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ag5381 2014-08-03 19:10:33



I am living in Panathur since 2012 and look for my son admission to Nursery / Pre-Kg for 2015-16.

He will be 3.4 yrs in Jun 2015.

Since, I have my own house and won't be moving around though in IT, I am looking for good school for his admission (Forever once J ).


I am starting this discussion so that other parents like me can share any information they have/gathered online & offline, discuss and be useful for everyone.


I am sharing what I have gathered till now from different reviews on ParentTree itself and hope others can contribute too.


Basis is distance from J P Morgan.

Traffic: Reaching school should have alternative routes which should avoid Marathahalli, KundanaHalli , Iblur junctions.


A. Distance: 0 Km to 2 Km


1. New Horizon Gurukul / New Horizon Vidya Mandir:


Affiliation No.830395 (PROVISIONAL). Pretty good details on below link.


General quota fee structure:


NHVM is for NURSERY, LKG AND UKG and I guess after that they are moved to NHG from class 1.

Infrastructure is good. Mixed reviews on teaching staff.

Since new campus, much was disorganized before 2013.

Haven't got feedback for 2014. Things might have improved.

Please share any latest info on teaching faculty.


Fees: Nursery

Term 1 - 98900

Term 2 â€" 51000



The child should have completed 2 years 8 months as on 1st June 2015 for admission to NURSERY.


2. Geetanjali Olympiad School:


Not able to find Affiliation No.

CBSE till VI

GCSE in VII and VIII. (As per website)

Infrastructure is ok. Mixed reviews on teaching staff.

Since new campus, much was disorganized before 2013.

Haven't got feedback for 2014. Things might have improved.

Please share any latest info on teaching faculty.


3. Patel Public School:


ICSE code: KA178 (Permanent)


Infrastructure is ok.

Not much information.

Please share any latest info on teaching faculty.


Age Eligibility:

Nursery 3 years completed as on 1st June of the academic year.

LKG 4 years . . .

UKG 5 years and so on...


B. Distance: 2 Km to 3 Km


4. VagDevi Vilas:

Syllabus: CBSE (1st till 12th). Affiliation No.830115. (Provisional)

It also has State Board (6th to 8th).

For Pre-KG, there are 2 options, either normal Kidergarten or Montessori Method.




• The child should have completed 2.6 yrs. by 1st June for admission in NURSERY

• The child should have completed 3.3yrs by 1st June for admission to LKG.


Fees: Around 80 to 85 K including transport.


Teaching (from another post on ParentTree): The school teaches students as like teaching to a college students. The onus of kids studying is with parents. You will be complained (progress) about your kids very frequently if you kid is a slow learner or having some difficulty to cope with other kids.

 Many parent reviews has put  it as good school with reasonable fees and faculty.

C. Distance: 5 Km to 8 Km


5. Carmel Convent School (Carmelaram):

ICSE (KA229) Provisional and State board too.

Teaching is ok. Old Style. Infrastructure ok.

It's a brother school. Fees including books and uniform is under Rs 45K.


Not much info on it.


6. Chrysalis High (Varthur-Sarjapur Road):


ICSE (Affiliation code: KA280) Provisional


Fee of Chrysalis is Rs. 66,000 per year for Nursery & KG (including books & field trips, Rs. 33,000 to be paid during admission, rest later) & Rs. 80,000 for Grade I (including books, stationery, field trips & sports fee, Rs. 40,000 to be paid during admission, rest later


Teaching (from another parent review on Parentree):

Friendly staff & principal and they appear to have a clear vision on how to bring the best out of each individual child. Interiors OK; Common lab room; Small library.

Outdoor sports facilities (semi-Olympic size swimming pool, huge skating rink, basketball court and football field under construction) - quite impressive...Each kid needs to apparently "select" one art activity and one sport activity, which cannot be changed at least for one year.


Age Eligibility as on 1st June

Nursery: 2 years 9 months

Jr Kg: 3 years 9 months

Sr Kg: 4 years 9 months

Std I: 5 years 9 months


7. Global Indian International School, GIIS (Varthur-Sarjapur Road):

CBSE. Not able to find Affiliation No. for Bangalore branch.


