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srk3 2013-10-10 17:41:37


Hello all,
           I have planned to put my child in to Mount Litera Zee school for LKG 2014. Can parents who's children are already studying in Harlur branch of this school share their reviews about this school. Please reply as soon as possible.


AnandKV 2013-11-18 00:00:18


My Son is in LKG.. Its a good school, nothing extra-ordinary .... Infrastructure is still under construction. Facilities wise ok. They have a playground of reasonable size - always filled with students engaged in various sports / games. Premises / rest rooms are kept clean.. Staff/Teachers are very courteous / helpful. It may take another year for me to judge the skill development. So far, meeting basic expectations.. He has picked up writing all the English Alphabets / Numbers till 100.. Reading words/sentences - just getting started. Spoken English - still in nascent stages, all broken.. Not much load on the kids.. Homework is only in the weekend - mostly tracing a letter / alphabet in two worksheets at most. Not many activities are given as Homework - they do quite a few in class though.

For his birthday, they delivered a cake at our home - a pleasant surprise. They have sessions to teach basic exercises - jumping/running etc. They also send a Health checkup report (guess once in a year) on the physical growth and other aspects (vision, dental, hearing of the students. He went to Fire Station as field trip, a visit to Lalbagh Garden is being planned.


annsoorej 2015-04-01 19:28:02


Hi everyone.. Please let me know the latest reviews on Mount litera zee school on harlur road as I'm planning to admit my daughter to nursary.


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