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kuni75 2014-01-21 17:27:08


Last year(2013-2014) for KG-II, they told that for 1st std they will charge 5% but now they r charging 20% for 1st std. Not only that they are charging  5000/- registration fee and deposit fee 10,000/- again

pujji 2014-01-28 16:53:22


While kid passed out from KG-II and join first stand in the same school who will demand registration Rs.5000/-??? It happens only in Whitefield Global School. Ridiculous !! 

@kuni75, you are correct. My kid is also passing out this year from KG-II. 20% increase is not acceptable. Karnataka government is not at all bothered about these things anyway. 

I remember couple of years back how management treated parents. After getting so many students, i can literally their attitude change.

kuni75 2014-01-29 15:27:59


Yes u r right. At least at admission time they should tell how much fee will increased . so that we'll decide whether we take admission or not. they r telling only after admission. that time we have only option either change the school or accept their demand :( 

SHiv117702 2014-03-01 01:10:53


Hi Hi All,
I moved to Bangalore recently and i need to decide school for my daughter this week for first grade. She got admission into DPS whitefield & Whitefield Global School. Can you please suggest which is better.

Anyone sending their kids to WGS? How are they doing. This school is close to where I stay and would like know feedback on the same.


shalsnam 2014-06-10 13:40:24


Hi Puji,

Except for the fees, how do you think is the care given to the toddlers? what is your overall feedback on WGS.
i am planning to put my son in WGS for the next academic year - nursery.


Asutosh 2014-06-10 18:30:07


What makes a school good or not good? Good or bad will depend on what exactly you are looking in a school.

Early years are foundation years for any child. It is during this time that the skills are learnt effortlessly and it stays with the child life long. Are you looking for simple care and academics?

To me a parent need to ask questions like
What skills or learning will make my child successful in life?
How is the school going to help in that regard?
What is more important for school - child self esteem or academics? Most likely the answer will be self esteem but in practice things may differ. One need to probe, ask for observation to understand things better.

This is probably is one of the most important decision a parent makes, which shapes a child's future. Good luck for your school search.

dj123 2015-09-30 19:59:00


Hi All,
I am looking for admission for my daughter for mid-year LKG class or next year UKG class. Can anyone please give latest reviews and details about Admission process, Fee structure for Whitefield Global School.



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