New School. They started off in Singapore (and present in several other countries). Apparently they have regular collaborative sessions among the global branches through video link.. Class rooms/Interiors OK.   Again lacking outdoor/sports facilities as of now but they have big plans over the next two years... one impressive thing is they have a "sick bay" with full-time nurse and a doctor on call.

Fees: 15k admission + 80 k tuition + 20 K annual fees +Transport


Age Criteria:

Nursery â€" 2.5 years as on 1st June 2013 as of that academic year

KG 1 â€" 3.5 years as on as on 1st June 2013 as of that academic year

KG 2 â€" 4.5 years as on as on 1st June 2013 as of that academic year

Std 1 â€" 5.5 years as on as on 1st June 2013 as of that academic year


Lastly avoided school off Sarjapur road like DPS, Bethany and St Peters (on Main Road due to congested road). There are many other schools too but skipped due to distance from Panathur.

Please share your inputs on above.

Kavya12 2014-10-10 17:08:41



My son is going to New Horizon Vidya Mandir from June 2014 (Nur). He is interested to go to school now (except initial 1-2 weeks in June).
I feel it is good and well organized till date.

Fee Structure:
Ist term - 1,04,000 (with in 2-3 days after interview) (which includes 70K one time payment)
2nd term - 34,000 (To be paid by 1st week of Oct) 

Transportation fee is 15K (can be paid in 2 installments, one in April and other in September) - BWT, we stay in Panatur, behind New Horizon Grukul School.

For LKG fee will be 70K total.



YuvaPradheep 2015-02-13 11:55:12


can i know in which school you have admitted your kid. I have a son of 2.4 yrs old and live in the same panathur area. So have started searching for schools to put him for next year.
Kindly provide more reviews if you have got any by visiting the schools.

prk75 2015-03-13 14:41:57


Hi All, has anyone enquired about MVJ Intl school in Marathalli?

garvit 2015-03-18 15:54:36


plz suggest a good school in and around son will b joining nursery in coming academic session 2015-16..

YuvaPradheep 2015-09-18 12:23:41


may i know on which school you had concluded? I am looking for LKG admissions for my son and living in panathur as well.
Currently we are checking with NHG(vidya mandir) and Chrysalis High.
It would be great if you can share your experience and the fees structure.


sourav83 2015-09-21 14:51:58


Hi YuvaPradheep,

NHG(vidya mandir) do you know what is the date for issuance of forms and form submission date? What is the admission process?


YuvaPradheep 2015-09-21 16:18:53


Hi Sourav,

For NHG, the forms are distributed from 26th of September and the completed forms will be taken from 2nd of October. The circular is updated in the vidya mandir website. Please have a check.


YuvaPradheep 2015-09-21 16:24:59


Hi @Sourav83,

We are evaluating Chrysalis and NHG vidya mandir.
Looks like the fees of vidya mandir is on higher side comparitively and the reviews are also mixed. I could see your other post on Chrysalis High. Please share your feedback if you have approached both the schools

sourav83 2015-09-24 14:08:31


For NHG, looks like there is some update on the form submission date. The school staff informed that the forms will need to be submitted on 28th October instead of 2nd October as mentioned previously.


sourav83 2015-09-24 14:10:15


I just rechecked the NHVM website and looks like they have removed the previous admission circular. So I think they will update the new date shortly.

