Donations in Bangalore Schools

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masterji 2014-01-29 23:25:02


Almost all private schools are charging donations upward of 1 Lakh now and that too they are demanding CASH with no receipts to be given back. This is a total crime and the local authorities are sleeping... may be with the school management.
A simple math is eye-popping - 
Every year on average 500 new students enter into one school and each student is robbed of 1 Lakh as donation. That turns out to be 50 Crores of black money being robbed from we public per school.

Can we wake up and clean this rot? I mean if someone is asking a donation why don't he dare to accept a cheque? On record no school is asking donation - they say they have too many expenses to cover up. But the yearly fee they charge is itself more than sufficient to cover up the expenses.
Friends, let me know what are the options ...
How can we stop this menace? Do we need to start a movement in Bangalore to stop this illegal Mafia operating in the name of schooling?

ramesh107 2014-02-01 13:06:11


While I commend the well-meaning intention behind your post, forgive me when I say that it is like the proverbial question, "who will bell the cat?". I do sincerely hope to see some interesting responses...
To start with, there are two important (interlinked) reasons I see behind the "rot" mentioned by you, not necessarily limited to Bangalore (of course, there may be more reasons):
Education is business (why are "private" schools including those run by "societies" thriving otherwise?)
Some businesses love to deal in cash (no receipts, thank you!) for well-known reasons, and business exploits when there is demand

masterji 2014-02-11 21:53:31


Sachin, all the discussion on the thread is 3 years old. I wonder if this initiative still exists. I try contacting them.


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