RCIS vs Presidency vs Vibgyor Horamavu

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Padm123 2013-10-28 20:52:17


I want to admit my kid to LKG to good schools near HRBR layout, Banaswadi area.
I have short listed following schools which have good reputation in this area.

1)Royal concorde International
2)Presidency Kasturinagar
3) Vibgyor high- Horamavu

Now, I am confused and need your inputs to sort out my confusion.
Any parents who has experience with these schools please provide some insights.

My criteria is to ensure my kid enjoys the schooling with overall development including Sports, extra curriculum activites along with studies.

Thanks much,

2013Merl 2013-11-19 13:32:12


Hi Pad123,

I have also been hunting for schools around Kalyan Nagar and zeroed down on the foll:

Royal Concorde

I have been analyzing a lot of reviews and I am really surprised by the way each school functions.

1. Presidency school is the least with really bad reviews
2. CMR NPS is very education oriented with minimal importance given to extra curricular. fee structure is high, standards are not the same as Bangalore National Public school. many bad reviews. school was good 10 years back, now the stdards have gone down.
3. Royal Concorde is money minded - Admission form itself is Rs 1500, and we must pay admission fees close to rs 25000 immediately post interview of the child (which will happen within 7 working days of admission form submission). This is wierd as we do not have scope to even reconsider the choice of schools
4. So far, Vibgyor have had been receiving moderate reviews, they are expensive too, but atleast the facilities, environment, activities, etc are worth paying for. they have a balance of education and other activities. I am not sure still, but atleast they seem better off compared to the rest of them.

I too need valid inputs from other parents who already have their children studying in Vibgyor. 


Padm123 2013-11-19 17:23:04


Thanks for the review.
Do you rate Presidency School as No.1 in bad rating or its least badly rated, your sentence is not clear.

My kid has cleared the Presidency interview and is told to be admitted, teachers looks to be approachable.
RCIS looks to be good in infrastructure and tries to maintain its standard, looks like has lot of protocol.

Still need to visit VIBGYOR-Horamavu and evaluate yet, it has classes only till 6th.

 Former member 2013-11-19 20:51:44


im also looking for lkg admission in RCIS, after about 2 years of hunt for the best school, i think my hunt is over now....my child has cleared the entrance test and they hav given a weeks time to pay the registration fee, i suppose this is the case in most of the schools, coz they too need a guarantee that v r joining their school , if not they can fill up our seat with some one else...

so have u guys cleared with the interview?r  u joining ur kids to RCIs, i think i will go for it as i hav got a number of good reviews from parents, they seem to be satisfied with the school and the facilities the school has to offer..one of the parent told me that they aren't really money minded and rude, at times they have to be so to maintain discipline in school...it is because of this dat they r able to maintain their standard....after getting positive first hand reviews from parents i have ignored  the harsh reviews that some people have stated ..i think i'll pay the registration fee in a day or so....wat say guys?

2013Merl 2013-11-22 16:42:08



Thanks for informing, it has helped me ease a lot of anxiety I had over RCIS school. 

Pad123 - I read bad reviews about Presidency, Hence did not care to apply there, therefore do not have complete first hand info of this school.

I have been checking keenly on VIBGYOR, as this school has been recently established, the pilot batch is still in 6th Grade, the admin has confirmed that they will be expanding up to 12th grade as the pilot batch keeps progressing.
Overall I have felt the school is good, with clean and fun filled environment which is a great enabler for the child's overall growth and development.

I am now curious to explore RCIS based on ari123's comments.

My son will be attending interviews in NPS, RCIS and VIBGYOR in a week's time.  Will post the results shortly.

Thanks once again for this feedback.

Padm123 2013-11-22 19:56:59


Good Luck!!! Keep us posted.
As I understand its very touch to get in NPS, 

NPS Prefers siblings, Alumni kids, Govt.Staff kids, Same school teachers kids etc.
Unless you have good recommendation.

Since, VIBGYOUR is a new school you may get some Admission fee waived off as an incentive.(not sure pls check)

Hope we will hear more from you, as you experience it personally.


sidban 2013-11-23 09:34:01


Which NPS? I thought NPS Inr and NPS Krm have not yet releases their forms. 

 Former member 2013-11-23 13:23:12


I have payed the registration fee at RCIS, they told us to keep in touch with them in march, they will inform us abt the other key dates.I personally felt they r quite approachable.This has relieved my tension dat i had for all these days, jst hope everything will go out well...i understand the anxiety parents hav b4 admissions..Best of luck to you all.. keep updated if u r going with RCIS.


Kavyashree 2013-11-26 20:48:47


Hi ari123,
I,m also thinking of putting my Daughter into RCIS. I came through bad reviews about the school that they are money oriented. We live in LOndon and couldn't visit school to explore more about. What will be the fee structure for nursery?
Are they still giving admission forms?

