NPS T John Campus Vs DPS Electronic city Vs BVM Global

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 Former member 2014-01-16 15:24:37


can some parents give some preference rating

NPS T John Campus & DPS Electronic city are new schools that will start from 2014-2015...

BVM Global was started 4 years... though the school looks promising...they are easy going... no test....keeps parents in dark on what is being thought in school....

Are NPS T John Campus & DPS EC franchises??
BVM though they advertise BVM adayar in their bus think its a franchises & management is different....

 Former member 2014-01-17 15:53:39


please reply ur views

eswari20 2014-03-21 11:14:24


My both the kids r studying in BVM..i am very much happy about the school..Bvm global is not franchise,its under the same management ..Mr .Nathan is the head of all the bvm global and bvm adyar schools..i am very sure about that,since Nathan sir addressed as in all the functions and v use get all the school achievement list and prgmes related to competition across India from him..About exams,in Bvm there is no annual exam upto 5th std,but they conduct assesment and class test,after completing every chapters..they ve grade system from 1std,and it vl be calculated by the cumulative scroes of all the tests ..For kg student,they always sent monthly update to all the parents reg. wat they covered in school and and all the fridays they vl sent their work sheets people who r all saying v vl not know wat is happening in the school is not a acceptable... i completly adore their teachers for their caring and teaching and even teachers make sure that kids r eating healthy foods and always mointor them for the same...Bvm syallabus got revised this year,according to cbse new terms.. Bvm is a unique school by indulging moral values by having vedic hertiage as one of thier subject in curriculum..on the whole,i am a happy parent....


meyy 2014-06-12 19:59:02


Hi Eswari,
I am getting relocated from chennai to Bangalore. My daughter is studying 5th at BVM Global Bollineni Chennai.
What are all the 2nd and 3rd language options at BVM Nandi woods?
Thanks in advance



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