedral High School). She is doing pretty well...

I know the kind of pressure that exists here, but dont make ur kid hate school. you can try next year when she is ready. 2.5 yrs is too early...


MaggieM 2010-11-26 11:47:07



Whats "shocking" about a 2.5 year old going to school? I guess you need to read posts of various parents sending/joining their kids in Nursery at 2.5 to 3 years...I think 90% of them will be shocking! :-)

 Most of the schools these days start from Nursery, except for older schools like Cathedral, Bishops etc... Also, when to join a school, which school, etc are personal decisions.. 7575 just wanted an opinion as he/she is based out of India...


 Most of the schools in bangalore start from Nursery, followed by LKG and UKG (for pre-primary). Your daughter is eligible for Nursery as she will be 2.10 years by June 2011. Generally, Nursery is more like Play school and is mostly acitvity based. There is no stress and kids are taught Nursery rhymes, play in sand, color etc. Also, most of the kids start talking in sentences between 2.5 to 3 years. Your kid is definitly not slow! There is nothing to worry!

I am not sure if schools give admissions without meeting the parents and child. I would suggest your get in touch with the school regarding this.

Another alternative is to join your kid in a local Nursery (Euro kids, Kidzee, etc) when you are back and then look out for LKG admissions next year (but it could be a fight to get admissions in LKG as many schools have seats filled up in Nursery).

Also, many schools give mid-term admissions as well. If you explain your scenario, they may consider.



sanjivg 2010-11-26 18:13:20



i think 7575's daughter would be 2 years 11 months when she joins nursery in june 2011.

I think that is pretty okay. They are there only for 3 hours in the school and I think they should stay out for some time for a change.


sanjivg 2010-11-26 18:17:20


and 7575,

don't worry about her forming sentences or any other thing like that. There in no rule book on that , some kids do it early some do late, but that doesn't matter a bit.


janshon 2010-11-26 18:29:49


 Hi MaggieM,

  I know a lot of parents who send kids at 3 to school. 2.5 yrs is really shocking. I too was  in US for 2 yrs and returned last year. I know its personnal choice dear, but look at this...a kid who went to school at 2.5 and the one who didn go, learn Alphabets and Numbers in LKG also other activities like coloring, rhymes etc. My concern is why subject the kid to this school at such  torture (in my words) at a small age. When I put my daughter in Cathedral I did ask them if it was mandatory to attend montesory. The school had replied NO. Same with Cambridge (HSR Layout).  So when its not mandatory, why do it. My neighbours daughter goes to Eurokids, every morning I see her cry, refusing to go to school. All they do there is coloring , playing, singing...Again as u said its personal choice...and for me if the kid doesnt enjoy it...then whats the point!

ravirajdande 2010-11-27 16:20:32


Hi everyone,

I am bit late to plan on this. My daughter will be 3.6 by June 2011. As per the reviews, St.Pauls JP nagar is seems to be good. Could anybody help me, if still the school is accepting the adimission forms.

I am planiing to to go to the school next week


Anybody, please provide the information

Ravi Raj


7575 2010-11-28 03:15:53



Yes the school is still accepting applications. Guess you should go on monday itself to be on the safer side if you are not thinking about any other schools.



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