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gannamani 2014-04-27 14:34:55


hi, can anyone give me feedback on gnan srishti school? I found the school good and principal is very nice. I am looking for admission for my son who is 4yrs. he needs special attention as his motor skills are slow. the school promised to take special attention. they have 1:24 student teacher ratio. but I don't know anyone who send their kids to this school and only reviews would help me to decide. I found their fee is very high. I found Floretz in HSR to be a very good Montessori. so please suggest me which would be a better option for my kid - gnan srishti or Floretz.

nithyfbi 2014-04-29 12:36:33



You may try this keyword on google to find more information about Gnan Srishti School.
Keyword : "gnan srishti school review" from the online digital footprint anlaysis perspective; they seem to be having a good standing. :-)

Apart from Floretz in HSR Layout; the link lead me to another montessori named Dots Montessori try them too. They too have a good a standing on digital medium and fee seems to be nominal compared to others.

Link : | Blog :

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