NCFE or Sishya BEML

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osuresh 2013-10-13 15:38:41


NCFE or Sishya BEML...Confused...I am looking for a good CBSE school for my 7th std kid in this area..which one is better..NCFE campus is big.. but i am not hearing good reviews..sishya campus is ordinary.. but hearing better reviews...would appreciate feedback from parentree group reply

tnkt 2013-10-15 10:17:47


NCFE has not been giving good reviews.also heard that their playground has been taken over by some builder,so does not belong to them any more.just in their neighbourhood,there is a new global city international school,u can go n have a look there.its just started last yr,but they have lot of infrastructure coming looks like its here to stay....dont know much abt shisya

Vedh23 2013-10-16 10:17:12


I too am confused... But NCFE has not issued applications yet. Any info abt BEML, date of issuing application for nursery. Pls provide some info abt geetanjali.

blr7 2013-10-25 21:19:23


check some bad news abt NCFE last yr abt closing down Bellandur center without any notice to parents:


mrspaes23 2013-10-29 16:25:54


Hello friends, Can anyone give me some info on Ncfe school And Global city international school both are at malleshpalya 5th main. any of the parents have tried taking admission for the Lkg in either of the school or if any parents kids are going to the following school . any advice would be appreciated by you. I am planning to put my son in either one of these 2 school but am a little but confused and worried cause Ncfe is already a established school where else Global city international is just a new school which is just start this yr only. both are CBSE both are having similar facilities too . the only draw back is the fees NCFE is charging too much and every yr there is an increase of 10 -15% in fees. which compared to GCIS is a lot different thou they too have a increase of fee of 5-10% every yr aas mentioned by them. so pls can any of the parent tell me if I should go by the new school GCIS or NCFE. any advice & suggestions would be highly appreciated by you; ll.

thank you


gaurn 2018-01-26 21:00:25


mrspaes23, which one is better in these two schools - Ncfe school And Global city international school ?

Please help, we are moving to CV Raman nagar with 2 kids will go class 8th and 2nd in next session 2018-19


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