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navind 2013-10-16 14:40:10



Looking for addmission in 1st Std for June 2014 start.

Have shifted to Bangalore from Mumbai. Office is in Bellandur and would looking for rented house in HSR, Sarjapur Road, Green Glen.

Could manage to shortlist few schools, would be great you can provide review about it and other details like fees and all. ICSE or CBSE both are fine.

1. Bethany, Koramangala and Sarjapur
2. NPS, Koramangala
4. Freedom International, HSR
5. Greenwood High, Gunjur Sarjapur
6. SSRVM, Sarjapur
7. Oxford high school, JP nagar
8. Harvest, Sarjapur
9. Primus, Sarjapur
10. Norte Dame, Choodsandra

Input would be of great help.


navind 2013-10-17 10:25:36



Friends please provide the reviews, it would help all addmsn seeking parents.

Pradeeprabhu 2013-10-17 17:49:47


Hey Navind,

From Green Glen Layout most of the schools you mentioned has bus facility and they are within 5-10 kms radius. If I was in your situation would go for the below three schools in this order

Bethany, Koramangala [Sarjapur is too far for you]
Greenwood High 


navind 2013-10-18 14:02:58


Hi Prabhu,

Thanks for your input.

You right, Sarjapur is quite far.
But even Greenwood High is in Sarjapur. So if at all son commutes till Sarjapur, we may well check other options too, that was the thought process.

I got your first prefernce / choice - NPS, Bethany and Greenwood. Can you provide input if above 3 are not positive?

Like Bethany said I can try in Sarjapur branch, and might get there as its a new school under same management. But no vacancy in Koramangala. NPS I understand is difficult to get in. Greenwood High said seats are full for 2014 1 std. :-(

So what suggestion you would give for 2nd level choice



Pradeeprabhu 2013-10-18 19:51:08


OMG !!! Never knew that in First Standard it will be so difficult to get into good school.

Greenwood High has 10 classes in each standard. And some other school I forgot the name, has section till "R".

Coming to your question, then the next level of schools will be 

DPS East, Sarjapur Road [But not sure for Standard 1]
New Horizon Gurukul [5 Kms from your place]

Some expensive ones like
Inventure Academy
Silver oak Dommasandra, Sarjapur Road [Pretty new school here but well establishes in Hyd]
Indus [Very far but best]

Nakku 2013-10-18 21:20:50


@Pradeepprabhu - good list 

@navind - be cautious wen you select expensive one from pradeepprabhu's list, sometimes we feel that difference in fees is not too much ~20k or 30k difference might be affordable to you, but the attitude your kid going to get differs a lot. One of my friend's kid is compelling his parents for world tour, as it was normal for his high-fi classmates to have abroad tour in their vacation.

navind 2013-10-21 16:10:10



Thanks Nakku and Pradeep.

Point agreed and well noted, little difference costs bigger later on, be prepared now on else dont venture into those kind of school.

Found fees of few school -
1. Global Indian - 1.70 + transport
2. Inventure - 2 lacs it goes
3.Harvest - Addmsn 30K + 75K fees + 33k transport = 1.38
4. Primus (has IG only) - Addmsn fee 40K + Sec Dep 35K + 80k fees + 27k transport = 1.82

Any idea of DPS east n south fees details? And of New Horizon Gurukul too?
Thanks for Bethany Sarjapur details n fees.

Planning to visit these short listed schools on weekend.


navind 2013-10-21 16:36:35


Might be helpful for others... putting details which you passed on

Bethany Sarjapur fees are 65k addmsn + 75k fees + transport

ctmanoj 2013-10-24 17:39:28


I was looking at Primus or Bethany (sarjapur) for my son for UKG.

The fees I heard of Primus didnt have a seperate admission fees. It had a 30 or 35k as refundable deposit.

Can anyone throw some light on this ?

chapvinny 2013-10-31 19:34:41


@navind thanks for cost detail, 

I checked with New Horizon Gurukul, and they are so adamant to not to disclose the fees structure. i asked again and again but at the end they simply taken 500/- Rupees for form and told they will call me for some screening then they will tell the fees if kid would got selected.

Anyhow I manged to talk to some other parents who were dropping cheque.
one of the parent told that for 6th standard he paid 40K admission+  80K fees + 20 K transportation + 15K for dress/ etce ct = so total = 1.55 lk firts year and then 1.2 lk every year....

It looks all CBSE schools are robbing, do share if you get some decent CBSE school detail.


music4 2013-11-08 12:10:20


Just thought of sharing a bad experience I had recently.

I'm also looking for admission for my child to 1st std. We gave application in Notre Dame, wrote the test and cleared also. Though we were cld for admission, we couldnt make it cos Both me and my child were down with fever, and they insist that both parents be present at time of admission. Inspite of informing them by mail about this and asking for our admission to be rescheduled in a weeks time, till date we havent got a reply regarding this.

On the next day to which admission was scheduled, we cld the school, as we didnt get a reply mail, to chk whether for now its enough if only 1 parent goes for the procedures for the time being as we dont want to delay. The office staff told us that they have not received any mail and that they'll get back to us after chking. Even after 2 successive cals they kept repeating the same answer, we decided to wait. When I cld after a few days, the staff was rudely giving a reply that we were told there are no more seats available. As an overview I felt there is a complete inefficiency on the part of the office staff and they are trying very badly to cover up, esp when ur not even allowed to speak to the principal when we can prove our part. I felt on this and a few previous occasions also that if u r prepared to just be a silent parent and just follow whatever ur told to the word, u will be satisfied. On no occasion, urgent or not will u find any flexibilty. Never expect to get any of ur queries anwered by mail. And certainly no msgs can be conveyed to the principal. The principal may not even be responsible in whatever happened in our case. Mayb if we played the so called corporate politics after directly going thr, we may or mayn't've been able to prove our point. But at the end of the day we didnt feel we'll gain anything from it. So decided to drop the matter.

So now we're chking out other schools!!! Back to where we started.


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