Vishwa Vidyapeeth school, Yelahanka, Bangalore

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aadumom 2013-10-09 10:27:53


Hi everyone,
I am looking for reviews about vishwa vidyapeeth schol located in Yelahanka. Anyone whose kid or friend's kid is studying here, please share the reviews as it would help me and others. 

cnugtl 2014-02-10 15:22:54



Did you try to get any further information on this school.  Do they follow CBSE or ICSE syllabus.  What's the fee structure. What is the talk on this school.


Div799 2014-12-01 21:03:43


any idea abt Vishwa vidyapeeth school yelahanka.. School looks awesome n environment too..

supriya83 2015-09-19 19:17:36


Hi. The school follows ICSE syllabus. I would like reviews about this school from parents of students studying here as I can't find any reviews online. Thanks

vmol 2015-10-26 16:04:39


Very good school. I really love the way they follow the gurukul system. I have decided to enroll my child there. You need to see the school campus and also the fee structure is very less comparatively as they have all activities like Taekwondo, Yoga, Skating, Cricket etc and also the food starting from breakfast to evening snacks. I am really happy with the school and would recommend to anyone who wants a good school for ICSE syllabus in north Bangalore.

Sreedevi 2015-10-30 14:04:26


Hi ..Am looking for admission for my son to grade3. Can you please share your experience with Vishwa vidyapeeth


vivekn 2015-11-17 18:29:57


Heard in this forum teacher attrition is more and activities were not conducted correctly due to lack of activity teachers as well it true any one please comment. 

vmol 2015-11-19 22:00:27


My child is enrolled there and i find they are keeping upto their commitments. Their pre primary is fab. Especially the teachers. They have been there since the start of the school and are very friendly with children. She is already loving it there. As for activities, I found other parents happy with that as well. The school won overall championship too in skating recently. I know personally the yoga and taekwondo teachers there. Both are very good professionals.

ankita2302 2016-01-11 11:53:09


Hello Everyone,
Can someone give me the information about admission in UKG? How do the follow academics? Any information on Fee Structure will be really helpful.


lionking999 2016-01-12 09:39:28


Yes activities are not conducted properly, this year i am taking my kid out of the school.

vmol 2016-01-12 15:06:45


have a school visit, you can know more.

abcegf 2016-02-13 15:26:45


I am considering this school for my child in grade 1, please provide reviews on this school. It will help us a lot. Hows the school curriculum wise?


bhavana0203 2016-06-15 15:43:19


A big campus camouflages the poor management.Not worth the Fees we pay.Very disappointed with the KG activities conducted in Term 2(2015-16).Had admitted my ward in mid academic year and was totally disappointed the way he was being handled both academically and psychologically.Day care is nothing but remand home with teachers showing their bad tempers on kids.Worst decision on mine 

shriya36 2016-09-11 13:39:02


Hi I happened to see some comments on this school where my daughter has been admitted since past two years - right from playgroup. They have a guru shishya tradition at school. Yes initially I was very scared how she will eat from such an early age there but the teachers are very devoted and do a wonderful job. The hygiene and punctuality is what encouraged me to keep going on. I could happily concentrate on my career thanks to the reason that my little one was so comfortable at the school. I hope they keep up the good work in the future as well. 


raghav24 2016-09-21 16:01:08


Hello Shriya,

I am planning to take admission for my kid in this school, can you please give me the approximate fees what they charge for Nursery,

Would you be kind enough to provide me details like is it Monday to Friday school or Mon to Sat. Do they put lot of pressure on kids, etc. Any of your valuable feedback will be of much help.


shriya36 2016-09-22 21:33:22


Hi Raghav, 

The school is from Monday to Friday only. The fee as per my friend who also put in her child this academic year was 35k for admission and 82.5k for a year in three installments. I didn't have to shell out anything for any program throughout the year. I am not aware of transport fee as I pick and drop my child daily. No there is no pressure on my kid there - do you think I would let her be there if so? Nothing matters to me more than her happiness and she is the first to jump to go to school :)

We are having the Grandparents' day this Saturday and my in-laws will be there in case you are going then. The management is very open to interact - just visit and clarify all your doubts. I recently also visited campus as a part of the Mother-on-duty. Every day one mother happens to be at campus and I also got lucky to be one! I happened to spend a whole day at campus and see the other side of the picture. It is no joke taking care of all these little ones. But I am happy they do what they promise.

Looking forward to meeting you at school ...........



raghav24 2016-09-22 23:42:58


Surely.And thank you very much for taking out your precious time and providing me the complete details. I have visited the school today. Good infrastructure. They all are very courteous. I am happy with their teaching method etc. I have one last query, they promise many indoor, outdoor and performing arts activities. Do they really make sure that kid is involved and learning these extra curriculum activities? Will they trainers on all of these activities. Kindly let me know. 

shriya36 2016-09-24 23:00:47


Hi Raghav. Great you could see the school yourself. In the preprimary level they dont have the heavy outdoor activities like skating or taekwondo. But yes my friend's son who is in UKG is a member of the VVP preprimary football team and he went to the interschool competition also after lots of practice. They have daily assembly everyday morning. And yes there is this Open Day they have where our kids perform to parents - a very good improvement on that front for my kid becos earlier she would not even open her mouth and and now she is the first to jump on our society program podiums. I have seen the school win many awards recently for yoga, skating and football. I am sure they have good trainers hence. I think you can check their fb page for more details

raghav24 2016-09-25 23:30:52


Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.  I checked their FB posts. It helped. 



Yokes2121 2016-12-03 13:48:15


Hello, Today i visited the School campus and also had an opportunity to interact with the Principal. Can you pls elaborate a bit more as to what went wrong with your ward? it will help us take the wise decision. ..Thanks. 

TarunS 2016-12-05 21:41:15


This is sounding interesting school. Few things I would love to clarify:
  • How old is the school (seems a recent take-off).
  • How many kids in-general per class? ( I know one famous north Bangalore school where per class have 300+ students,ughhh)
  • What is teacher to kid ratio?
  • Fee and admission charges. What is expected fee hike per year?
  • extra curricular looks good. What about core education part?


TarunS 2016-12-05 21:42:56


@Yokesh -

I am sure you will have first hand info since you visited the school. Will love to hear your +ve and -ve view points about this school.


TarunS 2016-12-07 21:35:52


All -

I had a word with the admission coordinator today. Sharing some info for benefit of the group:
  • They have ICSC affiliation till 10th. Will proceed further to get upto 11/12th.
  • Next year onwards planning to add IBSC board as well where curriculum will be a mix of both upto class 5th.
  • Focusing (at least repeat mention) of value learning, tradition etc.
  • She mentioned about lot of extra activities which are bundled with the annual fee itself. No additional charges.
  • Fee approx 82.5 per year for last year, subject to 10/12% revision.
  • She mentioned that the promoter entity is running some of other educational institute etc.
Basis the internet search (blog, FB), seems that parents are closely engaged at each stages and talks positively about school.

Will like to hear from others what is other info at there disposal about the school. Specially, need to understand
1. what is the managements background credentials in running schools etc.
2. Feedback on imparting knowledge etc.


TarunS 2016-12-07 21:36:32


Here is the URL for Vishwa Vidyapeeth:


DipaliK 2017-02-10 14:33:00


I am planning to take my daughter's admission in this school for Grade III from the coming session. We are told that the annual fees is 1.45L (incl of transportation and books/uniform) for Grade III. Also, that there is no admission test till Grade V. Any information/feedback regarding this school will be highly appreciated.


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