Making summer holdiays fun!!

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Rippee 2009-03-06 11:08:18


With kids tired after a lot of studies, summer vacations must be fun for them. Besides visiting families and relatives and sending them to various summer camps which start mushrooming during this time, we at home decided that this year we will let our daughters, 10 and 7, just be themselves. No structured activities for them except swimming. I also made a list of things which we can all do together (I plan to ask my daughters to add to this list!) that includes having more plants in the balcony, draw a lot of charts, learn to embroider/new stitches, stick their pictures and craftwork on walls, listen to some instrumental music for a change from all these new loud songs. I would love to have suggestions from other mamas as to what more activities can we do alongwith our children to make holidays more fun.


apar_sai 2009-03-10 09:57:38


a) Children love the kitchen. My older son loves making juice, ice lollies with make-shift kulfi sticks etc.  

b) He makes his own playdough from flour at home. He saves it in the fridge and uses it for 3/4 days.  

c) We have lunch play-dates with friends' children.

d) I take them to their dad's office sometimes- they scribble on the white board, admire the fish, spend some time at the canteen etc.

e) I get him lots of books from the library.








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