AECS Magnolia Maruti Public school BG Road 2014-2015 admissions

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ProudFatherOf2 2013-09-25 12:54:18


This thread is created for discussing the "AECS Magnolia Maruti Public school BannerGhatta Road 2014-2015 admissions". Is anybody from nearby areas have booked admissions or thinking to book in any of Preprimary classes (Nursery, LKG, UKG) can share their actions or ideas here. Can also share the fee structure. Thank you.

deepak09 2013-10-26 10:47:18


Hi Proudfatherof2,
I am considering this school for my daughter UKG next year.It will be really helpful if u can provide some details about it like fees, transport,extra curricular, student teacher ratio,infra etc.

ProudFatherOf2 2013-10-29 23:18:56


Hi deepak09, I joined my elder son in this school in LKG for next year. It is a good school and currently the infrastructure is average and they are renovating it. In another 3 months I can strongly say that the renovatin work would be completely done. The fee structure for LKG for next year is as follows: One time admission fee - 35 k and Annual Fee - 42 K payable in 3 terms (once every 4 months). School uniform, books, transportation is extra. Not sure how much is it. The main reason in this school to join ones kids are the teacher to student ratio. There are only three sections and each section is of 30 kids. Personal care is more, unlike other schools like BGS NPS. Go ahead and confidently join ur kid here. and relax.

aruna123 2013-11-03 17:41:53


I am looking for admissions for both my daughters into UKG and is the teaching and fee structure.....ur views on this wud be greatly appreciated thnx

ProudFatherOf2 2013-11-04 07:24:02


Hi aruna123, tteaching in general is good. Personal care in the school is good as student to teacher ratio is good when compared to other schools surrounding like esp BGS NPS. Fee to is reasonal when compared to surrounding schools. You cannot have second thoughts now.

aruna123 2013-11-04 08:55:32


Thnx a ton......will be visiting the school tmrw.......will post my feedback soon.....hopig to get admissions for both there....thnx again

Pankuj 2013-11-05 02:44:59


I am also looking for admission for my kid in nurseray. Is admission on. I am also planning to visit tom.. Thanks..

Pankuj 2013-11-06 23:23:07


I visited aecs mangolia yesterday.. i find this good considering the fees etc.. i am planning to get the admission done in pre kg tom.. hope this is good decision. 

vhars 2013-11-28 11:47:28


we had visited the school and this school looks good from a academic standpoint. They do have extra curricular activities also but not as part of daily curriculum. We have not considered this school because it would be far for my son from Marthahalli. Otherwise this is a good option. My Sister In laws kid goes there and they have not faced any issues till now.

ProudFatherOf2 2014-03-15 09:16:41


Hi Pankuj, nice to hear that you too considered AECS Magnolia Maruthi Public School for your little ward. Yes Pankuj, IMO it is good in fee respect. THe management is not money minded like other schools surrounding this school. Hope lets not regret of this decision.

ProudFatherOf2 2014-04-09 20:09:59


For all the parents who joined their wards in Magnolia Maruti Public school and who have missed out the mail for textbooks, notebooks and school uniforms, I am sharing it here:

Dear Parents, Greetings from AECS Team. This is to inform you that the Books and uniform distribution for grade Pre-Kg to X would be done on 10th April  (Thursday) 2014 in the school premises by the respective vendors  between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Please ensure that you collect the same for your ward on the above mentioned date. The pricing of the Textbooks and Notebooks set is as follows: SL. No.GradePrice of Books(Rs)1Pre-Kg20502LKG22003UKG25004I34005II35506III39007IV43008V50009VI490010VII500011VIII540012IX520013X5100  Also, the payments for the books, notebook sets and uniform  will be accepted only in cash by the vendor. Kindly note that the price of the uniform would be according to the size and the number of sets purchased.
  With Regards,AECS Team.

# 36/909, Arekere, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560 076.Tel: 080 - 26485622, 26481811Email: magnoliams06@yahoo.comWebsite:


Hope this helps all.
-Hari Kishan

magnolian123 2014-05-02 23:44:27


School Fee is as good as any other school. But the transport fee is exorbitant compared to even the so called international schools. They roughtly charge about Rs.18000 for two way transport per year. When i see the net for transport fee of other schools they are much lesser.  Moreover school does not own the buses. Buses are run by a private vendor. School does not intervene or own up for any mishaps through transport. They don't give proper reciepts for books and uniforms and everything is collected in cash.

ProudFatherOf2 2014-05-03 10:56:30


Hi Magnolian123,

Thanks for info provided.
Why did you say that they don't give proper reciepts for books and uniforms? They did give the receipts (from the vendors) who are selling the books and uniforms this year. Ya, transportation wise even I too felt that it is on higher side. Because just for the minimum distance of 0-5kms they are charging INR.17800/-!!! and from there on it keeps on increasing for every 5kms slab.

