Bishop Cotton Boys School Admission 2015-2016

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prisna 2014-08-07 12:30:01


Creating this  thread for the parents who are seeking admission to Bishop Cotton Boys School Admission 2015-2016.

Though this may be bit early,we can keep posted the updates of the admission process,application etc.

zach77 2014-08-11 14:44:21


Would be interested to know when the admissions form for LKG would be out. Thanks.

prisna 2014-08-11 16:37:20


We need to call or check with the school office staff,if any checked keep us posted.

poonamshetty 2014-08-30 01:22:17


Hello everyone., I am also looking at 2015-2016 admission for my son. I did have a question.Are any of you aware of what the teacher student ratio for UKG would be at Bishops. Thanks.

shravans 2014-09-02 16:22:30


Hello Prisna - Thanks for creating this thread.. I would be trying to admit my son for LKG 2015-16. However, the only open question I have is on the age criteria. I have understood from earlier posts / discussions that the child has to have completed 4yrs as of June'15. My Son is Sept'11 born and would be 3yrs 8 months. Do you think I can still take a chance and apply? Any suggestion would help.

prisna 2014-09-02 17:24:14


Hi Shravans

On the Age cut off + or - 4 yrs I am not sure,pls check with the office once,because some school are very script about the age criteria and some school consider the + or - 4 yrs.

shravans 2014-09-08 11:25:16


Thanks for your reply Prisna.
the question that always bothers me is that, Incase BCBS confirms that the child should be 4yrs as of June'15 then my child is not eligible. Is it a good Idea to wait until June'16 and apply then? What happens if for some other reason I do not get admission in 2016-17 academic year at Bishop cottons, would other schools entertain a 4yrs 8 months child for LKG? I wish to enroll my son into Bishop Cottons OR St Josephs.


dpkiranprabhu 2014-09-08 16:56:03


Hi  Marciad
Need to talk to you. Can you let me know your email address/Phone. This is regarding my son's admission to Bishop Cotton. Please let me know

shravans 2014-09-08 17:26:47


Thanks Marciad!! So you suggest I wait until June'16?

nitin007 2014-09-09 12:27:32


Good to see the thread discussing admissions for 2015-16. I am looking out for information on admission to LKG , my son will be 4 years by June 2015. Any idea when they start issuing the application forms?

altaff 2014-09-17 00:16:58


Thanks for creating the group. What is the selection criteria for bishop cottons?My son will be completing 4yrs by June1,2015. Apart from this is there any other criteria?

PrafGuru 2014-09-19 17:13:03


I heard the process will start by Nov-Dec. One of my colleague said they got enrolled last year in Jan 2014, and there were no online forms. Is that true? Are we required to submit application form by hand?

Tenati 2014-09-22 14:38:56


Can someone please share the phone numbers of the school. I tried calling up the numbers given in the website. To vain I'm unable get connected. 

vishal29j 2014-09-23 12:27:05


Hello All,
I am looking for admissions to BCBS for my son who is completing 4 years in Oct 2014. Can someone post when we can get the admissions forms?


Pmitruka 2014-09-25 17:12:46


Hello All,
Looking for admission to LKG for my son.. Please pass me as well details about the forms, fee and transport


prisna 2014-09-25 17:35:38


As per the previous year's admission the application/admission forms will be issued in the month of Jan.


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