Pre-school and Day care in Whitefield, near ECC road

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rsen 2014-10-19 23:33:20


Looking for a day care (and play group) for my 2.5yr old son. We've just moved to Bangalore and will be living near ECC Road. Have checked Maple Bear and Klay (Brookfield), but looking for more options, closer to home. Your inputs will be extremely valuable... Thanks in anticipation. Do any of have feedback on any of the below listed (or any other): # Little Millennium (ECC Road) # Neev (Whitefield main road) # We care (Whitefield) # Kideens (ECC Road) # Roots to wings (is this the same as Little Millennium?) # Greenwood High (do they have day care facilities in their Whitefield branch?

rsen 2014-10-20 20:46:23


Hi... please can someone help with my query? Will greatly appreciate it...


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