Orchids International school in BTM Bangalore

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survam 2013-11-25 16:32:31



Any idea about Orchid's international school BTM Bangalore.


vhars 2013-11-25 16:35:52


Orchids BTM building renovation is not yet complete. Infact there is nothing much to see there except for the Admission office and model classroom. Looks like there is lot of work to be done...

survam 2013-11-25 17:08:31


Thanks Vhars.

AshBlr243 2013-11-26 14:08:19


Hi Goutam,

So far Orchids has a branch only in Jalahalli(as far as I know). From the coming academic session they plan to start another 3 -4 branches in Bangalore and BTM 2nd Stage branch is one of them. They have acquired the land and building that was earlier a factory or something. Their plan is to modify the existing structure and make it suitable for classrooms etc. The plan also includes construction of a swimming pool, basketball court, play area etc. before the 2014-15 session starts. The campus is probably smaller than some of the other schools but sufficient for the school needs.

We visited the admin office at the BTM 2nd stage location and spoke to the principal(a kindly lady from Mumbai) who gave us the details of the teaching methodology etc(incidentally we are looking to put our son in LKG from the coming session). I was quite satisfied with the interaction. The fee structure quoted was 30K admission fee(one time) + 65K tuition fee(recurring with a possibility of increase year on year). Transportation is extra based on the KM distance. For 0-2 KM they quoted 15K per annum.

They apparently do not have an entrance test.


vhars 2013-11-27 21:46:56


No There was no interaction session as such. I think because it is a new branch they might not really have any formal tests.

survam 2013-11-28 15:54:03


Was that really satisfying ?

5606 2013-12-09 12:17:20


HI Parents,

Ash ia right,
even we are satisfied with orchids BTM.
its  not that the constructions are going on...., building is readily available for them. they have to convert the whole space into several classrooms. i visited last week, the play area work have been started there.
was also satisfied with the syllabus there(CBSE affiliation but they teach the best from cbse and icse). also the student have a option to take IGCSE from std 8th.their plan are really excellent(robotics& aero modeling). 


sanvismom 2013-12-13 20:33:18


Hi Priya,

I am planning on getting my daughter into UKG in orchid BTM. We are abroad right now and we are planning on getting back in March. And thats one reason I wont be able to visit the campus personally, and hence if you let me know more about it, it ll really help. As per their website, they have basket ball court, swimming pool, tennis court and few others. Do they really have these? Do they have enough space around for the mentioned facilites? And if could also let us know , what convinced you to take admissions in orchid, it ll be easier to decide for many parents who are looking for admissions in this school.

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!


Abhash 2013-12-26 11:21:07


It is not true, whatever mentioned on their website. I visited there in month of Oct'13. They purchase/rent a old cloth mill. That time building condition was not good actually they said everything will be ready by Feb'14. But many things needs to do.

seenuii1 2014-01-01 19:12:13


Hi Guys..
I have been to this school on 31st and took the application. but am uncertain that i am going to put my kid here.
And also what i heard about Jalahalli branch was they were not able to fill their teachers recruitment yet and not able to stand on the promises they made. I knew this is really good at Hyderabad but its very diffcult to beleave that they gonna finish their construction by may though work is progressing rapidly. Guys do you suggest any alternative?


Abhash 2014-01-02 10:06:36


Where do you stay in Bangalore? I also stay near to BTM, You can try at Sherwood High, heard good review. Also enrolled my daughter there.

seenuii1 2014-01-02 16:50:38


I stay at padmanabhanagar. i will relocate once my son's school gets fixed.
Sherwood is also good.. i have been to that school couple of times. but its bit far. and also, they said age should be 3yr 10 months by june 1st. my son will be 3 yr 8.5 months by then. so i do not have choice. am thinking to put in jnana sweekar public school

twinkletoes 2014-03-11 11:44:05


We have enrolled our kid for the coming academical year... They have made high promises with great and we hope it turns out the way we have expected..have to wait and watch...

Smileymom 2014-04-04 08:44:32


I visited the school yesterday. To be honest, I am apprehensive. There is not much change in the infrastructure from what I saw in February. The tiling for classrooms is being done. The pool is dug, the skating rink is ready but the turf for playground is not yet laid. There is a lot of rubble lying around. I have my doubts whether it will be ready by June. They have apparently started collecting the fee for books & uniforms. I expressed my concern to the management, but the representative was confident that it will all get done by second week of May, when they plan to have the orientation for parents. I recommend all prospective parents to visit the place and inspect it themselves. May be some pressure will speed things up.


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