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BGHegde 2010-03-19 03:02:32



We are currently in US and planning to move to Bangalore in June 2011. I have twin daughters finishing 6th grade and going to 7th. When we move to India, they will be in 8th grade. Could you plese suggest  a good high school. They are not proficient in Kannada or Hindi.





Sumo 2010-03-19 09:41:48



SSince I live in North bangalore, I know more about schools this side of the city and some of the good ones you may consider are:

NAFL (Basaveshwaranagar)

Vidya Shilp (Jakkur)

Aditi Mallya (Yelahanka)

Canadian International School (near DPS North)

Bangalore International School

Your kids may find the transition easier in these kinds of schools than the traditional ones.  Also, most of these offer IGCSE.

There are also some new schools like Treamis, Trio and schools in south that I know are Gear International, Inventure Academy, TISB, Indus School, ..

In these schools, you can choose French as 2nd language - for 3rd language, I think you have to do Hindi or Kannada only (not sure - some schools may give you more options) but I am told that the syllabus is quite easy (a joke, according to one parent in Vidya Shilp).

Hope this helps.




BGHegde 2010-03-20 02:20:26


Hi Sumo

Thanks for your reply. I am in education field, eventhough International schools are good for transition it is bit expensive for us. I am thinking of traditional schools like Baldwin,  Bishop Cotton. (any suggestions? My work will be in Jayanagar area)

Do they give admission  for 8th grade. I read in other blogs it is difficult to get admission if you are not starting at LKG. My daughters can read/speak kannada slowly. We are planning to teach them in one year how to read write (we hope).






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