Padm123 2013-11-26 23:09:30


Admission forms are available at School.
Fee(approx) will be (95K+ 25K) for first year + Transport+Misc extra.

Kavyashree 2013-11-27 04:02:33


Hi padm123,
Thank you.

SubhaGuna 2013-11-27 09:34:49



Any reviews on CMR / VIBGYOR Jakkur?? Both are equidistant to me and I'm confused about mixed reviews. However please let me know your personal experiences if any. I stay near Manyata Tech Park. Please let me know any other good schools within a radius of 4-5 kms..


 Former member 2013-11-29 16:34:42


Hi kavyashree, 
even I was in a dilemma to put my kid or not after reading the reviews, but nw after me having done a lot of r&d I have chosen Rcis ....just hope everything goes out well...so where are u put up in London? , I too have been there twice, and we are planning to go there after a few years, after my child gets a foundation from Indian schooling....so when are u planning to come here, coz forms are still available but don't  knw till when they'll issue ....I guess they will soon close it when all admissions are done,for lkg there are limited seats coz they already hav Montessori  so naturally all those kids will b carried to lkg, but if ur trying for nursery then you'll still have time coz they have to fill up so many seats...but right now admissions have already started and god knows how many of them are already selected.

Baharul16 2013-12-06 23:46:15


Greetings of the Day Everyone!

Whats the fee strcture for VIBGYOR..........anybody knows when they are distributing forms for coming year admission for Nursery.

Thanks & Regards

Padm123 2013-12-07 18:50:11


For Nursery it will be

40K admission fee( 20K is waived off)  and  Annual fee + Tuition fee = 80K

In Total 20K + 80K for Vibgyor Horamavu.

More or less same for LKG and UKG as well.

Abhash 2013-12-08 20:48:08


I think admission fee is completely waived off, if you confirm the admission before 31st dec.

ArunaPrasad 2014-02-22 12:46:20


Hi All,

Can someone give me feedback on how vibgyor horamavu is at the primary level? We would be relocation in a couple of months and I am in a dilemma which one to choose between RCIS and Vibgyor?  I am looking at all round development with some extra curicular activities.  My kid will be goong to 3rd. 


mpatra 2015-03-07 16:34:42


This whole chain is about a year old. We would be relocating to Bangalore soon and incidentally stay in Babusapalya area. The same set of shools and same anxiety as by Pad123 a year ago but for higher grades. Seeking admission for my daughters in class 4 and 6. Any feedback about the best possible schools in Babusapalya area. 

SSR123 2016-03-07 06:05:59


Any recent reviews on Vibgyor?

droy2016 2016-05-18 19:18:20


My Son is there in Vibgyor - Horamavu for last two years. It is so far so good. It helps in all round skill development of the kid. Fees structure is on higher side. My son would start going to Vibgyor High from this year and I heard there are lot of academic pressure from standard one itself.

ckumar 2016-12-01 16:22:53


Hi There
Any recent reviews on Vibgyor Horamavu and RCIS and their fee structures please.

Is Presidency still looking bad?

Please kindly give me some thoughts

Thank you

newinbanglore 2018-02-11 10:28:33



I see this may be old post

I am thinking for admission for my kids in rcis,please share your reviews how is school and facilities ,,i am looking for ICSE school


newinbanglore 2018-02-11 11:16:26


no one have concerns for vibgyor for below points:

-They put cbse and icse students in one class upto certain grade and its mixed syallabus (of thier own) and not exactly cbse or icse
-no exams upto certain grade ,quoting it puts stress on kids ,its non sense having exam alone not put stress on kids ,i see currently my kids in school have exams in  primary,and there is hardly any stress ,infact it acts as motivation when they  bring home paper and show us with great enthuiasm they scored 8 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 ,or some times score less ,accordingly we take feedback and prepare them

i dont know who applied brain in vibgyor for this non sense things or they are doing for thier own convienence

newinbanglore 2018-02-11 11:18:11


if for transfer or other reasons if they change school from vibgyor to other which good icse school will take them as they dont follow icse syallabus and there is no progress card to show

Dips80 2018-02-11 15:32:12


I stay near elements mall. My daughter is current i pre nursery vivero international. Looking at options for her. Nothing concrete yet. How is Vidya niketan

Dips80 2018-02-11 15:40:52



Nannu143 2019-10-03 19:07:17


Dear Pad123 and Merlyn, I am a teacher in Chrysalis high Horamavu and my son has been studying here for the past three years. I can assure you that CHH is the right place for the all around development of the child. This is the only place that delivers what it promises. Any feedback or concern is immediately addressed and resolved. We believe in our children. We help them conquer their fears and urge them to be better human beings. We prepare them for the exam called life.


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