Reviews on bvm global school Nandi woods.

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Aarthyv 2014-07-17 11:36:05


Looking for some reviews on bvm global school , Nandi woods . Thanks

biz21 2014-11-13 01:08:35


You can visit the below URL for the reviews of BVM Global.

In short, it's a very good school for a parent who wants his/ her kid grow as a happy child and you do not have to push them to go to school! :-)

sanginitis 2014-11-14 23:21:49


We know Bvm global since last 2 decades, with that confidence we admitted our daughter in the last academic year in class five and it was nevertheless to say that Bvm has maintained their standard of education and their holistic approach in bringing up the students. Further to this we have got the admission secured for our son as well for the next academic year. We are confident enough that bvm will provide a good launching pad for our kids future.

kskumaraxa 2015-01-20 03:25:33


@biz21, @sanginitis,
I tried to locate the school's CBSE affliation, however, could not find it at the following link:

Am i missing something, please help.



kskumaraxa 2015-01-21 02:33:46


Hi All,

I tried to check the CBSE affliation of BVM Global Nandiwoods, but could not find them on the portal. Also their website states it is a "Linguistic Minority Institution" Not sure what it means. Would it affect when we go for higher classes? Kindly throw some light if someone explored this before me. Thanks

kskumaraxa 2015-01-23 22:54:36


Hi All,
I am a parent of 2.7 yrs (Jun-2012 born) and looking for an admission to BVM Nandiwoods in 2016-17 academic year. My concern is that admission notification just gives birth dates from Apr to March of particular year. I wanted to know if they can accept the children who are born before or consider them as overaged. Thanks.


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