May be as you said this is because of outsourcing the transportation to the vendors and not managed by school itself!!! But my greatest worry is whether the bus drops the kids inside the campus or outside the campus. If it is outside the campus it is for sure not the safe option!!! And any idea of the start timings of the bus in the morning?

ProudFatherOf2 2014-05-03 11:23:26


Hello Parents,

I wanted to know that any body has chosen for any sort of private transportation from outside vendors? If so, can you please share those details like Name of vendor, Contact num, Charge, distance from home to school, etc?

Any pros and cons of school provided transportation vs private transportation is highly appreciated.


magnolian123 2014-05-07 15:39:42


When i say receipts you need to calculate the sum total of MRP printed on the books. It does not match the amount collected.

The bus service is fine. But my only worry is that it is outsourced. God forbid if any mishap occurs the school would not take responsibility. What i mean here is school should do some periodic health checks of the bus and need to have details of the drivers. I hope they are doing it. We pay the 3rd party vendor because the school says so. They allow only those buses of the vendor inside the campus. In that way it is safe as kids would get in and get down from the bus inside the campus only. 


pragyasai 2014-05-08 13:50:53


Hi , 

I am residing in BTM area and the distance from my residence to school is around 3 km and i am not willing to pay so much for transportation. 

I have chosen this school because it was decent (reviews were good) nearer and its not so costly (at least they said so) but after seeing the the transportation fees i have to change my opinion. As i have joined my kid recently so doesn't know any parent so that i can arrange any alternative transport. If any one is residing in the same area please let me know may be we can engage some van for the kids. paying 8000 for 6 months doesn't worth. 

Please let me know your opinion also.


ProudFatherOf2 2014-05-10 10:12:57


Hello Pragya and others,

I stay in BTM 4th Stage, near Sai Baba Temple. And its just only 2 kms for me to school. But looking at the private transportation services and the incidents regularly coming in news papers, i felt it is always safe to go with the transportation service provided by the school management. Also the school bus goes inside the campus to drop the kids, whereas private transportations are not allowed inside school campus. Also whenever the school timings changes or for any occasion, the school bus timings also will be adjusted by the mgmt and we need not worry about that.

Of course the transportation fee what they are charging is on a little higher side and this can be taken up with the management later once we all form a group. I am going today to pay the transportation fee of 7800/- for first semester!

Good luck to others as well.

pragyasai 2014-05-10 18:38:26



Thanks a lot for your reply. I do agree with your point. Private transportation is not that safe. So i have decided to drop kid myself for the time being. May be after UKG i will plan to join for school transportation. As timings will change for them. 

May be we shall start a parent's group for further communication. Let's see if we get more replies on the thread. 



CharmingGod 2014-05-12 21:36:24


This mail is regarding AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School CBSE affiliation.

I was planning to admit my child in AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School, Bangalore with the understanding that the school was affiliated to CBSE (refer the affiliation number#830230 mentioned in your AECS website).But when i checked the affiliation in, I am made aware that the provisional affiliation period got expired on 31st March 2014
I have written to AECS (;, but there has been no response from the school or the AECS management on affiliation renewal timelines. Request if AECS is reading this / or parents if they are aware to confirm if the affiliation is being renewed and let know the time-frame for affiliation, so that parents like me can go ahead and admit the child to the school without any worries.
Thank you and please be careful when admitting your child to non-affiliated schools.

schana 2014-05-13 15:41:04


I am planning to admit my kid next year to this school.Please let me know ur experiences with the school.Any advice/suggestions would be highly appreciated.

ProudFatherOf2 2014-05-13 19:14:00


Dear CharmingGod,

Thanks for your post with the important info on CBSE affiliations. I checked the same using the link given by you and it shows the same that the affiliation period is expired on

Affiliation Period From 1/4/2011 To 31/ 3/ 2014
It is good that you have written to them and even I am going to write to them regarding the same. I request all the parents here who have joined their wards to please do the same so that we can get this done by school management asap.

I went through a pdf document in the same website as provided ( which talks about the CBSE Affiliation Bye-laws. The actual affiliation is only for a period of three years and it has to be renewed once in every three years. Please find the quote from the above document:
Sorry cannot copy the text from the document but one can go through the same under the sections Provisional Affiliation, Regular Affiliation and Permanent Affiliation.

May be there is also a chance that the school is applying for a permanent affiliation this time as three years Provisional affiliation is completed. This is needed to be confirmed by the school management.

If any of the other parents gets a response from the school management regarding the same, please post it here on this thread.



ShriNu 2014-09-29 16:43:26


today i visited the campus & inquired about affiliation thing. Director said since they are already registering for 10th & 12th students so there is no question of not being affiliated.

