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vijaya312 2014-11-21 15:16:55


Dear All,

I am planning to admit my boy in GCIS, however not sure whether this follows all norms stipulated by state government and also they mention on their website that they are affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

Since this is a very new school not able to take any decision...Please share, if any one of you have any information on this.

Best Regards,

SrijithUnni 2015-03-11 15:10:35


I have taken admission for my son for Pre-kg. The initial deposit was 60 K (non-refundable) and annual fees comes up to 70 K. Like someone already said, the facilities are not yet fully functional, but I guess they will improve with time. They have the land and infrastructure for it.

I heard about teachers in the higher classes not being fully qualified yet. Will have to wait and watch. Have not met the principal. But it is a lady right now, so I dont think the account that the person gave above is the current situation. As far as I am concerned, it is the nearest school from home and their kindergarten facilities are good.

They are affiliated with CBSE and IGCSE. It depends on your proximity, the class your ward is joining in etc.

1amruta 2016-09-21 11:29:49


Hi SrijithUnni,

How is GCIS? Did you happen to see any improvement in the facilities, over the time in last year, as to what the school had assured of?
how good is the teaching, how are homeworks and workloads for the LKG children?


SrijithUnni 2016-09-21 13:32:10


Hi 1amruta,
          I personally found GCIS fairly good so far. The teachers in Kindergarten were good my son who I have not put in playschool also was able to adapt rather faster than I expected. As far as the facilities are concerned, I didn't see any drastic changes so far, but in our interaction with parents of higher classes, we found they did not have any major complaints. We went for the annual day as well and the principal Mr.Venkat Suresh Lolla, detailed their Internation training programs and extra curricular activities as well. They have added newer buses. Installed more CCTV's with focus on safety and security. So on that front, I am satisfied.
          As far as the teaching is concerned, it is fairly good. They could focus more on oral and reading skills of students, but writing and drawing wise, my son showed good progress. They also take students out on trips to supermarkets, post offices, museums etc, which also I felt is good. They have a good Coolg Portal via which the entire class work for each week, we can check and also see pictures of the activities. Homework is given on Wednesdays and for weekends and often is about 1-2 pages of work, for which we spend around 1 hour at max. So the workload i felt is reasonable for LKG children. One concern I had is the fees which seems to be shooting up too soon. In pre-kg we were paying 70 K annually, it became 75 K in LKG.


sss4 2019-03-12 17:57:54


Hi. How is gcis for higher grade? How is the teaching?


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