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BAJ1980 2014-02-24 16:17:57


Hello...lukin a school for my son,who will b 4yrs now.....with too many schools promising a lot and mixed reviews we find it really tough to take a decision..and moreover fees r soo far the oly school I got a gud opinion was this euro school in mahadevapura.......but it also has bad reviews, can some one help how is this school now. i have couple of bad feedbacks:
- there is a high tension KEB wire passing through the school, will that be effecting the children.
- i also heard transport systems is really bad, 
- how are studies and management.
- i also heard their is no principle in the school.

Can some1 help or suggest for better school in this area.

I have approached Vagdevi Vilas school also please let me know.

ajmal 2014-12-04 11:50:16


Even I am looking for the same questions, anyone can parent can share some information . In addition , was told the assessment techniques are not good. Any thoughts?


HanDri 2014-12-22 15:10:06


hi all,
           i am really in shock after reading all the reviews abt the Euroschool. i am new to whitefield but had been looking for schools in and around based on which i can shift my house. afterall long consult from ppl i found global whitefield school to be a decent one however just a thought of checking euroschool blinded me. they managed to convince me on all grounds and i assumed them to be better in all means.. Now i have paid the admission fee 55000 which i am sure they would not refund. pls suggest me what can i do ..
I have booked a seat for my daughter for class 1 2015-2016 yr in euroschool


anne14 2015-01-29 19:51:30


My kid is studying in SrKg and I find a great change in him after 1st term. I have heard from one of my friend whose daughter is in grade 1 in same school that they have FA's, only that you are not informed of dates in advance. It's like mock tests. Only for SA they will inform the dates. They don't have textbooks instead they provide workbooks which I found nice approach. Regarding Principal I would say that she is a like always busy with kids and teachers. Even on sports day, she was continuously on the ground with kids cheering them and also busy with the coordinators and teachers. I really appreciate that!
Apart from that regarding transport system, till date I've not come across any such problem. I am staying in brookefield area. I am also planning to send my second child this academic year (2015- 2016).

nmano 2015-02-11 17:10:16



My daughter is studying in Euro school Whitefield since 3 years and she will be going to Class 2 this year. I am happy with her progress. I was worried about the CBSE status but I went and personally checked that they have submitted all the docs, board inspection is due in this month. Hopefully they will get CBSE status from next year. Otherwise they have decent campus, good sporting facility and very airy classrooms. The best part is they send very less homework and books, with the kids, instead they upload practise sheet and answer sheet s on webgennie (Their portal) for home practise. 

GSBK 2015-02-16 18:50:15


Hi all,
Am looking out for admission for my son at was nice to hear some good things Abu the school...nmano and anne14 can u guys give me ur mail Id or contact no. so that I can talk to u guys Abu the school plz....?
My sons slightly hyperactive n my concern is will the school entertain him or v vil b asked to look for some other school....rt now he's at Eurokids (euro junior class)doing well according to his age group.

payalg 2015-08-05 12:57:10


Hi all
same questions from my side too .So much confusion wid me too for selecting the school
sombody please suggest me good school for my kid


Ash25 2016-12-16 03:02:54


Hi all
We r moving to Bangalore whitefeild from London.
I m looking for admissions for 3rd grade and UKG in Euroschool.
can any one tell us more about school regarding-sports,canteen facilities,after school club activities,transportation,exams,...etc 

HanDri 2017-08-13 13:00:52


Hi all, As I wrote 2yrs back I was very confused and schools in Whitefield. Now I am better off. For sure global Whitefield is NOT a good choice, my daughter is studying in Euroschool Whitefield and I feel it's kind of best around. Each school has its problems which are also in Euro like transport management is a mess but curriculum extra activities And education is good.

ShePAS3 2017-09-07 10:22:22


Any latest feedback about euro school? Is the transportation problem. Sorted out.?

rkreddybogati 2017-10-28 02:12:57


Hi, Do you have any idea for next year 2018-19 Admission in Euro School?. 

Sanjay83 2017-11-20 21:01:54


Yes, admission has started for Y2018-19

Hanshu09 2020-12-12 12:53:00


I have received confirmation for my son's administration in 3rd Standard Euro School Whitefield. Can someone please share latest feedback about the school?

Coolmom123 2021-02-08 19:24:59


Can someone share latest feedback about euro school Whitefield?I know its a balanced school from reviews..want to know regarding academics coaching in higher grades(9th ,10th.)?Any feedback would be really helpful ,looking for admitting my kids in class 5 and ukg..

11102011 2021-11-27 15:09:57


My child is in grade 5 now studying in Euro school. Stress on academics is less. Parents help is mandatory. CBSE accreditation is present and grade is till 12


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