Need help on deciding Playhome.

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informme 2014-03-13 17:12:32


      Nice to see a dedicated forum to get help on Schools. Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts and advising newcomers. My son is completing 2 years by this June. Initially thought to introduce to school by Nursery. But after checking with friends, decided to send him to playschool. Checked couple of play-homes and it was tough time for me to pull my kid out of school as he dived into play. Now I would like to have your advice on deciding the play home. We stay near silk board/BTM 1st Stage. Visited Podar Jumbo kids and Tree House, Dollars scheme in BTM 1st Stage. We need help on
       - Is it Montessori way of teaching really a game changer compared to other curriculam?
      - We liked Podar Jumbo kids. The way of teaching is mixed and kids strength is higher. Once in a month only sand/water play/ field trip... more like play, rhymes on daily activity...
      - Tree House looked little dull environment. Not well organized..Teacher's English was not that nice. Not well organized...Non-franchise and a single man managing all centers... But strength is on lower end... Montessori way of teaching... as strength is less, individual attention to kids will be more....Every week the create some theme and explain the concepts...  every week sand/water play (I liked this . but not sure whether they do it actually)...  
    - As its walk-able from our house, did not care about transport and security looks fine. Is there any other important point needs to be considered.

     Kind of confused on deciding.... Planned to have one more visit on another day to see the facility inside (they did not allowed as we went during working hours). Can you please help us on this.

informme 2014-03-15 23:33:51


Can somebody help me on this

shilpachandramohan1 2014-03-26 17:17:17


Hi, even I recide in BTM layout, can you tell me exact location of tree house in BTM, iam also searching for a gud preschool for my son

informme 2014-03-27 14:47:53


If you reside in BTM 2nd stage, Tree House at Jaya deva will be nearer I guess....This one is in BTM 1st Stage, Dollars scheme. When you come towards silk board signal from Jayadeva, take a left after axis bank and Indian Oil (just before silk board signal) and with in 30 meters you will find tree house on right side !

shilpachandramohan1 2014-03-27 20:43:26


Dear imformme Thank you for replying I stay in first stage 29th main, so dollars scheme tree house is nearest Where have you decided to put your child For me hello kids is the nearest but did not find any reviews Stil considering hello kids, - no reviews growing wonders, - dnt know abt pick up and drop, one of my nephew goes and it's gud maple bear - wonderful reviews but transport is by not by management but sumothr person ? Safety Jumbo kids - not sure about transfer

informme 2014-03-28 14:40:28


I too do not know about Hello Kids.... But for Maple Bear in BTM 2nd stage, I strongly believe you have to go during morning hours (when the kids are there) and decide... We had a worst experience ever.. As its a Canadian school, we had lots of thoughts.. As son as we entered, the center head (as she declared) started directly with pay structure... I have to remind her that - they should at-least give a brief review.... Some of the kids were just playing in sand with helpers (no teachers around)... They also do not have any idea on transport cost (Even though its a third party, they should have a basic details)... Each person experience is different .. So I cannot say its completely bad...

Tree House is Montessori (not complete). But kids strength is less and thus you can check.. I checked with couple of parents.. One said helpers are very good and the other said helpers are bad... On my experience I would say some 60% ok... Jumbo Kids is really nice.. But there curriculum is more on play method...Did not check more on nursery.. You may need to check...

You also consider Kidzee, BTM (near A2B) if you are not particular about Montessori. They have a good infrastructure... well planned curriculum.... We almost zeroed out but backed as its bit far... If you don't mind a mile more and have own vehicle, I would suggest to check Shiksha Montessori, in Thaverekare Road (it is in complex, 3rd floor).. Simply the best... 

As I also struggled to get more info online on BTM 1st stage schools, I would spend some time this week end and write a detialed review of all schools I visited.... May help some parents...

shilpachandramohan1 2014-03-29 07:56:01


Dear informe Thank you for replying Kidzee, my husband had visited, he felt it was too commercial and kids strength was too much, so still thinking about it. Will surely look into shiksha in tavarekere. I will also post review as an when I visit nearby playschools

informme 2014-03-31 12:51:11


Please check Bright Kid Montessori, BTM. The center will start to operate from this year... The house they converted perfectly fits for play home/nursery.... Also the area is very secured. We spoke to the center head and she promised a good Montessori way of teaching. But they said  the teachers will come from head office only on April end. So I just want to interact with teachers once and then go for it... Its very near to Maruthi Nagar besscom office. Pls call 8553383338 (Harshitha, center head) for more details, just in case if you need....

shilpachandramohan1 2014-04-01 15:22:38


Thank you for the reply, Will surely check out the Bright Kid Montessori this weekend. I had visited hello kids, seemed small, for the number of kids intake and the main in charge teacher was not available on that day. So will be going once again for a visit. There was good feedback of Growing wonders in BTM, its only Montessori type of teaching, so if you are interested can check out that too. I will visit it on some weekday. Shiksha  - distance was too much for us.

amity 2014-05-04 23:08:13


Even I was scouting for a  good pre school in BTM 1st Stage for my 2 yr daughter. I happened to drop by this place in 17th main, 1st stage (the same road where Hello kids is located)  called Aleph Kids. The school seems to have a good blend of montessori and playway. It is a new school but the place looked very bright and airy. The staff was patient enough to take me through their curriculum in detail which really answered most of my doubts. Best part is they offer day care  also. You can reach out to them at this number (8861022430) if u want to know more.


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