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anpu2011 2015-02-06 18:18:59


Thanks for your advice Soumya. Same here with me, both are of almost same distance, but I heard that after UKG, they will transfer the kids to Sarjapur branch for 1st standard from BJS1 Koramangala, is that true?

priyaesvar 2015-02-11 13:01:52



My son got admission into Bethany High Kormangala for Nursery this year.
And we have paid the admission fees.
Fee structure 

Admission fee- 85000 (one time)
Annual fee - 19000
Tution fee - 70000 (bimonthly - 14k)
Uniform - 6200 (to be received IN SCHOOL premises by 25 the march)
extra charges for transport if opted.

I felt fees wise its bit high when compared with bishop, Baldwin's
Anyway this is next to our home , we preferred it based on the distance.


anpu2011 2015-02-11 18:56:31


Hi Priyaesvar,thanx so much for the info. could u plz also let me know whether they will transfer the kids to sarjapur branch or koramangala main school for the 1st stnd.


Nancy2013 2015-02-16 09:49:42


I had been to BJS 1 (behind Sony World) this weekend and was almost taken back by the fee structure. It comes to 2.25 lacs including transport. For the absolute meagre facilities they provide, this fee is really really high. This school is no where in front of Bishop Cotton's in terms of the overall kid's development, but their fees is more than double than Cotton's.
Keeping my fingers crossed for the Cotton's list, or will go with Frank Anthony's is what i am thinking now.
To answer to anpu2011's question, kids from BJS1 (behind Sony World) go to Bethany Sarjapur after 2nd standard. The kids studying in Bethany (opposite KOR police station) continue in the Koramangala Bethany.
Well from what i heard from a couple of parents is that, the old Bethany (near Police station) has a lower fee structure than that of the new one near Sony World, as they need funds to bring up the sarjapur campus - not sure how far this is true.


anpu2011 2015-02-18 13:08:03


HI priyaesvar i just wanted to know whether the fee which you have mentioned is for the Main School near police station or the Junior School behind sony world??

agrawal1 2015-02-20 14:25:33


BJS1 Fee Structure

Rs 75,000/- (one time admission fee valid till 10th Std)
Rs 83,600/- (Education Fee)
Rs 21,000/- (Annual Fee!!!!!!)
Rs 30,000/- (Bus Fee 10monthsX3000/- per month irrespective of the distance you stay)
Rs 3,500/- (3000/- Form Fee + 500/- School Brochure/Dairy)
Rs 7,000/- (kids Uniform)
Rs 3,000/- (Nursery Books -- Just to mention not Engineering or Medicine Books)
Rs 1,000/- (Pair of Shoes n Socks)
Rs 2,500/- (Parents Teacher Meeting ) (This you only get to know once you buy the form)
226600/- (two lakhs twenty six thousand six hundred rupees only) (in words :) )

par123 2015-04-05 01:20:14


Bethany: I would not recommend

I had opted for Bethany Sarjapur (2014-15) considering their 50 yrs of existence, reputation, etc. and moved my kid to other school for next session( 2015-2016).

Fees: Exorbitantly high, last year i paid, 65000 (Admission and Development fees), approx. 95000 for tuition fees (including Abacus, which is mandatory), 45000 for transport (20 km, 12 months, to be paid at the start of the session, no installment), 3000 for class 1 books, 1700 for per set of uniform ( regular days (2 set), sports uniform( 1 set),1 Jacket) i.e. 1700*4=6800, shoes from Bata (ask bethany shoes they will give) , white and black shoe, worst quality, close to Rs. 1000, Socks - don't remember the cost. others (Parents teacher meeting cost, Annual day CD cost etc) another 6-10K. I paid all this as i had a very different opinion about this school.

Infrastructure: very basic,can't be compared with any reputed school in the vicinity. lack of musical instruments, abacus education - not worth a penny, very small library and computer rooms, don't think they have physics, biology, chemistry labs yet. but i like the one and only ground they have at the entrance.

Teachers : Won't be fair to generalize, but i was highly dissatisfied with the first interaction i had with my kid's class teacher. She was getting confused between he/she, him/her, pronunciations were not clear, overall found very difficult to understand her english and was wondering what will my kid understand. We also noticed assignments were not checked properly and parents are not allowed to keep the assignments, it needs to be returned within couple of days.  Abacus : my kid still doesn't know the basics of using the abacus tool but has scored well in Abacus assignment (using normal addition technique). All this definitely raises concerns on the quality of teacher they have or hiring.

Safety : No ID cards for kids, yes tht's true. Post vibgyor incident we were asked to pay some money for ID cards but that was just a formality or an opportunity to earn some money. Kids were not required to wear it. God forbid, but if anybody faces medical emergency, then be prepared to go and pick, though they claim they have ambulance and medical room. Until last year they couldn't get a sister/doctor and i never saw the ambulance.

Technology : School scores "0" on use of technology( it requires heavy spend). Have heard they recently introduced online payment of fees, I had to either stand in queue at kormangla branch or send the cheque with my kid. No interactive learning, audio visual is facilitated with a CRT (Box) television and a DVD player (not sure if they really use even that). No SMS, GPS in buses, you should be prepared to wait, at times i have waited for more than an hour. CCTV's are installed on common passages.

Hygiene: Canteen is open to all kids all days, it has it's own pros and cons. I personally feel till class 3, kids shouldn't have access to canteen as they develop bad habits like stealing money not eating home food etc. but that's my personal view. Quality of food in canteen (apart from Juices) was very bad, kind of stuffs sold in front of cheap cinema halls. Uncovered and sold in one of the vacant class room. Many parents complained about it but no action till now.

Management: You will feel like you are listening to some mahatma when they speak. but they just know how to talk nothing more than that, when it comes to action they take a back seat.

After all this, i felt I need to change my mental block of "Old is gold" and consider education as a commodity and therefore look for a vendor offering value for money. no point cribbing about education is commercialized.

All mentioned above are my personal views and experience, thought of sharing so that people take conscious decision.


HarisM 2015-10-12 16:44:08


Seems like we need to submit the application online. Can anyone share their website address?


truemommy 2015-11-25 20:29:42


Thank you very much par123 for the detailed info. This is very helpful for parents who want some inside info to make a decision...

HarisM 2015-11-26 11:57:58


Very high Fee structure..
Admission Fee - 85000(one time)
Tution Fee - 1,20,000
Uniform , Transport and others - 55,000
Admission Form - 3000


shikshar 2015-11-26 12:17:59


This is too high! Did you get the numbers from school recently?

sreessc 2015-11-26 12:21:05


Sir , Do you have any idea of admission fee for nursery for 2016-17, Thanks in advance

HarisM 2015-11-26 16:12:46


Yes, just last week 

Seelu 2016-04-29 15:35:07


I have taken admission for my child in Bethany High School Koramangala. She would be joining Pre-nursery. Any of you have any transport contacts ? As the school do not have their own transportation, we are searching for the same. Will be of great help If anybody can share the contacts.


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