Bishop cotton girls school admission 2014-15

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Roopsraj 2013-11-04 14:16:43


Here, I am creating a thread for the parents who are seeking admission in Bishop cotton girls school. May be regarding applications to admission procedure we can keep a track. Thank you. 

Arunz 2013-11-05 17:49:48



I am also keen to know about the admission process in Bishop cotton, if some body knows they can help us....

Roopsraj 2013-11-06 10:21:38


Actually I came to know the applications will b issued in jan so we have to keep in touch with the school. 

Nooshi 2013-11-06 13:17:56


Yes I also came to know from someone that admission process will start in jan. 

pktr 2013-11-11 13:17:53


--ditto-- Watching the thread. 

sachinsoft 2013-11-15 14:57:42


Hi All,

I am also looking for admission to LKG for my dauther....

Keep posting updates...

 Former member 2013-11-20 17:04:49


Hi, I am also watching out this topic for my daughter.

raghav2013 2013-11-20 17:32:53


Hi, I am also looking for this for my daughter.

Amena1 2013-12-11 16:03:24


My daughter is 3 years old. I want to admit my daughter in LKG in Bishop Cotton or Baldwin School. I want to know the criteria to admit the child and also about the age limit to admit in LKG class. Also please help me, what is the fees and donations for the coming academic year. 

Amena1 2013-12-11 16:06:06


I reside in Chamarajpet, whether it will create problem in the admission on the school front as it is far. Also heard both the schools take hefty amount in lakhs for donations. Pls help me out. Thanks.

jai23 2014-01-02 16:23:49


Hi Any idea when are they going to issue UKG admission forms ? And the age criteria for the same ?

preethidixie 2014-01-03 07:26:22


thanks for all this thread.. following

Roopsraj 2014-01-04 11:26:19


Hi every one I just got the news that they are issuing forms from 10th jan to 25th jan. Best of luck for every one. We will keep in track. 

iamtheone 2014-01-04 11:47:28


Hi Roopsraj,

From where did you get these dates? Did you see an ad in TOI or any paper? I was told they publish an advertisement in all major dailies. ...Havent seen any  yet. Please update



raghav2013 2014-01-04 13:02:02


I don't think these days any school will publish ads for admission, that too this kind of top schools.

Roopsraj 2014-01-05 01:39:26


Hi iamtheone,
                 I got the information from school. I called up in the morning and they said from 10th jan to 25th jan applications will b issued and for submission dates etc will b mentioned on the notice board from 10th. U can call up school on Monday and get the same detail. 

padurvivek 2014-01-07 19:21:06


Mostly by this week end..ya donation will be more...

Sachingiri 2014-01-08 14:18:03


@ Padurvivek: U mean starting 2-3 Lakhs as donation or even more than that???

sachinsoft 2014-01-08 19:18:10


Please let me know minimum age limit.  My daughter's age will be 3 years 10 months completed as on 1st June 2014. Is she eligible?

ayaandad 2014-01-08 21:15:22


In june kid should be minimum 4 yrs.

Roopsraj 2014-01-27 17:10:51


Hi have  anybody applied for Bishop girls. As the last date for submission application form is nearing. I have applied for my daughter and by march 1st week they will put the list it seems. All the best for who ever have applied. Kindly keep in touch. Hope for the best. 

lkg2k14 2014-01-27 17:34:06



Is application to be put in just a dropbox or some thing ? or do they check the application/supporting documents /age etc ( first level screening ) while submitting the forms?

Roopsraj 2014-01-27 18:50:11


No we have to submit the forms at the school office. Yes they do check the supporting documents and then accept the form. Main thing is Date of birth. The kid should be 4 years before 1st June 2014. 

Dariya399 2014-01-28 19:53:09


Hi All,

I have gone through all comments which written by All of you. I think most of having questions on

1) What is Age limit?
2) When they close admissions?

I took a snap shot of notice board to get clarifications when I went there to take admission for my daughter. You might solve all the queries by seeing the imageimage

Dariya399 2014-01-28 20:26:13


Sorry,  I tried to upload the image but it couldn't take even if its lessthan 2MB.

But here I am mentioning some of the details.

Last Date for submission:  31st Jan - 5:00PM.

Age Limit: 4 years as on 1st June, 2014.

Submitting Forms:
a) Latest Passport Photo
b) Birth Certificate(Xerox)
c) Address Proof(Rental Agreement or Voter ID)

84reby 2014-01-29 12:59:32


Hi My daughter was born in July 2010.Please tell me if the chances of selection wou;ld be less because of that.Any possibility they will consider it as its just two months difference.Please let me know if any of your daughter or son are of the same age however got admission..Thank you

wfbk 2014-01-29 13:14:12


My daughter is July 2010 born too. Bishop Cotton accepts kids born between Sep 2009 and Sep 2010 into kindergarten, so I don't think there would be any reduction in the chances of selection.


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