2015-2016 vidya sagar admission

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DeepikaRani 2014-09-29 03:34:23


Hi Parents,
Can somebody please tell me when the admission forms would be issued for playgroup / pre KG in vidya sagar. My son will 2.6 by next jun


nsoma 2014-09-29 13:59:33


Hi All,

  I am also looking for this information. My son will be 2 y 6m by 01-Jun-2015.

Thanks and Regards

rnsp 2014-10-14 14:54:50


I called the school. They could not provide any date as of now and asked me to follow up in November.

DeepikaRani 2014-10-16 01:34:08


I heard the applications might be given in November first week.

rnsp 2014-10-22 11:05:08


The latest update from the school is that the forms would be issued in December. Please share if anyone has any other info.

mykids 2014-10-27 10:24:38


I too called the school, they asked me to follow up in November End-December.....

 Former member 2014-10-27 11:20:04


I called the school this morning (Oct 27,2014). They said that parents should call up in Nov end-early Dec for updates. 
This is surprising, because in the previous years, forms were issued in Oct end or in early Nov. I wonder why the change this year. 

magz27 2014-10-29 16:30:10


Thanks for the update...do they have a website where they update these details? I was able to find websites for Vidya Niketan and Vidya Shilp...but none for Vidya Sagar....
Also, if the child has attended play-school elsewhere, do they accept the child into Nursery?


 Former member 2014-10-29 23:00:24


They do not have a website. I call them on their landline number. Getting into nursery may be difficult, but possible if they have vacant positions. Best to contact the school. 

magz27 2014-10-30 11:26:51


Ok thanks. Can you share the landline number? And is there a particular person we should speak to?

2015 2014-11-12 11:49:58


Hi thanks for the info. Pls share the school's landline no. Thanks

nsoma 2014-11-13 09:25:02


The school's landline numbers are 080-42059475 and 42059476.

2015 2014-11-13 11:20:36


Thanks a lot :) best of luck

SKChaitu 2014-11-27 10:48:28


Hi All,

I Spoke to Vidyasagar school today, It was quite surprise to me, they do not take any admission in to Nursery or LKG or UKG ...untill unless some one leaves the school....as all play group children's will be directly transitioned to Nursery ...They had suggested me to enquiry in the month of March ' 2015 for any vacancy...

kerry 2014-11-27 14:42:01


Hi, school admin said that in nxt 10-15 days they r going to issue app form for PG. Pls update if anyone hv other info. Thanks

soura 2014-11-30 16:56:43


Hey all
Wanted to knw wt s d age dt a kid shud hve attained fr admission into play group at Vidyasagar?
M luking fr academic year 2015 - 16

Milivyas 2014-12-01 03:05:11


Hi everyone, my son is oct 2012 born, does anyone know if he is eligible for 2015-16 academic year. I am interested in vidhya sagar school for him.. 

 Former member 2014-12-01 15:43:46


Issue of Application Forms for Admission 2015-2016
From: 13th to 18th December,2014(Sunday Holiday)Timings: 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon

Eligibilify: 2 years (Born blw 1.6.12 & 31.5.13)

nsoma 2014-12-01 16:01:24


Thanks for this information.

Tanu786 2014-12-04 17:23:28


Krritin, thanks for the information. Do you have the school email id where I can email for an appointment? They dont seem to pick up their landline. Also, if my kid is 09.07.2013 born, she wont be eligible for 2015-2016 admission in PG as per your note above. However I hear their cutoff is 1 yr 8 months as of 31st May. Any inputs on this would be appreciated. Thanks!!

soura 2014-12-05 19:00:19


Thx so much for that info krritin..

 Former member 2014-12-08 12:42:33


Hi Tanu,

vsn4parents@gmail.com is the school Email address, You can contact them using the phone no:08042023263,08042059475.Hope it ll be useful to you.. All the very best..


uma07 2014-12-13 17:05:47


Thanks for the info krittin...i got the application form today and the submission date is 16th for me..how about urs???

kerry 2014-12-14 16:53:54


I also got application form....submission dt is 15th.......

uma07 2014-12-15 14:21:56


Kerry..which school u are planning to opt for..vidyaniketan or vidyashilp??


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