Feedback on Sri chaitanya techno school in Basavanagudi - South Banaglore

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anzanprasad 2014-11-11 04:12:16


 I heard that Chaitanya techno schools has started their branches in Bangalore. Can any body suggest me 'is it good to join in that school?'. what about the reviews on that school?

anzanprasad 2014-12-04 01:28:19


no one is planing to join ??

looserider 2014-12-30 17:37:50


a very wise will be ruining ur kids life but putting him into any of these Andhra style schools...

they will not have a life and will be treated worse than animals...
they will b brutally hit for very silly reasons like not answering a question and so on.
they have a very weird curriculum. Being affiliated to CBSE they pay the least attention the CBSE syllabus!
They have their so called techno syllabus...which is of no use!
Most of the Chaitanya's claim to be affiliated but actually are not!During CBSE inspections...students from other branches are brought to the ones which are affiliated and are threatened not to tell the truth to the CBSE inspectors.
Most of the schools have no laboratories! and they just want students to mug up/by heart stuff


RRach 2017-05-25 19:05:09


my child is studying in Chaitanya school from 4 yrs. I am very happy with the school . They are really good in academics not even that their behaviour towards kids patience level everything. I am shocked that someone said that they will crib for small reason I feel they are quite mature in treating child with patience .  My child was in very well know school for 4 years and I was scared to put her in Chaitanya but it's really a good school.


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