Pre-Nursery/Nursery admission 2015 for December 2012 born baby

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RichaNitesh 2014-11-15 11:23:18


We are looking to admit our son to a school which is from nursery to 12th. We have been looking for school for a while now but not able to decide on any school. he will be 2.6 in June 2015 and most of the schools ask for 2.10 or so. Also every school has their own different criteria. Any help on suggestions are welcomed. We are putting up in CV Raman Nagar.

84rao 2014-11-17 15:21:06


hey Richa,

Its good to see you here but I feel its too early ;)


jayaguru 2014-11-19 12:29:52


Hi Richa,
   Even I think its  too early. My daughter is Nov 2011 born, am putting her to a regular school for 2015-2016. She is going to a play school since last year.


jaimin 2014-11-19 12:41:23


Richa, even i am very confused. My son is Sep-2012 born. He is meeting age criteria for few schoold (2.8 by june2015) but not for all schools where its 3+. By some schools are allowing for admission and some are strict when it comes to age criteria. So I am very confused shud I go ahead with the schools where admission is allowed or wait for one more year. As now a days loosing an year is not a big deal for parents. I am seeing parents preferring elder the better. But for taking my own decision i m also confused. Watever want to take decision for best of my kid.

RichaNitesh 2014-11-19 16:29:29


Thanks everyone for the reply.  I agree its early but we are planning for the next year.  Hence confused about admitting him in nursery by June 2015.  If we look at other cities, 2.6 is the age criteria for nursery but in Bangalore most of the good schools consider 3+ .  Not sure if we should wait for one year. Moreover few schools have started with the admission process for 2015-16.

nsoma 2014-11-20 12:33:54


Age criteria differs from one school to another. Your child may be eligible for nursery (pre-kg) in some schools and playgroup in some other schools. CBSE board allows min age for 1st std to be 5 and max age as 7. Accordingly schools devise their own entry criteria for nursery section. My child is Nov 2012 born. He is eligible for an ICSE school in my locality in the playgroup section and also eligible for many CBSE schools in the nursery section. He is not eligible for some CBSE schools like DPS or Kumarans. This may actually work out as a blessing in disguise. You can try this year in schools in which your child meets the age criteria and have a fallback option next year in the remaining schools.
Also, in some schools they are very strict about the age criteria. I was waiting in the reception of a popular ICSE school in my locality. A couple came with their daughter. The child was eligible for playgroup in the last year and the parents had missed sending her to school. The receptionist mentioned that there are no vacancies in the nursery. The parents were ready to put her in playgroup even if it means that an year will be lost. The receptionist told them that since the child has exceeded the age criteria by a few months, they cannot take her in the playgroup. Therefore, my suggestion is not to wait for next year.

jaimin 2014-11-21 11:08:24


I totally disagree for sending just 2.6 yrs old kid into nursery. Where other kids will be of 3+ age then age difference between you kid and other kid would  range from 6-8 months..... and personally I have seen lots of difference in the kids at this stage when difference is only 2-3 months. I would encourage parents dont be in hurry for taking nasty decisions and dont allow your kid to suffer... let kid be ready for main stream mentally n physically n then go for it. Till then let them enjoy in playgroup/toddlers where they can have lot of fun activities and play,learn... so better go for good playschool where they will get attention.

Abhi1109 2014-11-21 14:34:30


My kid is Nov 2012 born. I was in the same dilemma. After much thought we are looking to enrol him into a good playschool as of now. Will go for one of these in/around Indiranagar area(Kangaroo kids, Shemrock, Neev, Tara, Kara, Small World) most probably. I agree with @jaimin. We should not hurry kids into nursery. While some kids might adjust with kids older than them one cannot be sure. Older ones might end up bullying your kiddo and he/she might start hating school altogether. At the cost of sounding prophetic I would say there is a reason why Playschool precedes Nursery. My 2 cents: @RichaNitesh - Please give a thought about sending your kid to playschool rather than nursery and then decide on the best option.

3anu 2014-11-24 14:13:45


My daughter born in nov 2012 and planning to join her nursey in 2015.. Here in EC phase 1at st xaviers they are saying eligibility for nursey is 2.6 .. She will 2.6 in next June..thinking to join her there.. Any other good schools in and around electronic city with extra curricular activities  ? 

RichaNitesh 2014-11-25 07:32:07


@ jayaguru which school you are enrollingvyour daughter. Which class nursery (pre kg) or lkg?


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