my daughter doesnt eat

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shuma 2009-03-05 09:01:32


my daughter ,21 months old, weighs 9 kilos, i feel she is underweight, there are some dayz when she totally stops eating, sometimes i feels its because of teething , but i am worried that ultimatley,she ends her day with eating very lesss, she is hyper activer ,and she is so much involved in ehr activity that even though i force her, or play with her, or do something which can please her so that she can eat, doesnt works sometimes,

what should i do  that she can eat welll,i give her variety in food, roti's , rice ,dal, and deserts like pudding and all,but she doesnt take ehr meal properly!

cip 2009-03-08 12:08:38


Hi Ms Shuma...

i can understand ur problem because even i have faced the same thing.. now my son is 3.5 yrs and he eats on his own and enjoys eating.... what i did was when he was 1.5 yrs, we stopped using the dining table and started having our dinner together on the floor... we used to sit on the floor with chapatis, rice, sambar, etc... in front of us.. i had bought him plates, spoons, and tumblers of different colors and shapes... every day we used to have the dinner together sitting on the floor... i stopped feeding him. Initially he used to throw the rice all over the house. he did dis for 2 or 3 days.. then he started eating on his own by hands, though very small amounts... now he is comfortable eating by himself. i used to prepare chapatis and dosas of different shapes like moon, house, boat, etc.... and even i used to cut the idlis in different shapes and give him with three or four side-dishes... this will definitely work out... it will take some time, but have patience.... do something creative for the child....



DivyaRaj12 2009-09-04 10:57:55


Hi Shuma,

I could so well empathise with your dilemma. I also have a 13 month old adorbale baby girl and she also weighs just about 9 kilos.....used to feel quite bad when people used to say that she looks like she is 8-9 months old....but then all my folks at home told me that as long as she is healthy and active...there is nothing to worry about!!! And wrt feeding,guess it is a long drawn process....before they start eating on their own.And i reliased what patience is all about, only after I had a kid.



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