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njv555 2013-10-07 14:55:13



Has anybody applied in Christ Academy in Begur? Has anyone got any call from them?

Abhash 2013-10-08 09:32:08


Yes, I have applied for my daughter. But till now, I haven't got any call/email. Did you get any call?

Abhash 2013-10-11 09:12:05


Today, I have called them. They have selected the candidate randomly. Now selection process is over. If you haven't got any call, it means your kid not selected.

njv555 2013-10-11 22:39:43


I didn't get a call till date. So i went there to check the status. They told me that the process is closed. I asked them about the admission criteria. It was the standard answer - no special criteria, it was random!

deepak09 2013-10-17 19:52:10


Please tell me the fee structure and school timings for UKG.I was
told to enquire in november for academic year 2014-15

njv555 2013-10-20 10:26:07


Hi Deepak,

i don't have any idea on UKG fee structure! I am sorry. I was trying for pre-kg for my kid and that didn't go through.


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