NishaPraveen 2014-11-27 11:07:10


Hi I m Nisha, After lots of research and application collecting from many schools , we decided to send our kid in this school last year. And I am 'really happy now.. based on my experience I can say that this is one of the decent schools in south Bangalore . Studies, extra curricular activities , home works etc. I am really happy. Prior to this school she studied in kidzee arekere and I thought she wont get such care in schools. But I can say the school is bettet than kidzee. In terms of fee structure it is not less, but not too high. Admission fee. 35, 000 one time payment. Then quarterly fee (3 quarters) - 13, 650 every year on or before Jun 10th , Oct 10th, Feb 10th (late fee Rs 25 / day ). Only cheques / DD and no cash. Uniform LKG 1750 (2 sets, + sweater + shoes) books and stationary( Rs 2200). The transport charges Rs. 14,100 / year. No worry about transport. They have office inside school campus and pickup and drop from school campus only . Also 1 teacher + aaya also there in the bus. And while receiving your kid from school bus you must show parents id card, a smart card provided from school.

Prabarch02 2015-03-02 16:03:14


Hi NishaPraveen and proudfatherof2,

Your posts are really a big boost for us, for we have admitted our son for nursery for this June 2015.
Hi Proudfatherof2,
What have you finally chosen for your ward? Is it the school transporation?
We are put up at BTM 1st stage. Thinking of going with school transportation only..


ProudFatherOf2 2015-03-02 17:13:25


Hi Prabarch02,

We have opted the school bus itself for my elder ward. Eventhough we stay just 3 kms from school, we wanted to make a habit of going alone to school for my kid.
School bus facility is good, comes regularly, on-time. But they charge on a little higher side when compared to other schools as they dont have their own buses.

- ProudFatherOf2

Prabarch02 2015-03-07 14:06:16


Hi ProudFatherOf2,
Thank you for the info.


SwamyJDM1 2015-03-07 21:03:00


Hi all, today I visited to magnolia school to get the details of admission for pre kg. I had very bad experience with their staff. Especially Principal was horrible. They gave me enquiry form to fill first, after that almost 1 and half hour I waited to see principal. Actually I didn't want to see principal, I was just needed basic information about school and fee structure. I told in the reception clearly but they unnecessarily asked me to see principal. During they didn't even allowed me to have a look of campus. After long wait I got a chance to meet principal. Believe me I have seen many busy people behaving soft and gentle. But this lady started with fee structure and gave a gesture to leave the room. Then I asked, can I see class rooms and other facelities. She just showed 1 picture of a class room and same gesture to leave room. I got irritated and walked out. I don't understand is it because I went on Saturday or something else. After reading many good comments I almost made my mind to get admission there but now I really have to think. Best Regards.

SwamyJDM1 2015-03-10 09:25:27


I am not aware of the school teachers. But I met principal and her staff. But they are horrible. Very unprofessional. I just hated their behaviors. Please go through my letter to this Principal. This will clearly explain about them. Please go through my letter to this Principal. This will clearly explain about them. I don't think I have to waste my time writing the reviews. 

Mrs. Principal,

When I gone through the reviews about your school and you, I was really impressed to take the admission to my child. But when I personally met you and your staff, it was a completely different experience I had.

My sincere questions to you are,
1.Do you and your staff have time sense? Saturday (7th March 2015) I filled enquiry form about 11am. Your staff asked me to wait. It was almost 1.5 hours I waited. It was not my intension to meet you, but your staff forced me to see you.  I only wanted to get basic information about school and fee structure. That anybody would have given. After waiting so long your application giving time got over. Is it my mistake?

2.When I got a chance to see you, you didn’t have 5 minutes for me. Is it a good behavior? You got so and so degrees and Doctorate but I must say you should go back and check your behaviors. Since you are in public instruction/educational service, public won’t expect this kinds of behaviors from a responsible person like you.

3.Today I called before coming to your school for the admission, your staff clearly told to come with documents and money. When I reached again they asked me to wait, I almost waited for 45 minutes. Then your staff came back and told admissions are closed. Is it shame to you and your process followed? I never expected this kind of behaviors from a school principal and staffs. I must say you should feel shame on this.

You are representing a school if you yourself are like this how about your staff and the children coming out from your institution. It’s very good for me; it has come out in the initial stage only. Otherwise I would have to suffer for 12 years. Thanks much to save us by depicting your process and behaviors.

Best regards.

Chonu123 2015-04-28 13:03:02



I have been a parent of AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School from quite some years. I would like to say that I have never faced any problems with the staff, Director or Teachers of the school. Indeed, they are very cordial and attend to every parent's queries very systematically. I am disheartened to see some people writing false comments and trying to unnecessary tarnish the image of the school which is unacceptable being as a longtime parent. 


bhaskarnaik 2015-05-27 22:18:00


People who dont get admission generally write bad reviews... Hope parents are intelligent enough to ignore such comments.
Teaching faculty is good.



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