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chikola 2013-10-16 08:26:04


Dear Friends,

Has anyone addmitted for LKG for 14-15? How is the review of the school for a long term association?. Pls help i need some inputs before i finalize a school for my daughter.

Jasmin48 2013-10-16 20:16:55


Hi I am also planning to put my son in WGS for LKG.Does the admission started there?I tried contacting them over phone but the number was is not reachable from few days.

chikola 2013-10-16 21:55:14


Hi Jasmin,

They have started issuing the forms which needs to be collected from the school and after that interaction and confirmation.
do u have any review on the school?? what is your thought.

Also if anyone else has done any research or has any feedback do share.

this will help us the better school for our little ones

Jasmin48 2013-10-17 11:55:16


Hi, even I called them today and they have asked me to come to school on Monday with kid.
I have collected reviews from other parents and as of now I heard only positive reviews. Checked with parent of kids from 5th grade as well as UKG. Heard that they were arranging personal classes on weekends in case the child can't attend regular class continuously for few days. And from the researches I have done, what I understood is two batches have already completed 10th grade from this school which is a good point. I am not so sure about this.

It will be great if anyone can share more info on WGS.


G3Sri 2013-10-21 11:50:54


Hi Jasmin,
I am planning to seek admission for my daughter who will be going to class V. You have mentioned that you have checked with some parents of kids from 5th grade. Can you help me with some direct feedback especially for higher classes? 

pujji 2014-01-21 13:49:17


My kids are studying in WGS, can you please ask specific questions so that I can share my views.

nehabharti 2014-01-27 15:28:51



My child has been studying in Whitefield Global School for the past 3 years . The quality of education provided by them is really very poor .

In order to impress the parents , they have employed a few people at the reception who look good, speak English very  fluently and are very efficient. But the children will be  taught by teachers , not the front office .

The teachers  are incompetent , they themselves dont know the subjects they are teaching . The 3rd grade teachers  dont know simple spellings . They are not correcting the copies of the children properly . On the top of that teachers are themselves writing incorrect spellings and sentences  in the copies.I sometimes wonder which school have they studied from….

The examination system being followed there is really poor with a great load on children. Apart from the two term end examinations, 4 Formative assessments are being taken which involves preparing 4-5 lessons in each subject. For this, they give the starting and ending dates , and the syllabus, but they do not tell which subject exam is going to be on which day . How can they expect  the little children  to be mugging up all 6 subjects together  .

They have all kinds of extra -curricular activities for name sake like karate, music, dance, yoga, skating . But they do not even bother whether the children  are learning it or not. To be frank, my child could not learn a single thing out of these in the past 3 years . But the school doesnt care .

They have school on Saturdays which is also very tiring for the children .

 They do not encourage any feedback from parents . They only entertain us during PTM which is held once after 3-4 months . Apart from  that you cannot interact with the teachers . The Director Mrs Sharada is an authoritarian , who just speaks her point but is not ready to listen to what parents have to say . She does not want to even listen to any kind of negative feedback. 

The parents are not kept informed in time about the events taking place in the school and how they can prepare their kids for taking part. Sometimes , they don’t even give information even about the  syllabus of academic competitions happening in school.

There is no encouragement to students in the form of awards/ certificates . Only  awards are being given for competitions . But for doing well in the class , in academics / any other behavioral quality there is no certificate/ award.

They are not teaching any sports(cricket, football, tennis etc) to the kids. ( nothing was taught in our case from grade 1-3 ).

Recently they held a drama event in the school and invited all parents for it . Most of the students in school were taking part in this annual event . The arrangements for the stage program were  below average . Half of the children’s collar mikes were not working, and hence their dialogues were inaudible . The sound system stopped many times  and lights went out during some of the events . After making the kids practice for months together for the drama , the kids deserved better .

In class, mostly answers are written on the board , and children are simply copying them . There is no encouragement to creative thinking on part of children . Even Maths answers are being copied from board .  They  make the kids learn all question-answers  at the back of the chapter , but in the Examinations , they will twist and turn the questions to make sure the child doesn’t understand what is being asked . They ask all kinds of tricky and difficult questions in exams , but in the class they will be doing only simple question answers . This is ridiculous.

They ask children to keep all books and copies in class in their respective lockers , but they do not even send the copies home whenever any homework/ test / formative assessments are there . No reminder to children to take books/ copies home in such times. Many times I had to go and pick up the books from the class myself.

They have a library , but the children are not allowed to issue a book and take it home . Do they even  know that a child learns a language better  by reading more books.  There is no emphasis on reading/ creative writing in the class as well. Grammar being covered in the class is insufficient . Not much practice is being given to kids on grammar/ punctuation .

The only thing working properly is their transport .

I would suggest all parents looking for admission for their children, PLEASE DO NOT  EVEN CONSIDER WHITEFIELD GLOBAL SCHOOL if you want your child s basic education to be good. Better teach them at home instead of sending them to such a school. I have made a mistake by choosing this school and soon I am going to correct it .


SHiv117702 2014-03-01 01:11:38


Hi Hi All,
I moved to Bangalore recently and i need to decide school for my daughter this week for first grade. She got admission into DPS whitefield & Whitefield Global School. Can you please suggest which is better.

Anyone sending their kids to WGS? How are they doing. This school is close to where I stay and would like know feedback on the same.



mbm1 2014-08-22 12:41:21


Hi Neha,
Are you still continuing with your kids education at WGS or are you moving your kid into a different school and what are the options you are looking at. 
This will help in deciding the school. I want to be sure that I don't make a wrong decision. Getting a admission to a school is first off all a great task as you would appreciate and to change in between would be an additional problem,


dj123 2015-09-30 19:57:05


Hi All,
I am looking for admission for my daughter for mid-year LKG class or next year UKG class. Can anyone please give latest reviews and details about Admission process, Fee structure for Whitefield Global School.



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