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Bands 2014-09-15 22:21:34


Hi all,

We are planning to put my son who is 4 and 10months in HIS for Mont3. But the school teacher suggested us to put him in Mont2 instead as my son hasn't been introduced with phonics in his previous school in Mexico. The teacher feels that he wont be able to cope with the pressure as most of the children have started writing sentences already. Has anyone had similar experience like me before. Now we are in a fix whether to put him in M3 or M2. Need your inputs and suggestions on this and on the school as well. Are there any children taking the transport from Owner's court and how safe is it to send them by school bus?? Thank you in advance.

Cheerful 2014-09-16 15:29:16


I enrolled my son in Harvest M3 when he was 4 yrs 11 months.we were in canada before and he started reading ,writing by then and adjusted with the environment in harvest. My son was in montessori school before and he didnt find any diff in class room environment.  if your son was not in montessori before then its bit tough to make him study the montessori way in Harvest.they have reading and writing in M3 . Most of the schools has the age criteria.


Bands 2014-09-17 12:11:05


Okay..thank you for your inputs.


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