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Geethalakshmi 2010-03-04 10:32:43


CMR  NPS  is  another  money making   school.  They have  hiked up fees  by 30% .  We paid   for  UKG  52000  but  now  for  1st  STD  it is  75000 (only fees) . Year  on year  there  will be  hike  general  public  is  not aware  on what basis  they  hike.  This  school  is not  thinking  that  the transporation, books  etc etc  will cost  another  another bomb which lives  the   parents  specially   so with two kids how   to  manage???.   Even for  higher  classes  for  my first  son  they hv  hiked  this  annual by  RS. 5000 >    School  managment    took  a  blank application  duly signed by  parents that   there is  no pressure from there  side  for  paying.   This was  to  be signed before  the school  announced   the  fee hike.  Now  they want  50% to be paid leaving us  no room for  changing the school.  Actually  we are trapped.     They are  expanding the branches now in JP NAGAR. 

 Education  is  nobel  profession  but   many of them  just  forget this  concept and maximise  revenues  with no bad debts  The investros  flushed  with money  in the name of  education.   

SuryaMeena 2010-03-04 12:31:00


can you please share quality of eduation in CMR NPS?


Geethalakshmi 2010-03-04 16:34:02


CMR NPS is  one of the licenced  school of  NPS.  Founder of NPS  is the   mentor.    It is  CBSE  curriculum  . Quality of eduction can be quantified  based on board results of the school .  I have  not  seen  great  shows  last year.   


reliable 2011-01-22 16:33:22



any idea about fees hike for STD 1 in 2011, i am also worried about every year fee hike in CMR. In this case, is there any other school which ensure parents against fees hike upto a level ?


Suna 2011-01-26 12:22:12


My daughter is studying in CMR NPS (KalyanNagar) UKG this year.  The quality of education is not good.  Especially the teachers in Kindergarten are not very responsible and they expect the parents to teach the kids to perform well.  Infact my daughter's teacher had written in her workbook that "Parents should teach opposites at home".  Now they have announced the First standard fees as Rs.93000 this year.  This is abnormal hike and there is no forum for the parents to discuss or question the management regarding this.  If the parents have to teach the kids to perform well then why pay this much fees.  I am desperately looking for a change of school with good attention for kids and lesser fees.  Please suggest some good schools with nominal fee structure around Kalyan Nagar.


dees 2011-01-26 14:00:35


Hi Suna,

I have heard about JSS Public School, HRBR  Layout being one of the good schools in North Bangalore.

We went to find out about the school for joining our kid to LKG in 2011.

There we met the parents of a tiny tot studying LKG in that  school.

They gave a positive feedback , saying that the teachers  take good care, also english is quiet improved.The fees is reasonable ,we felt compared to the other schools.......... Rs. 33,000 excluding bus fees....

We joined our daughter there..........





Suna 2011-01-26 14:36:15


Thanks Dees for the idea...  I will definitely check JSS...  Also some of my friends suggested Vincent Palotti School in Babusapalaya...


reliable 2011-01-26 19:34:30


Hi Dees,  thnx for the infor. JSS is in HRBR layout or HSR layout ?


dees 2011-01-26 19:58:53


Hi Suna,

It's in HRBR layout...........




Chins7815 2014-10-15 16:10:33


Can you please tell us how is the education In CMR ?



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