YuvaPradheep 2015-10-05 11:11:13


Now its updated in NHVM website that admissions are open and the forms can be submitted from 8th to 10th of october.

kiddu 2017-09-18 16:36:30


Hi Friends,

I stay near panathur railway underpass, looking for admission to my son for UKG, confused about these schools - help me with pros/cons

New Horizon Vidyamandir
Geetanjali Olympiad School
VagDevi Vilas:
Carmel Convent School (Carmelaram):
Chrysalis High (Varthur-Sarjapur Road):
Global Indian International School, GIIS (Varthur-Sarjapur Road):

or any other good schools i can consider, my budget is around 1lakh excluding transport

Thanks in Advance

kiddu 2017-09-18 16:47:26


also foundation school, Gunjur

Raj506 2017-09-18 20:06:02


St Patrick's academy is also one good school I heard near carmelaram.

ag5381 2017-09-18 21:50:42


GIIS and chrysalis high both are good. Former is CBSE and latter is ICSE. GIIS gives plenty of homework. I have finally put my kid in Primus public school in UKG, 3km from Carmelaram. Admission is first come basis. No interview. Their fees on website. No donations. 99k tuition fees. 30 K transport fees for distance upto 10km. Another 5 / 10k for 15/ 20 KM distance. One time admission & registration fee of 54k. Refundable security deposit of 47k. For kindergarten 14k for resource and activity fee in which they provide books and stationary. Nothing to purchase outside. They have no school dress for kindergarten. No homework if your kid able to do task in school. So homework will be rare that too if they are not able to write and need some reptile practice at home. Teaching in KG is good so far. This school gives me option on choosing IGCSE / CBSE / I see from 8th / 9th onwards. Picked this school to keep IGCSE in mind to send kid abroad for higher studies if he deserved and wanted. This school has day care till 3pm only with a very low fee. If you are looking for day care till 6pm choose GIIS or chrysalis high. Crux is most school KG teaching is good. Teaching in higher grades depends upon teaching staff quality at that time as staff keep joining and leaving. A good bunch of teachers in primary now may not be there when your kid goes to primary. You can also put your kid in WOW preschool in Panathur and admit kid in main school in class 1. Many school has vacancy in jul/Aug after admission is over in previous year Nov / Dec. And school like Primus it's cakewalk. GIIS and chrysalis too has late vacancies. Harvest International said no vacancy in Sep to me and later called me in Nov for admission. So seats keeps on freeing. Even NHVM take admission in Jul /Aug. Only for schools like NPS one has to struggle. GIIS, Chrysalis high, Primus all same category and good schools near by with 1 lakh tuition fee range. Keep another 1 lakh for one time fee. If any spelling mistake, please forgive. Typing freely from mobile. Avoid New horizon as they are show off school and I know this school from my school days in nineties in indira nagar. Geetanjali isn't great too. Patel school is neither good. Stick with GIIS, Gear school, Chrysalis high, Primus, harvest.

kiddu 2017-09-19 12:15:05



Thanks for writing in detail, surely i will consider these points when finalizing the school..

I would prefer to join him to school which has till 12th STD. 

GIIS, Gear school, Chrysalis high, Primus, harvest looks good option in this locality, any thoughts on Foundation School Gunjur?


Raj506 2017-09-19 14:06:03


Any latest reviews about St Patrick's academy in terms of teaching and cocurricular activities?

ag5381 2017-09-19 14:52:09


St Patrick Sarjapur road though having Christan name but it isn't like it. They are not like brother school for e.g. Carmel Convent School (Carmelaram).   I found to be ok during my assessment but decided not to pursue it. Transport wise (Jams) also I would not like to venture from Panathur area. Preferred schools towards Carmelaram \ Varthur side.

No information on foundation school, Gunjur .

On Carmel Convent School (Carmelaram), I do have slight info due to my distant neice going there. It's like brother school and fees including books are under 60K. It was 35 K, 3 years ago. Like brother school, they focus on English and teaching is good and most like old school generation.  Infrastructure is old though and that was one of my reason for not choosing it. I think they do not have their own transport.

Any one looking for Preschool till UKG in Panathur, WOW (Kaverappa Layout) is good. My kid went from 1.5 yrs (when they opened till LKG. studies there for 3.5 years). If I had known admission to UKG would have cake walk (WOW lady owner did told me same but I was nervous as I already skipped LKG in main school and spent that difference money (Main school LKG vs Preschool LKG) for international holiday. Was worth it), I would have continued his studies in pre-school till UKG and taken main school from Class 1. No one teaches better than a Preschool.



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